Ten Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards!

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and love is in the air! Now for me, Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about being involved in a romantic relationship; it’s about telling all the people that matter in your life that you love them – from spouses and significant others to family members and dear friends. And if you can bring a smile to their faces by sending them a special card on Valentine’s Day, all the better! Here are a few favorite (and mostly non-sappy) Valentine’s Day cards for sharing the love!

Valentine's Day Card Round Up!

From top right:

1. Lovely letterpress printed card with a sweet and simple message from Dahlia Press

2. A very dapper lion from Rifle Paper Co. – my 3 year-old is obsessed with lions and would love this card!

3. This sarcastic candy heart card from Ash & Chess is the perfect card to give to your BFF

4. Beautiful hand drawn moons and stars in shiny hologram foil from Hello!Lucky

5. Goodness, if I love you even before I’ve had my coffee in the morning, then I must REALLY love you – from Pinwheel Print Shop.

6. Give this card from In the Daylight to the person that you love more than anything in the world! 

7. A modern black and white design with a sweet message in gold foil text from Ramona & Ruth

8. The sweetest rainbow card from Printerette Press! I also really love these letter writing sheets with “My Love” in gold foil – perfect for leaving little love notes around the house!

9. Telling someone they’re better than pizza is pretty much the highest compliment, yes? Give this Ashkahn card to your boyfriend, husband, or best friend!

10. Is there anything cuter than hand painted hearts? Love this colorful heart design from Lana’s Shop!


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