Thanksgiving Cards

I know I’m not alone when I say that Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. There is no religion, no high-pressure gift giving (and receiving), just overeating a large, delicious meal that mostly consists of carbohydrates. What could be better? There’s also the sharing of this joyous meal with family and friends, and the recognition of all your many blessings. All that AND pumpkin pie?! While Thanksgiving isn’t traditionally thought of as a card-sending holiday, recognizing and sharing your thanks certainly does lend itself to the written word. I’ll start: I’m thankful for these clever and well-designed Thanksgiving cards in our round-up below. Cue up the football, don your sweats, and enjoy! – Shauna

Thanksgiving CardsFrom top right:

1. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be immediately verklempt with this Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post design.

2. Doesn’t this Dear Hancock cranberry sauce greeting remind you of one of the best Simpsons clips ever?

3. Check out this handsome fellow (complete with dapper pilgrim hat), courtesy of Golden Fox Goods.

4. It’s clear that Anne + Kate share my love of pumpkin pie (but not the ‘secret’ family recipe that we recently discovered originated from the side of the gingersnap box).

5. Yum! These cute critters from Quill & Fox are sharing quite the feast.

6. Give thanks for gourds – both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. From Pei Design.

7. Let’s be real – turkey is the worst part of the Thanksgiving meal. However, I’m choosing not to hold that against this Gingiber greeting.

8. If a bear, a fox, and a raccoon can put aside their differences to share a Thanksgiving meal, perhaps your family can break bread together despite differing opinions on current issues. From E. Frances Paper.

9. Happy Thanksgiving from this imbibing turkey. From Egg Press.

10. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I REALLY love pumpkin pie. From Hannah Berman for Paperless Post.

11. Check out this sassy turkey from Wit and Whistle.

12. It’s a cornucopia of thankfulness from Lucky Horse Press.