October Desktop Downloads!

Fall has officially arrived here on the East Coast – the leaves are starting to change and the nights are getting cooler. It’s also the beginning of a new month, which means time for new wallpaper illustrations from Dinara Mirtalipova! Enjoy!

October Desktop Wallpaper OSBP Dinara Mirtalipova2 600x316 October Desktop Downloads! October Phone Wallpaper OSBP Dinara Mirtalipova2 600x400 October Desktop Downloads!

Click here to download the wallpaper for desktop and laptops!

Click here to download the wallpaper for your phone!

For personal use only. All illustrations by Dinara Mirtalipova for Oh So Beautiful Paper

DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Industrial signs always catch my eye. Especially ones that light up. And since it’s become “a thing” to have similar (neon!) signs in your home, for your wedding, or in your office, i’ve had the urge to make something with a simple industrial feel that contrasts against the pretty things we’d display around it. I love the versatility of the one I made… you can paint it, change out the quotes and words, prop it up or hang it, and move it around from room to room. I decided to do something fun for our bedroom but would love to make another for the entry way and change quotes with the seasons! Read on to see how to make your own! – Lauren

diy lightbox sign 122 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

diy lightbox sign 1 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign



balsa wood (found at craft stores, it’s VERY light and thin)

glue gun

vinyl to cut or letter stickers

razor blade/scissors/x-acto knife

diy lightbox sign 2 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Step One: Start by measuring pieces of your wood that will cover the sides of the lightbox. Since most will have a slight tilt on the face, make sure you follow the highest measurement all the way across the length of your wood panel. When you glue them down, you want to create an even box so that the face will be flat when you display. Cut all four pieces out. Remember to cut around the switch and plug as seen below.

diy lightbox sign 3 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Step Two: Use your glue gun to attach the pieces to the sides first. Make sure to lay the lightbox face down when glue the pieces on so that the lighted part of the box is flat on the front.

diy lightbox sign 4 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Signdiy lightbox sign 5 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Step Three: Cut two pieces to cover any part of the light box that is not the frosted plastic piece, this will create the “frame” on the front of the box.

diy lightbox sign 6 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Step Four: Cut out your letters or use some pre-made letter stickers to add a word or quote you like.

diy lightbox sign 7 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

If you want to hang, you will have to drill holes through the top of the wood AND through the plastic top of your box (the wood and glue will not hold the weight). To secure the string, I tied the ends to some washers bigger than the hole I drilled on the inside of the box.

diy lightbox sign 8 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

Find a place to hang and style!

diy lightbox sign 91 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Signdiy lightbox sign 101 DIY Tutorial: Industrial Lightbox Typography Sign

I love that with the stickers it will be really easy for us to change out our quote whenever we’d like!

What would you guys use your new lightbox sign for?

Styling + Photos by Lauren Saylor of A Fabulous Fete for Oh So Beautiful Paper

10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

Untitled 152 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic


In the course of having Urbanic over these last 8 years I’ve had many people come to me for advice in starting their own business. I’m guessing there are more of you like this out there, so I’ve come up with 10 quick tips that hopefully will be helpful if opening a shop is something that you’re considering.

establish2 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

The  identity of your business will be apparent in the product that you choose for the shop and the way you display it. Your edit will be key here! The best shops are the curated ones which provide the customer with a shopping ‘experience’.  There is nothing worse than going into a shop that is all over the place with confusing product categories and placement.  It’s best to keep your business model and concepts unique to who you are and what you are passionate about.  Challenge yourself to come up with original ideas instead of copying the work of what is already out there. Keep your offerings on point with your business model and if it helps you get started, create a mood board and mission statement in addition to your business plan!

know2 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

It is extremely important to know you are targeting.  Awareness of who you want to target is a good thing but it’s best to make sure you know where these people are  -  and this takes research!  If your business style is edgy, you need to know where these like-minded people are shopping.  If your taste in product is on the more expensive side, then it’s imperative to do you research about household incomes and financial demographics in your area. Documenting who your target customer is will be a crucial part of your business plan.

choose2 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

Once you know who your target customer is and have found out where they shop, you’ll want to make sure that you choose your location with all things in mind. You’ll be working hard enough to build your business in the beginning (wherever you are!) so visibility and street presence weigh a lot to the initial launch of your store.  If you are pioneering an area that is off the beaten path or is potentially up-and-coming, have your promo and marketing plan in place to best get the word out to your target customers. We opened Urbanic on a great street, but at the time our location was on the end of the block that had much less foot traffic. Before we signed our lease, we sought out advice from the local realtors to learn about the growth of the block over the past few years and get insight on the real estate forecasting. We also considered the other businesses that were slotted to open near our location, all of which was helpful in making our decision.

hire2 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

We learned from experience that this is not a good place to cut corners! If you are signing a lease, make sure you have a lawyer look over it first.  If you’re not great with numbers, hire a bookkeeper & accountant that has great reviews from other retailers. If you are offering custom work, make sure you have the proper contract in place to protect yourself and your business. Believe me when I tell you this stuff can be a huge can of expensive worms that you don’t want to open if not set up properly from the start.

research2 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

A Point of Sale System is essential for entering and receiving inventory, pricing goods, formulating financial reports and keeping track of vendor & customer information. There are many options out there to choose from, so it’s important to make sure that you are doing your research and considering one that has all that you need to get started.  ie. – Are you wanting to access your POS from home? If so, a cloud based system would be best for you.  Do you need your POS to integrate with your e-commerce shop? Make sure that the one that you’re considering is compatible to your shopping cart platform.

