Stationery A-Z: Father’s Day, Part 2

If you missed our initial round-up of father’s day greeting cards last week, not to worry! We’ve got a brand new selection to round out our top picks. From cheeky illustrations to new-fangled printing techniques, we’ve got a whole bunch of fun choices to ensure that your top pop (or stepdad or grandfather for that matter) knows he’s your number one. Peruse our curated Father’s Day card round up below and let us know how you’ll be celebrating your dad on June 18th! â€“ ShaunaFather's Day Card Round Up!

From top right:

1. There was a number of really great outer space themed Father’s Day cards in the ether, but this Lucky Horse Press design included smiling popcorn as well as a talking UFO. Win!

2. For a variation on the aforementioned outer space theme, check out this star-filled take from Heartswell Co.

3. Last and final out of this world themed Fathers Day greeting card is this sweet message (with Andy Warhol lookalike dad) from Quill & Fox by Yas Imamura.

4. Up your dad joke game with this hand-lettered design from Hennel Paper Co. Extra points if you sent the same sentiment to your mom.

5. Reward your dad for his hard work raising you with this cringeworthy yet hilarious message from McBittersons.

6. I know I promised no beer-themed cards, but I really liked this retro-inspired design from Anemone Letterpress.

7. Fishing isn’t every dad’s pastime, but if yours happens to partake, please consider this technological impressive laser cut wood design from Cardtorial.

8. Literally, this was my most favorite card I saw at the National Stationery Show this year. Thank you, Gemma Correll (for Ohh Deer).

9. Don’t forget your step-dad! Thanks to Egg Press for their inclusive parental commemoration.

10. Last but certainly not least, send an extra special note of fatherly love to your grandfather (after all, that pipe isn’t going to smoke itself). By Fugu Fugu Press for Paperless Post.