Stationery A-Z: Rosè All Day

It’s finally summer time (whew!), which means its also…Rosé time! Everyone’s favorite pink beverage is showing up in all forms these days – from beach towels to candy to, you guessed it… Rosé-themed greeting cards! If you haven’t jumped on the think pink train yet, it’s high time to give ‘summer water’ a try (it’s really quite good). Grab a glass, sit back and enjoy our round-up below. Cheers! -Shauna

Rosé-Themed Greeting Cards

From top left:

1. This illustrated card from redcruiser is so versatile! Use it to congratulate a friend on a new job, send a quick pep talk before a big event, or even to help cheer up someone having a bad week.

2. I’m more than grateful for rosé. I’m guessing Boss Dotty is too. Respect for that manicure as well.

3. This sweetly illustrated, message-forward greeting comes from New York-based Nicole Marie Paperie.

4. Is current politics driving you to drink? Combine trends with this scripted letterpress printed message from Creativity Cards.

5. Want a little extra bang for your buck? This Valley Cruise Press greeting card not only comes with a clever pun from perennial favorite The Bachelor but also a fun enamel pin. Everybody wins!

6. Yes Way Rosé just goes to show that Instagram is no joke. Two NYC friends, one passion for pink wine, and 42K followers later…

7. Another stellar rosé themed greeting from Boss Dotty, this time in birthday form. Salut!

8. Flowers AND wine? Say it all with another clever pun masquerading as a birthday greeting card from The Good Twin (a fan of The Good Twin? Be sure to check out our June desktop downloads here!)

9. Rosé all day? Yes PLEASE. Send this Pinwheel Print Shop design for as a birthday card, thinking of you note or an invitation to your next summer BBQ (little know fact: rosé is the best wine to pair with barbecue).

10. Really enjoying Styled in Print‘s muted monochromatic palate and detailed illustration.

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