Stationery A-Z: Love and Romance Greeting Cards

If you are one of those people who often declares “every day is Valentine’s Day” then this roundup is for you. Love IS grand and there is no need to hold all that emotion for only one day a year. Whether you just started dating or you’ve been married for years, a little romance can go a long way. A beautifully designed card and a thoughtful message is an easy (and cheap) way to show someone that you’re smitten, enamored or downright swooning for them. And who wouldn’t want that?! –Shauna

Love and Romance Card Round Up

From top right:

1. Vampires may be passè, but a Bloody Mary is always a good choice for both brunch and professing your undying love. From Wild Hart Paper.

2. For when nothing else but a horizontal cartoon dog will do. Illustrated by Alice Bowsher for Wrap Magazine.

3. Apparently these hot for each other lattes drop their sleeves on the reverse side of this card. Rawr! From E. Frances Paper.

4. Remember that Buster Poindexter song “Hot Hot Hot”? Yeah, this card is kinda like that. From My Darlin.

5. Add a line about coffee to this agenda and you’ve got a close to perfect day. From Ashkahn

6. This anatomically correct(ish) heart from Hammerpress is a winner and a lover. 

7. They’re the apple of your eye, so why not let them know with this honeycomb enhanced card from Inklings Paperie?

8. Mysticism, rites of passage and love go together like naive illustrations, clever messaging and Great Lakes Goods.

9. Pucker up! This smooch-y number comes courtesy of Canadian-based Paperole. Illustrated by Maxime Francout.

10. Say it with neon pink or don’t say it at all. The neon pink liner is an extra bang for your buck. From Los Angeles-based Sugar Paper.

11. Me-ow! Enough said. From Huckleberry Press

12. Sometimes, the quickest way to the heart is also the simplest. This modern calligraphy comes courtesy of Evermore Paper Co.

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