A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery + Plans for a Shared Big Girl Bedroom

We’re getting ready to make some big changes in my daughters’ shared bedroom (no more toddler beds!), and I realized that I hadn’t shared photos of their existing room yet (oof). So today I’m finally giving you a peek into their colorful shared girls nursery, starting with photos from a couple years ago when Alice was still in a crib. Our home was built in the 1920s and fairly small at 1,200 square feet. We have only two bedrooms, so the girls share the larger bedroom towards the front of the house. It has two large windows and one very small closet, and it’s a tight squeeze – but we make it work!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

The dresser between the two windows is what you see when you first walk into the room. It’s actually my husband’s dresser from when he was a kid – just painted a light teal. We lived in the house for just over a year before Alice was born, but this room didn’t really start to come together until Alice moved in, so we started with a crib on the left side of the room and a toddler bed on the right. Here’s the original mood board for Sophie’s nursery back in 2013!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

I wanted to keep the walls fairly neutral and bring in color through art and accessories. The walls are Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore, and the ceiling is Pink Cadillac by Benjamin Moore with gold star decals on the ceiling. I also kind of love these decals!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

I’m always curious about how folks organize the closets in kid’s rooms – so here’s a peek at our closet! The large baskets on the bottom row used to hold diapers and wipes (and something else that totally escapes my mind), but now hold some extra blankets and a donation bin for clothing they grow out of. The middle row of baskets holds our sheets and waterproof mattress pads, along with some smaller crib blankets and quilts. Then we have clothing that requires hanging, mostly dresses and a few nicer shirts or sweaters. The top baskets used to hold out of season shoes, Alice’s old crib bumper, and some extra nighttime diapers, but now that we’re out of diapers that basket is used for more out of season shoes (essentially one basket for each girl). The crib bumper is now in storage until I decide what to do with it, so that basket now holds knee pads, goggles, and other assorted equipment. We store out of season clothing in bins under Sophie’s bed (previously under the crib), we have a few costumes hanging on the back of their door, and everything else (t-shirts, pants, PJs, skirts, tights, socks, undies) is folded and stored in the dressers Marie Kondo style. At some point we’ll probably have to redo our system once the girls’ dresses get too long to fit in the current space, but for now it works!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

My husband and I love to travel and have been all over the world, so we wanted to pass that love along to our girls from the very beginning. The shelves contain a mix of globes, some travel trinkets, family photos, and art prints.

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

The girls have a separate play area downstairs, so we don’t keep many toys in the room – mostly just books, stuffed animals, and dolls. We moved the markers and drawing supplies downstairs once Sophie started preschool, so there’s now another little book cart in this corner.

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

I wanted something above the crib that would provide color and visual interest – but would be lightweight enough that I didn’t have to worry about it falling down on the crib. Tissue paper fans to the rescue! I put them up using removable 3M velcro strips, and they’ve stayed up for 4+ years!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Our beloved pom pom basket is from Eliza Gran and helped inspire the color palette for the nursery! It sadly doesn’t look like her shop is open at the moment, but I’m going to put a couple alternatives into a slideshow at the bottom of the post with shopping links.

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

My favorite Roxy Marj blanket! She no longer sells handmade blankets, but you can find her lion blanket and bear blanket at Crate & Kids on super sale. The rest of our crib and toddler bed bedding was all from Land of Nod (RIP), but you can now find a good selection at Crate & Kids. And did you see that Anthropologie now offers kid bedding? Lots of great options there, too!

A Colorful Shared Girls Nursery / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Eventually, especially once we were ready to potty train Alice, we moved Alice out of the crib and into Sophie’s toddler bed, then put a twin bed in the corner where the crib had been. Sadly I don’t seem to have a great photo of Sophie’s current twin bed, but it’s the very simple wood Tarva bed from IKEA painted a pale pink.

A Colorful Shared Girls Bedroom / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Bedroom / Oh So Beautiful Paper

A Colorful Shared Girls Bedroom / Oh So Beautiful Paper

We’ve made even more changes since these photos were taken: the monitors, diaper pail, and changing pad are long gone, some of the furniture has been relocated to other parts of our house, and as of last weekend Alice is no longer in a toddler bed! So now we’re ready for an even bigger change – bunk beds! The girls have been begging us for bunk beds FOREVER, and over the holiday break we decided to just go for it. We passed Alice’s toddler bed on to another family in the neighborhood, ordered a new mattress and bunk bed, and the plan is to put the new bed together this weekend. It’s been a tight squeeze with a bed on each side of the room, so I’m looking forward to freeing up some floor space when we move to bunk beds. I’ll have to take down the tissue paper fans and gallery wall to fit the new bunk bed, so it’s also an opportunity to update the room in a way that makes sense for them at this stage in their lives. I’m still working out the details, but here’s what I’ve got for inspiration so far:

Colorful and Modern Shared Girls Room Moodboard

Bed with canopy | Pink bunk bed | Magic Flag | Cane Chair

Bright and Colorful Room | Mint Green Bunk Beds | Tassel Wall Hanging | Velvet Pillows | Curtain Bunk Beds

We’re planning to get a bed canopy from Target (I can’t decide between this pink one or this tassel one) to suspend from the ceiling over the top bunk and drape down along the side of the bottom bunk. I love the idea of creating a cozy little space for the bottom bunk, so we may also add curtains to the bottom bunk? TBD. We currently have two dressers in the room, but I’m debating trying to replace them with one wider dresser? Also TBD. I’ll need to add a shelf next to the top bunk for books and water bottles. I’d like to fit a desk or work table in here for homework after school, but I think I’ll need to play around with the layout before I make that decision. I’m also looking forward to a fresh start when it comes to wall art and the opportunity to simplify the room décor a bit, so keep an eye out for a sale over on my Instagram sale page!

