Stationery A-Z: New baby congratulations cards

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage! Piggybacking on our recent theme of engagement and wedding parties, it only seems appropriate to also feature new baby greeting cards (also, they are just so cute!). New moms and dads need all the support they can get; sending a thoughtful message of congratulations, encouragement, and love can really go a long way for a sleep-deprived new parent (throw a lasagna in there and they’ll be eternally grateful to you). From cats and cradles to hedgehogs and holographic foil, we’ve got a myriad of styles for any new parent on your list! Shauna

New Baby Congratulations Cards

From top right:

1. Farewell Paperie has got the right idea: no parent ever tires of hearing how cute their baby is. Pair that with wood type and a modern color palate and you’ve got a sure winner.

2. Printed with veggie ink, this Yellow Owl Workshop design features toys, rainbows, and even a hot air balloon.

3. New to me designer Behind Green Doors teepee design is perfect for your outdoorsy friend who can’t wait to take their infant camping.

4. This illustrated kitten from Canadian Triangle Trees comes in either orange or teal but always comes in adorable, sweet and thoughtful.

 5. It’s baby time! It’s definitely a party with chartreuse paper and silver holographic foil from The Social Type. Sleepless nights be damned!

6. You can always count on Snow & Graham for their sweet illustrations and clever design – this mobile inspired greeting card is no exception.

7. Dying from the cuteness of this adorable baby and mama (or dada) hedgehog from Los Angeles-based Clap Clap Design.

8. Not surprisingly, Moglea chooses to express congratulations with an abstract palate and a hand-lettered sentiment.

9. This Noah’s Ark themed design from Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect sprinkling of spirituality without being overtly religious.

10. Loving this family of retro illustrated fish by Nicholas John Frith for Wrap Magazine.

Stationery A-Z: Belated Birthday Cards

We get it: you’re busy. And by the time Facebook reminds you that it’s someone’s birthday, you may feel it’s too late to send a birthday card (it’s not! A sincere message is always appreciated). However, it’s never too late to send a belated birthday card! Literally, there is no statute of limitations of how late is ‘too late’ so take advantage of a clever pun or beautiful illustration to simultaneously apologize and celebrate. From cute animals to cheeky messaging, there’s something to express thoughtful birthday wishes (while making up for the fact that you’re just a smidge late). Enjoy! Shauna

Belated Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. While we wish we all had the memory of elephants, the talented team over at Egg Press knows better.

2. Paula and Waffle remind us that if we are going to show up late, best to show up bearing gifts.

3. This sparkling, yet speed challenged snail is too cute for anyone to stay annoyed long. From the masters of sparkling die cuts, The Social Type.

4. You were warned! Puns abound is this category; this Banquet Workshop design is no exception.

5. Another day, another pun. Also, party beavers! This two color letterpress greeting comes cutesy of Smudge Ink.

6. We love Ashkahn for his radical honesty and irreverent humor. Also, hot pink envelopes.

7. Distracted by the internet is pretty much my life (and yours, I’m guessing) so why not tell it like it is with this Emily McDowell design.

8. Another winner from Egg Press – they were all so good, we decided to share them both.

9. Loving this perfectly illustrated representation of belated birthday from Hannah Berman for Paperless Post.

10. Once you’ve equated anything with the line at the DMV, it would be impossible for anyone to hold a grudge for long (from One Canoe Two).

11. This sloth from Rifle Paper Co. asks for forgiveness in the cutest way possible.

Stationery A-Z: Sorry and Apologies

Let’s be real for a second: sometimes we mess up. After all, we’re just humans trying to exist together. On occasion, we say the wrong thing, do something insensitive, or take out our bad mood on an innocent bystander. Don’t be a jerk – take the high road and own up to your mistake by sending the offended a note of apology. Whether you treat the sentiment with humor or sincerity is up to you. Either way, we’ve collected a number of options to put things back where they belong!

Stationery A-Z: I'm Sorry Cards


From top left:

1. If emitting sympathy is your strategy for achieving forgiveness, this Fugu Fugu Press card is for you.

2. Don’t make a game of your apology, but this Hasbro-inspired design will certainly lighten the mood if necessary. (from Smudge Ink).

3. Come clean and move on – own up to your faults with this hand-lettered design from One Canoe Two.

4. This signage inspired design from Power and Light Press contains just the right amount of groveling.

5. No gimmicks, no jokes: just a straight, sincere message direct from the heart. Hand-lettered, designed and produced by People I’ve Loved.

