Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day cards for friends

If you missed our first two Valentine’s Day greeting card round-ups, be sure to check out our traditional and romantic selections. It’s common to celebrate romantic love with a spouse or life partner but less so to celebrate the love between friends… so let’s change that! A good friend can be the best support system, the most fun, and a real joy to spend time with. Why not let them know how much you really do care about them? If a sentimental expression of affection isn’t your thing, what about a shared message of joint distaste for the holiday? There’s plenty of love to go around for both Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day (if that’s more your speed). Here are a few favorite Valentine’s Day cards for friends!

osbp-friendship-valentines-roundup2017From top right:

1. Remember on Parks and Rec (RIP) when Leslie Knope describes her Galentine’s Day breakfast tradition as “Lilith Fair minus the angst and plus frittatas”? Yeah, this Lark + Raven card is kinda like that.

2. This People I’ve Loved design seems especially relevant in our current political climate. Let’s celebrate love people!

3. Valentine’s Day IS cheesy. Let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we? From Hello!Lucky.

4. Celebrate all your wonderful friends on this Valentine’s day with 9th Letterpress’s gold foil message and abstract design.

5. What better way to let your BFF know how much you love her than with sparkles?! From Farewell Paperie.

6. Have a “Romy and Michele” day by sharing this sentiment of friendship from Chalkscribe.

7. Valentine’s day isn’t for all people (or all cats), so share your distaste with this illustration by Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards.

8. So many pop culture references in here! Tell your person how important they are to you with this design from UK-based I Am Nat.

9. We tend to feature Emily McDowell a lot here, but her copywriting is a) phenomenal, and b) couldn’t be more on point. Also, kittens.

10. Let’s say Valentine’s Day really isn’t your thing. But drinking is. Phoenix Paper Co has got you covered.

11. Why fight it? Make them laugh with this red foil die cut shark card from The Social Type.