Okay, phew! That was a loooong post about our shared nursery and plans for a shared big girl bedroom. I think I covered everything, but let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them. Also – let me know if you guys would be interested in posts about our experience with a shared bedroom. I know I looked for resources on sleep training and potty training in a shared bedroom but didn’t find a lot out there, so if it’s helpful I’m happy to share our experiences. 

The Blueprint Model 2019 + Bringing Basics Back Workshop

Happy Monday everyone! Are we all starting to come out of our holiday fog? I spent a good part of the holiday break reflecting on 2018 and thinking about what I want from 2019 (and beyond), both personally and professionally (and I’m working on a post to share with you later this week). Did any of you do the same thing? This past year felt especially overwhelming, and I definitely felt like I needed the break to just slow down and think about things a bit. If you follow me on social media, it might look like I have everything together, but there is SO much going on behind the scenes that I don’t talk about in public – or at least I haven’t, yet. I’m sure the same is true for you, and it’s also true for everyone you look up to. We all have different circumstances that shape how we build our businesses in this particular season of life. The way I want to run my business now, as a mom of two young girls, is different than the way I was able to run my business before I had kids.

The Blueprint Model 2019

Anyway, if you’re a creative entrepreneur with the same feeling of overwhelm, I wanted to share a resource that has helped me figure out all the financial aspects of my business and eliminate some of the mental and business clutter that was holding me back. I talked about The Blueprint Model a bit last year, which is an amazing twelve week business coaching program for creative entrepreneurs. The Blueprint Model is only open ONCE a year, and the new session is coming up soon! But first, my friend Shanna (the mastermind behind The Blueprint Model) is hosting a FREE mini workshop called “Bringing Basics Back” – with two hours of online training – prior to reopening the doors to the longer coaching program.

The Blueprint Model 2019

When I started Oh So Beautiful Paper I had no idea what I was getting into. I never went to business school or design school, and the blog was just meant to be a creative hobby at the beginning! I never took the time to establish goals, define what success meant to me, or write out a business plan (oops). I had no idea how to price a sidebar ad, much less a sponsored post, and blogging was still so new that there wasn’t really enough data out there to use as a model. I relied on friends to help figure things out and honestly just made a lot of stuff up, but I was never really sure of what my prices should be and it was hard to feel confident in what I was charging. Once I found The Blueprint Model, it taught me to think about things differently and how to price things in a way that matched the kind of life that I want to lead.

The Blueprint Model 2019

I know there is a lot of education on the market today, and I’m honestly so glad that there are online resources that didn’t exist when I was first getting started. If you run a service-based business and are struggling to make ends meet, feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels, and want to build something that will last the long haul – The Blueprint Model can help you SO much. Shanna taught me the fundamentals, like:

  • How to price for profit
  • How to be a steward of my finances (instead of wondering where it all went)
  • How to not emotionally price and stand up for the value of my work
  • How to create systems and routines to reduce chaos and use time wisely

So if you’ve got big plans for your business in 2019, I encourage you to start with Shanna’s Bringing Basics Back Mini Workshop, and she’s going to walk you through her Core Motivators assessment. The week-long (and totally free) workshop kicks off today, so don’t wait! Sign up right here.

Best of 2018: DIY

I don’t consider myself a natural DIYer – if I DIY, it’s usually because I have a VERY specific idea about something, or I’m inspired by a particular issue or subject to create something new. So this year’s range of DIY projects included some rainbow-inspired place cards, rainbow watercolor party decorations, and DIY terrazzo-inspired pumpkins for Halloween mixed with a bit of political activism. Sounds about right for this DC-based former Federal government employee!

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Paper Backdrop

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Crepe Paper Backdrop

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Place Cards

DIY Rainbow Watercolor Place Cards on Handmade Paper

DIY No Carve Terrazzo Pumpkins

DIY No Carve Terrazzo Pumpkins

DIY Midterm Election Night Bingo

Printable Midterm Election Night Bingo

Boss Dotty / Believe Women

Printable I Believe Women Posters and Postcards

BTW – you guys seem to appreciate the political activism posts, so I’m planning to keep those coming in 2019! 

Best of 2018: Invitations + Gatherings

Happy New Year! My kids go back to school today, which means I finally get to go back to work – yay! I’m planning some big changes here at Oh So Beautiful Paper this year, so I wanted to start the year off by looking back at some of my favorite features from 2018. And of course, I had to start with some of my favorite invitations and gatherings from the year. It’s also sort of a mini trend round up of the year and a peek forward at some trends I’m anticipating for 2019. Let’s take a look!

