Friday Happy Hour: Apple Cinnamon Sangria

The first day of Autumn has come and gone, so we’re going to start switching gears from summer to fall drinks. And we’re going to start with a pretty awesome fall Sangria, one that combines some typically fall flavors with a classic summer Sangria to help us bridge the changing of the seasons: Apple Cinnamon Sangria. Andrew

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Sangria

1 750 ml bottle Dry Red Wine
8 oz Cinnamon Syrup
4 oz Brandy
4 oz Pear Brandy
4 oz Apple Cider
4 oz Lemon Juice
2 Apples, Diced
1 Orange, Sliced Thinly

To make the cinnamon syrup: break up two cinnamon sticks into bits with a muddler in a sauce pan, then add a cup of sugar and a cup of water. Melt the sugar into the water over low heat, stirring frequently until all the sugar is dissolved. Cover and remove from the heat; let the pan sit for at least twenty minutes. Strain through a sieve and bottle.

To make the Sangria: combine all the ingredients in a pitcher and let it sit, refrigerated, for at least an hour and preferably overnight to let the flavors meld together. Serve over ice and garnish, optionally, with pomegranate seeds and cinnamon sticks.

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail Recipe

This Sangria packs lots of warm cinnamon and citrus, while the pear brandy and apples give it an Autumn-fruit crispness. It’s the sort of Sangria that’s perfect for these days that start warm and then end with an increasingly brisk chill.

Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail Recipe

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Glassware by Liquorary

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! And happy first week of Autumn! Are things starting to cool off where you are? It still feels like summer here in DC during the day, with wonderful cool evenings and the most gorgeous sunsets. I’m looking forward to diving into some Fall and Halloween projects over the next few weeks! But in the meantime…

Knot and Bow Confetti Balloons via Instagram

Photo by Knot & Bow via Instagram

…a few links for your weekend!

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That’s it for us this week! Check back this afternoon for a brand new Sangria cocktail recipe! Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you back here next week! xoxo

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations

I just adore an illustrated motif in a birthday party invitation, and these woodland-inspired illustrated fox and flower birthday party invitations from Lana of Lana’s Shop are no exception! Lana illustrated an adorable fox, featuring an equally adorable berry colored bow, and plenty of botanical elements for these delicate birthday party invitations. These envelope liners are seriously on point, and many of the illustrated elements made their way into the décor for the actual party!

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

From Lana: When Yesy of Love in Vintage asked me to design the paper goods for her daughter’s fourth birthday bash, I jumped at the opportunity. The plan for the party was both playful and refined, and I immediately fell in love with Yesy’s vision for the invitation, which would feature a crest, a girly fox wearing a dress, and lots of floral elements with a blush-and-burgundy color palette.

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

The custom crest for the invitations featured a sweet fox character that was ultimately included on the envelope liners, the dessert table backdrop, and even as a figurine on one of the four cakes in the dessert spread.

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

Yesy and I clearly share an avid appreciation for all things floral and botanical, and I love the way she chose to carry my illustrated flowers and greenery through into the décor. The lush garlands and bouquets definitely added a more grown-up element to the party’s woodland theme.

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

Foxy Floral Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

The rich burgundy accents were a lovely choice for the overall color palette! We chose to use the bold hue for the envelopes, which were then hand-addressed by the incredibly talented Nat of Papel & Co. It was so much fun to work on such a charming, whimsical project – every detail of the party came together beautifully!

Illustrated Fox and Flower Birthday Party Invitations by Lana's Shop

Thanks Lana!

Design & Illustration: Lana’s Shop

Calligraphy: Papel & Co.

Event Planning: Love in Vintage

Lana’s Shop is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of Lana’s beautiful work right here or visit the real invitations gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Diana Lupu

Wedding Invitation 101, Part 5: Invitation Addressing & Mailing

Wedding Invitation 101: Invitation Addressing and Mailing / Fine Day Press for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Hi guys, Ashley from Fine Day Press here. We’ve finally come to the last post in our Invitation 101 series. Thank you for reading and learning along with me! Today’s post covers the last steps in getting your invitations out the door: invitation addressing and mailing.

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Addressing and Mailing

You’ve spent countless hours picking out just the right invitation suite, and possibly months agonizing over every little detail from the wording to the printing. Take a few moments to plan using our invitation addressing and mailing tips below; I promise it will be well worth the effort!

Plan Ahead

First, leave some time to gather and organize your address list. You’ll want to provide your stationer (or calligrapher, or printer) with a clear, detailed list of names and addresses that includes appropriate titles like “Mr. & Mrs.” or “Dr.”  It’s commonplace to spell out in full the address line and state, for example, “123 Smith Street; New York, New York 10010”.  Additionally, if children under 18 are invited to the wedding, list their names individually on the line following the parents’ names — unless you are using inner envelopes (increasingly rare these days), in which case the names of any children should be listed here and not on the outside. Adult children should receive their own invitation.

