A Cute and Quirky Halloween Party

DIY Colorful Halloween Treat Bags

DIY Colorful Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween is so close you guys! As much as I LOVE decorating for Halloween, I’ve surprisingly never hosted a Halloween party. But my girls have two days off from school at the end of this week, so I’m hoping to pull together a little celebration with some of their school friends. Which means it’s time to track down some cute and quirky Halloween party supplies! This year, I’m definitely feeling classic black and white with the occasional pop of color – or something shiny like copper and hologram foil! And since my girls are still pretty young, we tend to stick to “cute” Halloween décor: black cats, bats, and pumpkins. But I’m sloooooowly introducing “scarier” motifs like skeletons and ghosts into our holiday decorations. Here are a few of my favorites!

Cute and Quirky Halloween Party Décor

From top right:

1. Honeycombs are my go-to party decorations for every occasion. I love these black and white two-toned honeycomb diamonds – a small cluster would look so great hung above a kitchen table!

2. Have a wall to decorate? These are the cutest party fans from My Mind’s Eye!

3. These rose gold hanging skeletons are the perfect match for the two-toned black and white honeycombs

4. 3D bat wall stickers for a quick and easy way to decorate pretty much any surface in your home!

5. Loving these black tissue paper spiderweb fans

6. Daydream Society has the CUTEST Halloween party plates, napkins, and cups – not to mention equally adorable matching temporary tattoos!

7. Okay, these are a bit of a departure from the cute and quirky theme, but I found these faux IV bag drink pouches and couldn’t resist sharing

8. Halloween cheese picks. Enough said.

9. Black cat party plates

10. Adorable black and white glassine treat bags from Knot & Bow

11. These die cut skull placemats trend more towards the scary end, but they’re so versatile! Use them as table décor or as wall decorations – or even on a front door!

12. Hester & Cook always makes the prettiest table runners – loving this spiderweb design!

13. It isn’t a party without a party banner! Loving this black cat banner, along with this hologram spiderweb banner and this adorable mini skull garland!

Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone! Andrew and I hosted our very first cocktail workshop at Red Barn Mercantile last night – it was SO much fun! If you’re in the DC area, we’re planning to do more very soon and would love to have you join us! You can sign up for the Liquorary mailing list right here to make sure you don’t miss out on any upcoming events! Also, our vintage glassware will be available for sale at Red Barn Mercantile all weekend. It’s going to be a perfect weekend for a stroll down King Street in Old Town Alexandria, so I hope you’ll go check it out!

Liquorary Gold Cocktail Glasses

Currently loving all of the jewelry in this Etsy shop!

Did you see that JCrew is having a 40% off sale on all sweaters and coats?? Thinking about this lavender mock turtleneck sweater, this chunky knit sweater, and this super cute ruffle neck sweater. Ooooooh, and this colorful wool parka!

The perfect fall boot.

Have you seen the new Anthropologie holiday collection? Everything is so cute! I especially want these fluffy white faux trees and this faux wreath

So many amazing and strong women running for office around the country

The final call to save the world from climate catastrophe. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, especially in the context as a mother of two little girls and thinking about the world as they grow older. Are you taking personal steps to address climate change? I know most of this is happening at a level way above the individual household level, but if you have any advice or tips to share I’d love to hear it!


DIY Block Printing Inspired Pumpkins

Last week’s DIY pumpkin tutorial was all about color – and this week we’re all about black and white! Well, and maybe a bit of copper for a small dose of sparkle. But for those of you who prefer to keep your pumpkin color palette on the neutral side, these DIY block printing inspired pumpkins are for you! I looooooove the black paint on white pumpkins, and I even added a couple of orange pumpkins (shocker!) for some visual interest!

Sometimes the weirdest ideas jump into my head – and that’s kind of what happened here. The vision for these pumpkins just came to me while I was working on the terrazzo pumpkins last week. I’ve always loved traditional block printing, and I’ve been feeling especially inspired by geometric shapes and arches lately. I drew my inspiration for the shapes in these pumpkins from Block Shop Textiles, artist Sofia Shu, and Electric Sun Creatives. Fingers crossed you love these pumpkins as much as I do! 

I kept the color palette mostly black and white, but then threw in a bit of copper on a whim! And the materials list for these pumpkins could not be more simple – just my all-time favorite paint pens, some matte craft paint, and brushes. That’s it! Are you ready to make some??


Sakura of America Pen-touch Paint Markers in Black, Copper, and White

Paint brushes (the smaller the better!)

Craft paint in matte black and opaque white

Paint palette or paper plate

Card stock (optional)

Scissors (optional)

Pumpkins in varying shapes and sizes

To make the DIY Block Printing Inspired Pumpkins:

Step 1. Start by coming up with a few shape combinations that you might want to use on your pumpkins. I sketched my ideas onto a sheet of paper – I didn’t necessarily stick to those exact combinations, but they helped me get a sense of what combinations I liked!

Step 2. Depending on your comfort level freehanding things, you might also want to trace a few round objects to use as guides for your pumpkins. I used a few random things to trace circles and half circles in various sizes onto thick card stock, then cut those shapes out to use them as guides when I was ready to decorate the pumpkins. If you don’t need shape guides, proceed to step 3!

