Seasonal Stationery: Mother’s Day Cards for Grandmothers, Step-moms, and other Moms

Last week, we featured a roundup of our favorite Mother’s Day cards for moms. But what about all the other amazing mothers or mother figures in your life? I’m talking about grandmothers, step-moms, and women that have been like a mom to you. Today we’re rounding up a few Mother’s Day Cards for grandmothers, step-moms, and other moms. If they’re important to you, they deserve a sincere gesture of appreciation for all their support and encouragement over the years. There’s even a shout-out for dads that took on both roles!

Mother's Day Cards for Grandmothers, Step-Moms, and Other Moms

 From top right:

1. Maybe she isn’t your mom, but she provided a shoulder to cry on and taught you important life lessons. Send her this card from Ink Meets Paper!

2. Grandmas ARE the best! Send this charming floral illustration from Hartland Brooklyn to your own grandma – or, if you have your own kids, to your mom to show how much you value her love for your kids. (Side note: Be sure to check out our recent feature and behind the scenes with Emily here!)

3. If your sense of humor runs towards snarky, check out the Mother’s Day selection from Farewell Paperie. We love this card for your favorite pseudo-mom!

4. Grammy, Mémé, Nana, Gramma. Whatever you call her, treat your grandmother to some delicious sugar-filled snacks and this elegant pink card from Sugar Paper.

5. Maybe you were raised by a super hero single dad (like me!). Or maybe you have two dads (lucky you!). Send him (or them) this jungle-inspired design from acclaimed wordsmith Emily McDowell.

6. Also from Emily McDowell, this is the perfect card for expressing your thanks to a woman who might not be your biological mom but definitely helped you become who you are today.

7. Step-moms can get a bad rap. Show your amazing step-mom how much she means to you with this silver foil medal card from Egg Press.

8. Loving all the elements of this ode to step-moms from Hello!Lucky â€“ from the gold foil to the whimsical hand lettering and floral illustrations.

9. The cutest illustrated dominoes from Mr. Boddington’s Studio in this Mother’s Day card for Grandma.

10. Grandma – the original mom! Love this sunny yellow gingham design from Wild Ink Press.

p.s. Mother’s Day cards for your mom here!