Get Well Cards

It’s that time of year: cold and flu season. The days may finally be getting longer, but it’s still pretty cold out there and summer is still a long way away. (Insert crying face emoji). If you have a loved one suffering from the common cold now or preparing to confront seasonal allergies in a few weeks, it’s a good time to stock up on get well cards! If possible, we highly recommend hand delivering these cards with a bowl of chicken noodle soup. From clever puns to bunnies dressed as nurses, here are twelve get well cards to provide the perfect pick-me-up for those in need.

Get Well Cards

From top right:

1. Well, that’s a bummer. This cat cone is sure to put any ailment in perspective. Hand-painted from Idlewild Co.

2. Don’t let the inception confuse you in your already feverish state; it’s just a card within a card…(within a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma). From Ash and Chess.

3. Everyone needs some good juju every now and then, especially when feeling under the weather. From Farewell Paperie.

4. Good soup cures most ailments (I’ve even seen matzo ball soup marketed as “Jewish penicillin”). Illustrated by Everyday Balloons Print Shop.

5. This beautiful bouquet from Wild Hart Paper is sure to cheer anyone up.

6. If there was ever a time to binge watch episodes of Scandal, this is it. From Ladyfingers Letterpress.

7. I’ve never seen quite so artistic a slug before. Those ladies at Hello!Lucky can make anything look good – this get well card is no exception.

8. Who says get well cards have to be a bummer? The Social Type proves otherwise with this design that’s pretty much guaranteed to cheer anyone up.

9. Nurse Bunny? Yes, please! From Dear Hancock.

10. If I owned a handkerchief this beautiful, I can assure you I certainly wouldn’t be using it to blow my nose. From Antiquaria.

11. I’m pretty sure rainbows are scientifically proven to cheer people up and Fugu Fugu Press agrees.

12. If only cupcakes could cure illnesses! From Mr. Boddington’s Studio.


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