Step 3. If you’re using guides, use your paint pens to trace your shapes onto your pumpkins, starting at the bottom of your pumpkin and working up towards the top. For larger shapes, fill the inside of the shape with craft paint and a small paint brush. Use a paint pen for line based shapes – although you can always go over the lines with a paint brush if needed (especially if using white paint over an orange pumpkin).

Step 4. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat, if necessary. Then enjoy your beautiful block printing inspired pumpkin!

If you make these pumpkins, you absolutely HAVE to tag me on Instagram so I can see photos! Promise me, ok?? Have fun decorating everyone!

p.s. DIY Terrazzo Pumpkins and DIY Matisse Pumpkins

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper

Delicate vellum with a hand painted magnolia branch illustration. Pillowy handmade paper and envelopes with wax seals. Romantic calligraphy letterpress printed with care. Every single detail sings in these romantic calligraphy wedding invitations on handmade paper by Aileen of Plume Calligraphy. Take a look below – you’ll see what I mean!

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

From AileenThis invitation suite is a full calligraphy design featuring large looping descenders and elegant flourishes. This modern, yet romantic calligraphy style is complimented beautifully by Pressed Paper Co‘s soft, naturally deckled handmade paper. Adding transparent vellum in the form of envelopes and floral illustrated overlays creates contrast between the organic nature of the handmade paper and the clean modern appeal of vellum.

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

I originally hand painted the Magnolia illustration on vellum for a styled shoot and found that it’s become one of our most popular details couples add to their suite design. We’ve been able to produce this pieces for clients with the help of Sibylle of Hubbub Paper Co., who letterpress printed the illustration in white ink on vellum. Once printed each piece is hand painted to show slightly transparent white brush strokes. The vellum takes on a slightly ruffled effect when painted, which we love as it adds depth and shadow especially when styling for flat lay photographs.

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

White wax seals featuring our Magnolia design help to add a fresh aesthetic while keeping the overall scheme neutral to emphasize the textures and design elements.

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

Styling this suite on a dark, moody background gives it organic flair and highlights the transparency of the vellum, the contrasting white details and the deckled edges of the handmade paper. We love creating designs that are mainly neutral and can be altered by the choice of background. Especially when designing for styled shoots, we find that giving the design elements simple, tone on tone schemes helps to allow the photographer or stylist the flexibility to work within their overall color scheme.

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

This design is now available through our Semi-Custom Collection as the Winsome Suite! We absolutely love the romantic look of a fully handwritten invitation suite and we wanted to offer this option to our semi-custom couples! We can’t wait to see all the ways this suite will be personalized by our clients!

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

Thanks so much Aileen!

Design and Calligraphy: Plume Calligraphy

Paper: Pressed Paper

Wax Seals: Artisaire

Printing: Hubbub Paper Co.

Plume Calligraphy is one of the talented, hand selected members of the Oh So Beautiful Paper Designer Rolodex – you can see more from Plume Calligraphy right here! Or visit our wedding invitations archive for more custom wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Plume Calligraphy

Fall Cocktail Recipes + a Cocktail Class!

DC friends! If you enjoy delicious cocktails, please join my husband (and our resident cocktail expert) Andrew for a fall cocktail demonstration at Red Barn Mercantile this Thursday, October 18! You’ll get to sample three fantastic fall cocktails, plus Andy will show you how to make each cocktail – and send you home with plenty of tips for making delicious drinks at home! You can sign up for the fall cocktail class right here. We’ll also have a selection of our vintage glassware available for purchase at the workshop and through the rest of the weekend, so even if you can’t make it to the class you should totally go check it out in person! Old Town Alexandria is always ridiculously charming, especially in the fall.

And now that fall weather has DEFINITELY arrived here in DC, it’s the perfect time to round up some of our favorite fall cocktail recipes!

The Stone Fence Cocktail Recipe Bourbon Pear Vanilla Bean Smash Cocktail Recipe / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper

The Stone Fence // Bourbon-Pear Vanilla Bean Smash

Chocolate-Fig Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper The Manhattan Classic Cocktail Recipe / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Chocolate-Fig Old Fashioned // The Manhattan

The Mulled Daiquiri Fall Cocktail Recipe

The Mulled Daiquiri

Whiskey Smash Cocktail Recipe / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper Rum Stone Fence Cocktail Recipe with Apple Cider / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Whiskey Smash // A Rum Stone Fence

The Robert Frost Cocktail Recipe Orange-Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash Cocktail Recipe / Liquorary for Oh So Beautiful Paper

The Robert Frost // Orange Vanilla-Bean Scotch Smash

Each of these recipes is absolutely delicious – no matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong! I’m partial to the smashes (only require a few ingredients and are SO good), the Robert Frost is a crowd pleaser (you’ll get to taste one if you come to Thursday’s cocktail class!), and the Mulled Daiquiri is the perfect way to transition from summer to fall.

BTW – I know we haven’t done any cocktail recipes lately. Life got kind of hectic and we let them slide, but would you be interested in seeing them come back? I know some of you really enjoyed them, and they continue to be some of our most popular pins on Pinterest, so hopefully we can bring them back soon if some of you are interested!