Secondly, make sure you have extra envelopes in case of any addressing errors. About 10% over is a good rule of thumb, and many stationers (including Fine Day Press) will automatically include some extras with your order. If using a calligrapher, be sure to ask if more than that are needed. You’ll also want a few extra invitations on hand for last-minute guests, and just in case one gets lost in the mail (it happens).

Methods of Addressing

Traditionally, invitations are hand-addressed, usually by a professional calligrapher. There’s nothing quite like receiving a calligraphed envelope in your mailbox, and it’s most definitely high up on my happy list. And if it‘s in your budget, go for it! Check with your calligrapher to confirm how much time they’ll need to address your envelopes, but at minimum you’ll want to factor around 2-3 weeks for envelope calligraphy into your invitation mailing timeline.

If you are hand-addressing the envelopes yourself, a great option for the return address is to have a custom stamp created. We‘ve created many of these for our clients over the years. Provided you aren’t moving right after the wedding, the stamp can be used again on thank you notes, holiday cards, and other future mailings. Alternately, with the convenience and quality of digital printing, many stationers will print guest addresses directly onto the envelopes. You can even choose a calligraphy-style font.

Wedding Invitation 101: Invitation Addressing and Mailing / Fine Day Press for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Above: Custom return address stamp by Fine Day Press; calligraphed envelopes by Blue Eye Brown Eye

Adding Postage

Note the size of your invitation and compare it to the post office standard sizes. Square invitations require extra postage; the same goes for double-thick stock. If you’ve got extras like a reception card, list of wedding events, map and directions card, ribbons, bows, bells or whistles, that can push your overall weight up beyond the first class stamp zone. You’ll want to take a complete envelope suite to the post office for weighing. They can tell you the exact postage amount you’ll need, and help you find a stamp (or stamps) to match. Don’t forget to take into account any international guests. When addressing, put these in a separate pile and have the post office determine the correct postage for each.

Beautiful postage is the last thoughtful touch to complete your invitation. USPS has definitely stepped up their stamp design game in the last few years, so you can easily achieve a beautiful envelope just by browsing the available stamp selections online. The post office also usually has a few different love-themed options, like these Louise Fili stunners. Custom stamps can be created to match your invitation design (for example, via, from personalized stamps with a custom monogram to vintage-inspired designs. Vintage postage is a beautiful detail for wedding invitation envelopes, but can be difficult to find and sometimes costs more than the face value of the stamp – you can read all about finding vintage postage here. And remember that your reply envelopes will also need a first class stamp – don’t leave your guests hunting for postage to send their reply.

Let ‘em fly

You’ve done your homework. Time to send those beautiful babies out into the world, and wait for the excitement that follows!

One last pro tip: Request hand-canceling. There can be an extra charge for this beyond 50 pieces, but it’s worth it to not have that bummer of a barcode printed along the bottom of all of your gorgeous envelopes.

Happy Mailing!

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and one of the few times that you’ll have all of your loved ones and favorite people gathered together in the same place. A guestbook is the perfect way to remember all the people that came together to celebrate your big day – and they’re a great memento to look back on long after the wedding. Here are a few fun and creative wedding guestbooks to put a twist on the traditional guestbook. – Annie

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Your guests will love connecting their own constellation alongside their name. Frame and hang it up after! | Photography: Sarah Maren Photography, Planning & Design: Kate Whelan Events via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Provide calligraphy notecards for guests to share advice and well wishes, then add all the notecards to an album after the wedding. | Photography: Chloe Luka Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Have guests write on the back of puzzle pieces. Put all the pieces together and read everyone’s messages! | Photography: Jana Marie Photography, Planning & Design: Red Door Event & Design via The Knot

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Vinyl records double as a guestbook for the couple who loves music. | Photography: Cara Robbins Studio via 100 Layer Cake

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Remember Mad Libs? You’ll have so much fun reading everyone’s responses! | Photography: Candice Benjamin via MODwedding

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Polaroid cameras are always a good idea. | Photography: Phil Chester via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Add a personal touch by collecting vintage postcards from each of your home states for guests to write on. | Photography: Horn Photography And Design, Planning & Design: Unique Wedding Events via The Knot

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Attach kraft tags to vintage keys and discover the secret to a successful marriage (fingers crossed). | Photography: Shea Christine Photography via MODwedding

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Watercolor paintings double as wedding guestbook prints. | Photography: Studio Castillero, Planning & Design: Jamie at Sitting in a Tree, Paper Goods: Studiobdr via Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Stationery Inspiration: Creative Wedding Guestbooks

Ask guests to write on Jenga blocks and you’ve got the building blocks for a happy and long marriage. | Photography: Danielle Coons Photography via The Knot

What are your favorite creative wedding guestbook ideas??