Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper

Did you ever think you would hear the words organic and tropical together in an invitation suite? Well, today’s the day! Shana from Iris & Marie Letterpress sent over these beautiful organic tropical wedding invitations on handmade paper, inspired in large part by the texture of the Spanish moss at the wedding venue. The entire suite was printed on gorgeous handmade paper from Farmette Press – I just can’t get over those natural deckled edges! – in the most beautiful shades of blue and peach. So dreamy.

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

From ShanaThese organic tropical wedding invitations started out with a little flamingo and some handmade paper, and from there the rest just fell into place! I was inspired by the Spanish moss texture at the venue and brought that into the suite using Farmette Press handmade paper. Loren’s paper is very textural, not perfect, and very organic looking – exactly how Spanish moss feels to me.

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

Also inspired by the coast, we added a hand drawn little flamingo friend to the invitation along with custom spot calligraphy by Paulene at Leen Machine Calligraphy. Paulene’s calligraphy added another element of texture with the hand written look that the lines have. The color palette is very spring-y and beachy with all the shades of blue and bits of peachy neutrals.

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

We wanted to keep the colors lush, but still spring-like for the Savannah wedding. The overall suite has a rustic vintage feel with layers of organic textures throughout the suite, including the twine used to tie the suite together and keep everything in place. The calligraphy and text layout reminds me of script from an old document and the twine lends itself to that as well.

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

While there is a lot of texture going on, the overall design is pretty minimal. I kept the text small and to a minimum to let the paper speak for itself. The design is centered in the middle of the invitation to let the edges flow around the words and act as a frame. The leaves on the back envelope flap give the invitation a “fan me with your tropical leaves” vibe and, in my personal opinion, makes it all a little more regal. I absolutely love how these organic tropical wedding invitations came together – from the speckles in the handmade paper to the Spanish moss to the bride’s gorgeous red hair!

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

Organic Tropical Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Iris & Marie Letterpress on Farmette Paper

Thanks Shana!

Invitation Design and Printing: Shana at Iris & Marie Letterpress

Calligraphy: Paulene from Leen Machine Calligraphy

Paper: Farmette Press

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Photo Credits: JB Marie Photography

How to Help End the Government Shutdown

Activism by Carolyn Suzuki

Image by Carolyn Suzuki from her upcoming book “F is for Feminism

I live in DC, so the ongoing U.S. government shutdown is pretty much all people talk about these days. 800,000 federal government workers across the country have been scrambling to make ends meet since the shutdown began on December 21. Some are furloughed, meaning they are legally prohibited from working during the shutdown, while those deemed essential (like TSA employees) are working without pay. This Friday they will all miss their second paycheck. My husband is a federal employee at a fully funded agency, so we’re thankfully okay. But many of our friends and neighbors are affected, and I know the shutdown is impacting thousands more outside the DC area. So, I’m curious: are you affected by the U.S. government shutdown? Do you know anyone who is? Maybe you have a friend or family member that works for a U.S. government agency and has either been furloughed or is required to work without pay. Or you know a first time homeowner trying to get an FHA loan. Or there are small businesses in your area waiting for inspections or licenses from USG agencies.

Food inspections, airplane inspections, small business licensing, counterterrorism investigations, Coast Guard operations – these are critical government functions that have been impacted by the shutdown. I think we can all agree that we’d like the government to reopen so federal employees can either get back to work or get paid for the work they’re currently doing. If you’d like to help end the government shutdown, you can join the National Call Day taking place across the country TODAY to put pressure on the Senate to reopen the government.

To reopen the government, Congress (both the House of Representatives and the Senate) have to pass bills funding the government, and the President has to sign the bill – or Congress has to override the President with a 2/3 majority. Only Congress can authorize funding, so while the President can make demands, it’s up to Congress to decide what it wants to fund. When the new session of Congress opened on January 3, the House passed a bill that would fund the government without border wall funding, but Mitch McConnell has refused to allow a Senate vote – despite being a co-equal branch of government with enough votes to override Trump’s veto if needed.


On Thursday, the Senate will vote on two opposing funding bills that would reopen the government. One proposed by the White House, the other proposed by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. The White House bill includes the $5.7 billion for construction of a permanent wall and would also impose serious restrictions on asylum petitions for Central American migrants, including limiting the number of people that can apply for asylum and an outright ban on asylum for Central American minors presenting themselves at the border. Those migrants would be automatically returned to their country of origin WITHOUT an asylum hearing. It would also expand immigrant jail beds by 20%, meaning the Trump administration would have extra capacity to detain families seeking asylum in the United States. The White House proposal claims to extend DACA, but instead it replaces DACA with an entirely new program that is far more restrictive, excluding Dreamers who would be eligible for or even in DACA now. The bill from Minority Leader Schumer is a continuing resolution (CR) that would fund the government through February 8 with NO wall funding. It’s a temporary fix, but it would allow government workers to get paid and/or go back to work while negotiations continue. 

We need to put pressure on the Senate to vote in favor of the clean CR. You can look up the address and phone number for your two senators here or on It’s particularly important to contact your senators if you live in a state with Republican senators, but it’s a good idea to contact Democratic senators, too. You can email your senator directly by clicking the contact link below each senator’s name on this page, and you can contact Senator McConnell directly here. It’s best to keep things short and to the point when contacting your senator. Include your name and exact address so they know you’re a constituent, then tell them exactly what you want them to do. For example:

My name is Sarah Smith and I’m a constituent at 109 Main Street, Townsville, California. I’m calling to urge Senator Harris to vote for the clean Continuing Resolution that would fund the government through February 8 and against President Trump’s hateful, anti-immigrant bill. Holding America hostage for border wall funding is counterproductive and immoral. Congress must pass a funding bill to reopen the government immediately, and override the President’s veto if necessary. Thank you for your time and attention.

