Valentine’s Day Cards 2019

Happy Monday everyone! Since I’m browsing all the new stationery up at the National Stationery Show, it seemed only fitting to start the week with a greeting card round up. And with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, let’s take a look at some love cards! You can even stock up on a bunch of these cards to send sweet love notes to your significant other throughout the year!

2019 Valentine's Day Cards

1. Worthwhile Paper celebrates a love written in the stars

2. This card from Dahlia Press is such a pretty Valentine’s Day card, but you can also use it to send a sweet note to a friend or loved one any time of year

3. Such a sweet and sentimental card from Our Heiday

4. Life is one crazy adventure. Love this card from Odd Daughter Paper!

5. This card from Ramona and Ruth is perfect for so many occasions!

6. Is your love written in the stars? Give this sweet illustrated card from Pencil Joy

7. February 14 and all the other days from Ink Meets Paper

8. A vibrant and colorful love card from Happy Go Lucky

9. Anyone else prefer a card to a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day? Now there’s a die cut card for that from Idlewild Co.!

10. One of my favorite designs from Heartswell

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