Stationery A-Z: Encouragement Cards

You know that feeling you get when you’re about to make a big change? I’m talking about nerves, fear, reservations, and second guessing yourself. It’s not fun and it can be really hard. Now think about how you would feel if you received a note of encouragement, especially if that note came in a beautifully illustrated package featuring anthropomorphic root beer floats (you know, for example). See what I’m getting at here? Forget the text message, pick up a pen and send one of your favorite encouragement cards (some of ours are below!); your intended will appreciate it more than you know. – Shauna

Encouragement Card Round-Up

From top left:

1. Hanging planters look great in your home as well as on this Wild Hart Paper greeting card.

2. Yes YOU can! This exuberant air horn from Smudge Ink is sure to send good vibes to anyone about to embark on a new adventure.

3. This extremely hungry worm is about to enjoy a triple-decker sandwich as well as wish someone the very best of luck. From Yellow Owl Workshop.

4. Keep on keeping on. This sweetly illustrated hula girl from Lucky Horse Press is wishing laki maika’i (that’s “good luck” in hawaiian for all you mainlanders).

5. While a Yeti may be a stretch of the imagination, believing in a hard working loved on isn’t. Designed by Ladyfingers Letterpress.

6. A sure winner for manicure fans (and those who envy the professionals who get to name them). From my new favorite, Boss Dotty.

7. The neon tiger and uplifting messaging is sure to send that little extra something to help the decision-making process. From our friends over at Hello!Lucky.

8. These cheerful beets can’t be beat (hey, one good pun deserves another). From Atlanta-based Farmwood Press.

9. A different take on the same sentiment (as well as the aforementioned anthropomorphic root beer floats in all their glory). From perennial favorite, Lucky Horse Press.

10. Send warm fuzzies (along with gold foil on bright orange stock) from Wild Ink Press.