Sophie’s First Birthday Party!

As you know, we celebrated Sophie’s first birthday last month! We threw a little birthday party for her, with family and a few close friends. Given the roller coaster of the last few months, it was so nice to spend a beautiful afternoon with some of our favorite people to celebrate making it through the first year!


First, the invitations! Sophie is completely fascinated with balloons, so we knew that we wanted to bring them into her birthday party. I told Catherine from Printerette Press that we wanted something joyful and colorful and she dreamed up this amazing five-color design with her unique hand lettering for the text. My dear friend Michele of Meant to Be Calligraphy addressed the envelopes in neon pink ink in her Jackson script. I love the invitations SO much!

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-36 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-37



We chose one of our favorite hidden spots in DC, Montrose Park in Georgetown, as the venue for Sophie’s party. It has lots of picnic tables and a big playground with swings, all of which was perfect for our needs. Sophie’s cousins came down from upstate New York for the party and had such a great time running around the playground, while the adults could chill out under the trees.

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-44 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-40

We wanted the party decorations to be really bright and colorful, with lots of balloons, honeycombs, and garlands. My friend Kelly sent over some of her balloon honeycombs, which went perfectly with our balloon inspiration. I also made a bunch of tassels out hot pink, peach, and gold yarn, and spray painted a birthday banner in shades of hot pink, coral, and lavender.



OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-50 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-20

We served a mix of sandwiches from one of our favorites, Taylor Gourmet, along with cupcakes from The Sweet Lobby. My Dad took a few photos of Sophie enjoying her birthday cupcake! I chose red velvet for her, which she loved.

Sophie-Birthday-Cupcake-Stephen-Michael-Garey Sophie-Birthday-Cupcake-Stephen-Michael-Garey2


Kelly also made Sophie a birthday crown! She wouldn’t keep it on for more than a few minutes, but it was completely adorable while it lasted.

OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-15 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-24


OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-9 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-30



OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-39 OSBP-Sophies-Balloon-First-Birthday-Party-Vicki-Grafton-Photography-42


Photo Credits: Vicki Grafton Photography, except where noted

    • Thank you! The party was a lot of fun and Catherine from Printerette Press did a fantastic job on the invitations!

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