6. Humor that child of the 90’s with this Urkel reference (I swear, it was hilarious at the time) from Farewell Paperie.

7. If I made a Justin Bieber reference, will I have to send an apologies greeting card? If so, I’m definitely choosing this one from Sapling Press.

8. Egg Press is constantly inventing new ways to explore die cutting, and this ‘Sorry Pal’ bus design is no exception.

9. Speaking of die cuts, if this sad crab from The Social Type doesn’t immediately solicit forgiveness, I’m not sure what will.

10. Loving the use of the term “salty” to describe off-putting behavior. It would be hard for anyone to stay angry for long with this pretzel illustration from Hello!Lucky.

11. You’ve got all the bases covered with this checkbox design from In Company.

Stationery A-Z: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

Since winter is the most popular time of the year to get engaged, chances are there are a few of you getting ready to ask friends and family to be in your wedding party! If you aren’t able to ask in person, we HIGHLY recommend sending a beautifully designed card to ask that all important question. Although bridesmaid cards are the main our roundup below, we know and love that wedding parties come in all shapes, sizes, and roles. There’s pretty much every option you can think of available, but we’ve selected our favorites below:

Stationery A-Z: Will You Be My Bridesmaid Cards

From top right:

1. “Will you be my bridesmaid pretty please?” asks this rather polite pale pink and gold foil design from Sugar Paper.

2. Make a wedding party obligation cheeky, with this gold foil and hand lettered sentiment from Ashkahn.

3. Brides get a bad rap. Poke fun at stereotypical bridezilla antics while asking your BFF to be your MOH (via Ladyfingers Letterpress).

4. Archer and Olive will take your request one step further by personalizing your intended’s name right on the card.

5. Don’t forget to thank those hard working gals (and guys) for their time and unending commitment to your big day with this floral illustration from Banquet Workshop.

6. Beautifully painted flowers and elegant hand lettering from Shannon Kristen Studio.

7. Prescription drugs aside, this Emily McDowell design also features a clever use of post-its and checkboxes.

8. Surprise your bestie with this super fun scratch-off greeting from Inklings Paperie.

9. Groomsmen are people too. This handsome number comes courtesy of Paper Tie Affair.

10. Not simply a gold foil sentiment, “bride tribe” is also a temporary tattoo. Bachelorette party perhaps? Via Daydream Prints.

11. Perfect for a rustic setting, this Pen + Pillar design features a painted backdrop and elegant hand lettering.

12. Yet another beautiful hand lettered and dip dyed design (via Moglea).

Stationery A-Z: Animal-Themed Birthday Cards

From cute puppies to mythical unicorns, animals represent affection without too much specificity, which works especially well when it comes to expressing personal sentiments. Birthday cards are perhaps one of the best uses of this charming style – and it’s probably a safe bet that you know someone who has a birthday coming up. We’ve got sea-worthy bears, dancing pigs, and thrashing rabbits all banded together to showcase some of our favorite animal-themed birthday cards. Check out our round up below!

Animal-Themed Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. Land ho! Navigate the birthday seas with this sweet illustrated bear from Boyoun Kim.

2. Cats (and their owners) love birthdays too! Don’t forget your feline-loving bud with this card illustration by Alice Bowsher for Wrap Magazine.

3. Rawr! Loving the use of gold foil, script font and a beautifully illustrated scene by Dinara Mirtalipova for Red Cap Cards.

4. Happy birthday from turtle and bear (and the Everyday Balloons print shop).

5. Six little piggies from Lucky Horse Press to wish you a bacon-filled birthday.

6. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear bear, monkey, and cat, happy birthday to you – from Fugu Fugu Press.

7. Fantastic birthday wishes from this fantastic beast as visualized by Amy Heitman.

8. LOL-ing at this bear rocking his skivvies. Sweet enough for your aunt, yet cheeky enough for your BFF. Created by the sweet ladies of E. Frances Paper.

9. Rock out with your bun(ny)s out. Send this Wolf & Wren Press design to every party animal you know.

10. This beautiful painted Persian cat is another gem for any cat lover out there, from fellow cat lady Idlewild Co.

11. The folks over at Egg Press have tons of animal-themed designs in their arsenal. But what makes them extra specials is their clever copywriting and fun concepts.

12. Love the humorous message coupled with a majestic buffalo courtesy of Wild Hart Paper