Twelve Beautiful Christmas Cards

Only two weeks to go before Christmas! So, I’m curious: how do you handle holiday cards? Do you send out custom family photo cards, or do you buy box sets of non-custom holiday cards and personalize them with a hand written message? Do you include a hand written card when you exchange gifts? Before I had children, I went with non-custom box sets for our holiday cards and hand wrote a message to each recipient inside. Once I became a parent, I switched over to custom photo cards, but we typically wait until New Year’s or even Valentine’s Day to send them out. I like to think of it as kind of a fun post-holiday surprise! But I miss the fun of picking out the most beautiful holiday cards each year, so this year I thought I’d switch things up a bit! Here are twelve beautiful Christmas cards that I’m totally in love with this year:

Beautiful Christmas Cards

From top right:

1. The prettiest hand painted holiday cards from Moglea. Each one is individually hand painted, so they’re all unique!

2. Fun graphic lettering and bright pops of color from Egg Press

3. I’m such a fan of this color dot series from Mr. Boddington’s Studio – the color names are always so creative!

4. Classic holiday beauty from Sugar Paper

5. Vibrant red and neon pink in this illustrated card from And Here We Are!

6. This chipmunk holiday card from Dear Hancock just cracks me up. Those cheeks!

7. This embroidered dove design from Hello!Lucky has a wonderful folk art vibe about it that I’m really loving this year! If you’re embracing hygge and Scandinavian vibes this holiday season, this card would be a perfect fit! 

8. Loving this full color letterpress printed design from Lucky Horse Press

9. This delicate design from Ramona & Ruth is just seriously stunning (and how pretty are those gold foil accents on blush pink paper?)

10. I mean, I couldn’t resist a cat holiday card! From The Good Twin, who totally gets my crazy cat lady vibes. 

11. Colorful shapes and a non-traditional modern design by Kate Pugsley for Red Cap Cards

12. Wishing all of you peace and joy this holiday season and in 2018, from One Canoe Two