And if you get phone anxiety and want to get a message to your representatives out quickly, Resistbot is a texting service that will deliver your message for you. You can also use Resistbot to send a message to the White House! Text the word RESIST to 50409 to get started.

Without public pressure, this government shutdown could go on indefinitely. Federal employees are prohibited from going on strike, so sadly the Trump administration can continue forcing them to work without pay as long as it wants – at least until those employees quit and find other jobs (assuming that’s an available option for those employees). I don’t think it’s right to treat federal employees this way, and the longer this shutdown continues the bigger the impact will be. We should demand that our elected officials do everything possible to pass a funding bill and reopen the government, with or without the President’s support. 

2019 Reader Survey

The Magic Is In You / Secret Holiday Co.

Banner by Secret Holiday Co.

It’s reader survey time again! I always value your feedback in our reader surveys, but this year I feel like I need it more than ever. Oh So Beautiful Paper is now more than 10 years old, the blog/internet/social media landscape is changing so quickly, so many blogs are disappearing, and I’m trying to figure out where OSBP fits into everything. That’s where you come in!

When I started blogging in 2008, my goal was to connect people: customers with designers/stationers, specifically, but also paper-loving people around the world. But what now? Beyond inspiration, what can I do for you? How can I help you – whether you’re a potential customer or someone in the stationery industry. So if you have a couple minutes to take the survey HERE, it would be such a huge help. 

In the survey you’ll find a bunch of multiple choice and open ended questions about what resonates with you, the type of content you’d like to see on Oh So Beautiful Paper, what we can do to improve, and a few other topics. The survey is 100% anonymous, so please feel free to be completely honest. I want your thoughtful opinions and constructive criticism!

And as a special thank you to being the world’s most amazing readers, I have a special gift (that may or may not involve some stationery from my personal collection) for a few readers. So once you’ve filled out the survey, just leave a comment (any comment!) below and I’ll pick a couple of you to receive a little package from me!

Thank you so much!

A Few Target Faves

Have you guys been into Target recently? I usually go on Fridays, and the new Opal House and Project 62 collections are SO CUTE. We’re talking beautiful caning and rattan, tons of realistic faux plants (including a VERY tall cactus), a mostly neutral color palette, baskets, and so much more. I shared some favorites on Instagram Stories, but I thought I’d do a quick round up for those of you that might have missed it! All the products are linked below, but if you’re reading in a feed reader or via email subscriptions you might need to click through for the links. My favorites are the Windsor bench, this fringed basket, this cane plant stand, and this earthenware vase. Do you have a particular favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Target Faves January 2019

And while I’m on the subject of Target, have you seen the new Made by Design collection? It’s mostly storage and some cleaning tools right now, but the design is so beautifully minimalist and I’m loving so many of the pieces in the collection, especially this laundry hamper and these white metal baskets.

The Blueprint Model 2019

Hey friends! Last week, I shared a little bit about The Blueprint Model business coaching program and how it’s helped me gain clarity in my own business. Registration for this year’s program is now open – in fact, today is the LAST day to sign up if you want to participate this year!

Henry David Thoreau

The Blueprint Model is a 12-week business coaching program designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs, with 10+ hours of coaching and advice from other creative entrepreneurs, more than 25 ready-to-use templates, a 60-page workbook, and tons of other extras. Over those twelve weeks, Shanna covers everything you need to start, grow, and eventually scale a thriving creative business – from figuring out how YOU personally define success (which was totally eye opening) to pricing and spending plans, including how to pay yourself a salary and set up a cash flow that will help cover slow months. I really can’t say enough good things about this program. Fellow alums include fine artist Britt Bass, flower farmer Erin Benzakein Floret Flower, creative director Megan Gonzalez of Mae Mae Co., and lots more.

The Blueprint Model

One of the things that I love most about The Blueprint Model is Shanna’s beautiful way of giving creative entrepreneurs permission to build a business around the lifestyle we want. What motivates you? Why are you in your business as a stationer, calligrapher, artist, etc.? Defining what success looks like for YOU individually and figuring out the balance that you need to be happy is powerful stuff. I thought I knew before the program, but I ended up surprising myself – and gave myself the ability to make adjustments as needed as a result. The program has been life changing for me in so many ways!

For the first few years of my business I was pretty much just winging it. I never took the time to define what “success” looked like to me or come up with a sustainable business plan. I mean, I set some early financial goals (like replacing my former salary or earning a certain amount each year), but that didn’t reflect what I truly wanted from my future. When I enrolled in The Blueprint Model, I took Shanna’s Core Motivators assessment and everything started to come together. I was able to better define my big picture and the things that motivate me, then factor those motivators into my pricing so that I didn’t feel like I was constantly spinning my wheels and working 24/7.

Henry David Thoreau

Registration for the Blueprint Model is only open ONCE per year, and that’s right now! So if you’re feeling stressed and overworked – or if you’re just starting out and want to get your business off the ground in a sustainable way – this is such a valuable program for you. Plus, you get lifetime access to the course materials, so you can continue to revisit the program as your business grows and develops. Registration closes at 11:59 pm today, January 17, so don’t wait!