Let’s Dream Big, Fight Hard, and Win.

Dream Big, Fight Hard, and Win with Elizabeth Warren

Alright friends, now that primary season is officially upon us, let’s talk about presidential candidates (positive and constructive comments only, please). My friends and I talk a lot about this in person, but politics shouldn’t be something talked about in hushed circles since the policies of our elected officials affect ALL of us.

As you may know, I spent nearly ten years working for the federal government here in DC. My degrees are in economics and international diplomacy, and politics is part of my soul. I’ve been following each candidate closely and evaluating them based on their policies and vision for the future, and I’m all in for Elizabeth Warren

Here’s why: She’s empathetic and compassionate, and she truly understands how much people are struggling right now. She has big plans for fixing our broken economy and our democracy – including investing in public education, creating universal child care, expanding access to healthcare, pursuing anti-corruption reforms, and transitioning our economy to clean and renewable energy. She knows her stuff, knows HOW to get it done, and has a plan to pay for everything, including making the top 1% of the 1% put some of their resources back into the system. She’s the only candidate currently running that actually makes me feel HOPEFUL about the future when I listen to her talk. Gabby from Design Mom wrote a post with a whole list of reasons why she’s supporting Elizabeth Warren, and I agree with all of them!

Did you watch the democratic primary debate last night? I thought Elizabeth Warren’s performance was masterful. I’ve seen critiques that Warren was too angry, but to me she was prepared, effective, and assertive. I would honestly LOVE to have a president who is angry on our behalf at the way middle class families are getting squeezed by billionaires and huge corporations. And she’s been saying the same things for years – here’s a video from 10 years ago with Warren talking to voters about some of these exact same issues.

So what about you? Are you liking any candidates in particular? And yes, don’t worry, I’m planning to vote for whichever candidate gets the Democratic nomination. I like plenty of things about the other candidates, minus Bloomberg. Super Tuesday is coming up on March 3, and most state primaries will take place between now and April (text VOTER to 26797 to check your registration and get local election info!). It’s definitely time to start doing research and choosing your preferred candidates – from presidential candidates all the way down to state and local government candidates. You can find your local ballot over at Ballotpedia!

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