Deckle Edge Paper and Vellum

If I had to describe 2018 invitation trends in just two words, it would probably be vellum and handmade paper. Both are incredibly romantic on their own, but are even more powerful in combination. I’m excited to see more of these trends in 2019!

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

Romantic Calligraphy Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Plume Calligraphy

Minimalist Type-Driven Deckle Edge Wedding Invitations by Every Little Letter

Minimalist Type-Driven Wedding Invitations on Handmade Paper by Every Little Letter

Soft Neutrals

After several years of really bright color, neutrals made a comeback in a big way this year – along with a return to classic type-driven designs. I’m loving the subtle tone-on-tone effect of mixing several neutral shades together and playing around with different ink colors. 

Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitations by Owl Post Calligraphy

Neutral Modern Minimalist Wedding Invitations by Owl Post Calligraphy

Understated Blush and Teal Wedding Invitations by Designed by Jaclyn

Minimalist Patterns and Colorful Paper

I found myself very drawn to abstract shapes, minimalist design details, and incorporating colorful paper into invitation designs – like the simple hand painted brush stroke on our Friendsgiving invitations and white foil on deep green paper for the Paper Party 2018 invitations. These weren’t big trends in 2018, but I think the colorful paper in particular will be a major trend in 2019. We’ll see!

Minimalist Hand Painted Friendsgiving Invitations by Bare Ink Co.

Minimalist hand painted Friendsgiving invitations by Bare Ink Co. / Styling by Oh So Beautiful Paper

Modern Minimalist Invitations with White Foil on Green Paper

Paper Party 2018 Modern Minimalist Invitations / Design by Ramona & Ruth, Printing by Bella Figura on Legion Paper Colorplan paper, Styling by Oh So Beautiful Paper

Pastel Mudcloth Inspired Wedding Invitations by Twinkle & Toast

Pastel Mudcloth Wedding Invitations by Twinkle & Toast

Those are my favorites for 2018, but let’s talk! What do you think? Did I miss any of your favorite trends? Do you agree with me on the trends going into 2019? If you’re a stationer, are you excited to incorporate colorful paper into some of your designs – either for invitations or other custom stationery? I really want to know!

Shop Local: Where to Find Unique Gifts in Washington, DC

You guys! Only four more days until Christmas! How did that happen? I’ll be taking next week off to spend time with my family, including my dad and step-mom who are coming into town from the West Coast, then returning with brand new content in 2019! But since this is the last shopping weekend before Christmas, I thought I’d leave you with a quick round up of some of my favorite local shops in the DC area, including a limited pop-up shop from Matine that ends this weekend! DC retail has come a LONG way in the last couple of years, with a bunch of really cute independent boutiques opening up across the city, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of them. I love being able to look for the perfect little special something in person at these shops discover new brands in the process. So for those of you doing a bit of local shopping this weekend, or if any of you are planning trips in the future, here are a few favorite spots where you can find unique gifts in DC!

Union Market / Washington, DC


Two locations in Washington, DC: Union Market (1309 5th St NE) and Logan Circle (1625 14th St NW)

Whenever I’m on the hunt for a unique gift, I always start at the OG Salt & Sundry location at Union Market. They have a fantastic collection of tabletop and home goods, art and wall hangings, some really cute baby and kid items, and lots of fun barware and mixers for cocktail enthusiasts!


1258 5th Street NE, Washington, DC

Shelter is one of DC’s newest boutiques, located just across the street from Union Market. Shelter was founded by DC jewelry designer Mallory Shelter and features a curated selection of jewelry, accessories, and natural objects by independent designers. Mallory has definitely curated the most beautiful and thoughtful selection of gifts, from the Clare Vivier clutches and hand beaded earrings and necklaces by Alchemilla Jewelry to Nightspace candles and ceramics from a local artist.


1338 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

Heading across town to Georgetown and Take Care! Take Care is an all-natural skincare, beauty and lifestyle shop that offers an essential collection of plant-based and independent-label brands for your skin, body and home. I’ve made several trips to Take Care this year to finally get a handle on my skincare routine, and I can’t say enough good things about this beautiful little shop. If you know anyone who loves skincare, essential oils, or natural makeup, definitely stop by to check it out.


1810 14th Street NW, Washington, DC – until December 23 only

If you’re looking for beautiful and timeless leather goods, definitely check out the Matine pop-up in Logan Circle – this weekend is the last weekend to check it out in person! After that, you can always visit Matine online!


1201 King Street Alexandria, VA

Heading across the river to our friends in Old Town, Alexandria! Penny Post is the new stationery store from the owner of Red Barn Mercantile, and it’s seriously the cutest little shop with so many fun gift ideas. Books, notebooks, desk signs, fancy pens, art prints, mugs, and of course the absolute BEST greeting card selection in the DC area!


1117 King Street, Alexandria, VA

And of course we can’t forget our friends at Penny Posts’s sister store Red Barn Mercantile! Home décor, tabletop pieces, cookbooks, barware, accessories, kid gifts, and lots more. Plus, they also offer home design services!

Happy shopping everyone!