engage3 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

The way you engage with the people surrounding your business will determine the personality of your brand. Our goal at Urbanic is to treat each person that walks through our doors as a special guest. We love greeting our regular customers by name and catching up with them if we haven’t seen them in a while.  Our store events have allowed us to get to know these people in a new way, and the relationships we’ve built with folks over the years make this whole experience more valuable and priceless than any bottom dollar ever could.  Joshua and I are firm believers that if you love your staff, – show them! At Urbanic we celebrate birthdays, work-a-versaries, and host staff parties twice a year. We have a coffee meeting every month and are going to our first team building outing to decorate cakes together next week.  We operate in a family environment which in turn makes our customers feel at home when they shop with us.

collaborate3 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

Getting to know the other businesses in your industry and neighborhood can be hugely rewarding and lead to great things. Consider teaming up with other brands who have a business identity that compliments your own. In working together you can point business to back to one another and grow.  Over the years, we have found great collaborations with calligraphers, printers, planners, bloggers, designers and photographers to name just a few!

build11 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

I’ll be writing a little bit more about this  in tomorrow’s post, …. so stay tuned!

vary11 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

It’s always good idea to make sure you have a product mix that works for a variety of different people and budgets.  You don’t need to sacrifice your identity in order to do this,  just make sure you are thinking through your offerings so that you don’t pigeon hole yourself into a corner. For example, if you have mostly expensive items you may want to mix in a few great things that are less pricey as well so that you don’t become off limits for people. If you have mostly feminine products, but find that men are shopping in your store as well, create a handsome section just for them.

bonus12 10 Tips on opening a retail shop | Urbanic

If you have been desperately wanting to open a retail shop and it’s a burning desire within you, you’ll need to get to a place where you are ready to take a risk.  When we signed the lease 8 years ago, it was the biggest decision I had ever made in my life and by far the scariest. Although I didn’t know exactly what I was doing at the time, I realized I would rather die one day having tried to move forward with my dream (whether it was going to work or not),  instead of wishing that I would had tried the rest of my life.

- Audrey


Hand Lettering by Gold Press Paper


Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

I’ve asked some of my favorite creative mamas to help out while I’m away with our new baby. Today we get a look behind the scenes at a day in the life of one of my favorite stationers – Chelsea and Jamie of Sugar Paper – including a peek at their beautiful studio! –Nole

01 SugarPaper Bio Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

Being a working mother can be tricky, as any working mother can tell you. It’s a constant juggling act of making sure you honor your commitments to your family and also your business. Learning to prioritize which needs to come first at any given time is the hardest part. Your heart can pull you one way and your deadlines can pull you the other… and sometimes it feels like nobody wins. But the truth is, it’s what we do here everyday and we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t love both jobs. Being a mother is the biggest honor and biggest challenge of our lives, and surprisingly, we feel similarly about Sugar Paper.   Chelsea and Jamie of Sugar Paper

We’re often asked how we do it so we thought we’d share a day in the life.

6:30am Little People Pop Out of Bed
7am  Breakfast Chaos
8am Showers for Mom, Kids Get Teeth Brushed + Clothes Changed

02 SugarPaper Studio 2 Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

8:45am Preschool Commute
9:00am  School begins

03 SugarPaper Studio 2 Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

9 to 10 Coffee, Personal Phone Calls, “Me Time”
10am  In Office: Email, Phone Calls, Meetings, Design

04 SugarPaper Studio Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

5:30pm Head Home
6pm Dinner

05 SugarPaper Studio Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

7pm Bath Time
7:30 Story Time

06 SugarPaper Studio Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

8pm With any luck, Kids are sleeping…
8:30pm Kids are actually sleeping

07 DearNote Lifestyle Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

9pm Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, “Me time”
11pm Bed

08 Thanks notes lifestyle Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

Rinse and Repeat


09 SugarPaper Family Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Sugar Paper

p.s. Ed Note: For a more in depth interview with Chelsea and Jamie about the evolution of Sugar Paper I highly recommend this article on The Everygirl! –Nole

Events at Urbanic

Hi everyone! In yesterday’s ‘Day in the Life at Urbanic’ post, I mentioned that some of our back-end creative work that we do is for the events that we host at Urbanic. When Joshua and I first opened the shop, we knew going into it that we wanted events to be a foundational offering of what we were about as a brand. We both love hosting, but even more so, we love watching people come together to get creative and social, forming new relationships in a fun environment. There are so many of us that sit behind a computer all day long, and we wanted to make sure we were creating special opportunities for people to connect and celebrate. Over the past 8 years, we’ve hosted Summer Socials, Winter Socials, blogger meet-ups, book release parties, and have recently added workshops to the mix! Click below for a peek into some of our calligraphy classes!

life at urbanic 4 copy2 Events at Urbanic

When we first got these events going they were a TON of work. It was work that we wanted to put in, but extremely hard on our schedules to juggle everything and do it at the creative level that we envisioned. Over the years we discovered that bringing in like-minded sponsors and partners made the whole process so much better on every level! Our collaborations have allowed us to work with the most amazing planners, photographers, florists, caterers, videographers and media sponsors. I’m not going to lie, the events are still a huge undertaking, but the work of all of these talents together makes for the best events! You can click here to see photos from some of our past Urbanic events and if you’d like, and click here to see videos. I’ve attached one of my faves into this post below from a Summer Social.


More coming up tomorrow with 10 tips on opening up a retail shop!

– Audrey