Stationery A-Z: Father’s Day Cards

With the recent celebration of Mother’s Day (did you see our round ups here and here?), it’s high time to start planning Father’s Day. Whether you are celebrating your grandpa, the father of your children or your own dad, there is a bevy of options to honor their love and dedication. While everyone loves a homemade meal, the gift options for men are often limited to sports, business attire or drinking. If the men in your life aren’t golfers or whiskey drinkers, we’ve collected a range of Father’s Day greeting cards that don’t feature either – just thoughtful messages of appreciation. Add your own handwritten note of affection and it will surely be a day that dad won’t forget. – Shauna

Father's Day Cards

From top right:

1. Perfect for the father who loves puns, but hates that you never took your job of mowing the lawn quite as seriously as he would have liked. From Wild Hart Paper.

2. For the dad who can’t keep his wanted (and unwanted) advice to himself (see: ’emails yet another newspaper article’). From Egg Press .

3. For the rebel dad (and MJ fan) comes this sheep illustration from Lark & Raven.

4. For the pop you’ve always looked up to (this E. Frances Paper design is also a good choice for your husband or partner if your kids are too little to write their own greeting).

5. For the father who loved the 80’s (and still has the fanny pack to prove it) from Parrot Design Studio.

6. For any papa who deserves a little extra appreciation this father’s day. From Moglea.

7. For a brand new father who needs a little extra love to make up for those sleepless nights. From Smock Paper.

8. For your number one paternal figure (who appreciates the finer things). From Sugar Paper.

9. For your ever-youthful, cool pops who refuses to part with his leather jacket or combat boots. From Noteworthy Paper & Press.

10. For the master of #dadjokes. From Snow & Graham.