Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards

Love is in the air! At least, it is at all the shops in my neighborhood. Valentine’s Day greeting cards are always a stationers favorite (the seemingly endless puns!), so the bevy of designs can be overwhelming. For those in a committed relationship, the options are truly endless, but what about all the other people you want to express affection to? While many Valentines Day greeting cards focus on romantic love, there are plenty of people in our lives we love in other ways – your mom, your besties, your work wife. We know it can be easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day, but honestly, the whole world could really use more love these days. In this initial Valentine’s Day card round up, we’re focusing on more universal messaging without any romantic notions (but stay tuned for next weeks round up if you are looking for saucier options). Enjoy!

Seasonal Stationery: Valentine's Day CardsFrom top right:

1. A sweet floral wreath in a rustic watercolor style from Little Truths Studio.

2. Share Valentine’s Day greetings with red foil and soft pink paper from Rifle Paper Co.

3. Send a rainbow of affection with this Valentine’s Day card from One Canoe Two.

4. This double heart note from Meeschmosh conveys the perfect dose of platonic affection.

5. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without at least one food-related pun. The berry nice design (see what we did there?) comes courtesy of Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

6. This doily inspired greeting card is available as an online design (as well as paper). Designed by Hannah Berman for Paperless Post.

7. Keep it short, sweet and to the point with this simple message and hand-lettered text from And Here We Are.

8. Loving this red and pink block print inspired design from the good folks at Kansas City-based Hammerpress.

9. This card definitely leans more to the romantic side, but still feels appropriate to send to your best friend The red, white and pink roses are so sweet! From Clap Clap Design.

10. This floral die cut comes courtesy of Amy Heitman.

11. Really enjoying the combination of brush lettering with a soft palate from Evermore Paper Co.

Next week: Romantic Valentine’s Day designs for your (romantic) love!

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