Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Hanukkah cards

Oh, the festival of lights! As a kid, I couldn’t wait to open my Hanukkah gifts. As an adult, I can’t wait for a guilt-free way to enjoy fried foods (pro-tip: if you are planning to make latkes at home, be sure to open all your windows BEFORE you start cooking). Whatever your personal motivation, sharing a joyful message with loved ones is what the holiday is really all about. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite iconography associated with the holiday including chocolate, misspellings, and the aforementioned fried foods (and yes, a few traditional icons such as dreidels and menorahs as well) to bring you a few awesome Hanukkah cards. Shauna

Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Hanukkah Cards

1. Hanukkah begins on Christmas Eve this year, so this play on a famous Christmas carol feels especially appropriate – from People I’ve Loved.

2. Really appreciating the tight registration and geometric details of this three color letterpress card from Hammerpress.

3. Egg Press celebrates the sweeter side of the holiday with a gelt-themed design.

4. If simple and elegant is more your bag, you can’t go wrong with Los Angeles-based Sugar Paper.

5. Loving this clever bird menorah (letterpressed in four colors!) from husband and wife team Fugu Fugu Press.

6. Most Hanukkah cards feature a menorah, but this folk-inspired one from Hello!Lucky is one of my favs.

7. This Lark + Raven card made me laugh out loud. Perfect for your friend who celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas!

8. Paula and Waffle, you had me at cheese latkes.

9. Speaking of latkes, a good food pun is also always a good idea (from One Canoe Two).

10. ‘However you spell it, we’ll celebrate it!’ with holographic foil! This super fun design comes courtesy of Ladyfingers Letterpress.

11. For those purists out there, this gold foil menorah from E. Frances Paper is a sure win.

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We’ll be back soon with a few more holiday cards, New Year’s cards – oh, and a few 2017 calendars, too!

Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Holiday Cards, Part 2

Ho ho ho! Time to get out your stockings, dust off those fairy lights, and make sure Santa knows you’ve been good this year. While the promise of snow seems far in the distance for many of us, the promise of holiday shopping and gift giving has definitely arrived. We know custom and photo holiday cards aren’t for everyone, so we wanted to make sure we rounded up some gorgeous 2016 holiday cards that help share the spirit of the Christmas season either long distance or in person. We’ve taken the liberty of collecting some of our favorites below! –Shauna

2016 Christmas Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Loving this claymation-inspired Santa and Rudolph from Clap Clap Design

2. A more traditional sentiment from Chic + Nawdie featuring classic Christmas icons

3. Those hardworking elves over at Rifle Paper Co. know a thing or two about making cute holiday cards. This one is even die cut in the shape of a snow globe!

4. Clever use of copper foil in this holiday card design from Nicolas John Firth for Red Cap Cards. Don’t you wish this guy was coming to your holiday party?

5. The Nutcracker ballet remains a childhood favorite, so why not share this Pei Design with someone who shares a love of nostalgia?

6. All I want for Christmas is to sleep in, but I suppose diamonds don’t hurt either (according to 417 Press)

7. Power and Light uses a simple message paired with a candy cane stripe for a modern twist on a classic design

8. It’s a card! It’s an ornament! Get more bang for your buck (or pound) with this cleaver Katie Leamon holiday card

9. If you are as obsessed with Stranger Things as I am, you’ll love this creepy Christmas message from Lionheart Prints

10. Such a sweet illustration from Amy Heitman

If Santa and elves aren’t your thing, be sure to check out yesterday’s round up of 2016 holiday greeting cards that celebrate the winter spirit!

Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Holiday Cards, Part 1

How is it already time to talk about the holidays!? Here in New York City, holiday markets are setting up, subway stations are lined with an array of posters for this year’s Christmas-themed movies, and retailers are decking out their storefronts for the holiday season. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, this is your gentle reminder to start thinking about how you want to share your holiday greetings with friends and family. In that spirit (yes, pun intended!), we gathered up some of the latest and greatest 2016 holiday cards. Whether you prefer to celebrate the season with confetti, gingerbread, or foliage, we’ve got you covered. Below is just a small selection of the vast array of holiday greeting card options – all non-denominational! – from some of our favorite stationers. – Shauna

2016 Holiday Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. The clever and most inclusive Mr. Boddington wants to wish you the very best of everything this holiday season.

2. Hello!Lucky offers location specific holiday greetings from New York City (as well as Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Texas, Boston and San Francisco).

3. Elegant script and foliage always make for a festive greeting (from Wild Hart Paper).

4. Nothing says fun more than confetti! Knot + Bow has got your personal snail mail party covered.

5. Warm things are the best things according to Gold Teeth Brooklyn.

6. Sugary snark from one of our perennial favorites, Ashkahn.

7. Modern typography and elegant line work from Brylo Studio.

8. Let’s not confuse the message – the holidays are all about eating and drinking according to Dear Hancock.

9. Even if you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of letterpress printing, you have to appreciate fine details of this Hammerpress card.

10. Saving my personal favorite for last – it’s just so cute! This pop-up greeting comes from The Museum of Modern Art.

We’ll be back later this week with more Christmas and holiday cards!


Seasonal Stationery: Father’s Day Cards, Part 2

Father’s Day is coming up soon, but it’s not too late to order a card! Earlier this week I rounded up a few favorite Father’s Day cards, and today I have ten more awesome cards to share. Plus, there are tons more cards in the Market List right here!Seasonal Stationery: Father's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper


1. The perfect card for a dad that has always been there from Hello!Lucky

2. I love the colors and textures in this card from August Paper Co.

3. For all the awesome dads out there: navy blue hand lettering on kraft paper from Parrott Design Studio

4. A card for dads with a well-stocked bar cart from Hennel Paper Co.

5. Shhhh! Don’t tell mom, from Sea and Lake

6. I love this constellation-inspired card from Lucky Horse Press

7. Congratulate dad on a job well done, from People I’ve Loved

8. Sweet and sentimental from Odd Daughter Paper Co.

9. Such a cute card from Ghost Academy!

10. A whimsical Father’s Day message in copper foil on navy paper from Fox & Fallow

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Seasonal Stationery: Father’s Day Cards, Part 1

Father’s Day is coming up soon! Today I’m sharing the first of our Father’s Day card round ups, with plenty of options for sending your love to the dad in your life, from husbands to grandfathers to dads and step-dads. I may have been thinking of my own husband when pulling these cards together, which is probably why there is so much blue in this round up! And just in case you don’t see the perfect card below, there are tons more options over in the Market List right here!

2016 Father's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Illustrated cacti and a beautiful crest – all in a deep indigo blue – from Antiquaria

2. Classic navy and gold foil from Sugar Paper

3. The perfect card for a Star Wars-obsessed dad (I definitely know a few!) from Wild Ink Press

4. I just think this card from Iron Curtain Press is the sweetest thing ever

5. I love this card from Ferme à Papier for fashionable dads

6. The perfect card for blue (or in this case, gray) ribbon dads from Amy Heitman

7. Is your dad the king of cool dads? Send him this card from Hammerpress!

8. I’m always on the look out for cards for dads that aren’t into tools, sports, or fishing – like this card from Rifle Paper Co.

9. Fun and shiny hologram foil from The Good Twin

10. A painterly take on stripes from Our Heiday

11. A hand painted houndstooth pattern from One Canoe Two

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