Stationery A-Z: Sports Birthday Cards

Full disclosure: I’m not a big sports fan. But I am a big pun fan so when I was alerted to an increase in sports-influenced greeting cards I knew I had a winner on my hands (see what I did there?). Whether you score high in basketball, low in golf, or love in tennis, there’s bound to be something in the following round up to rank in your court. In the words of a certain blond individual, let’s get physical! Game, set, match and enjoy! – Shauna

Sports-Themed Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. May the day be fair and the waves righteous with this painted beach scene from Southern Californian Small Adventure.

2. Anne + Kate were the ones that alerted me to this trend (thanks, guys!) so including their basketball inspired design seemed like a three pointer and then some.

3. Be it a strike or a spare, this Lucky Horse Press card is anything but a gutter ball. Disco bowling, anyone?

4. There is strength in numbers making this strong man from Egg Press a perfect metaphor for birthday sentiments.

5. Send this biting, yet endearing, Wild Ink Press card to a spirited youth who knows how to take a joke.

6. Remind loved ones that a little friendly competition can be a celebration as well (gold foil doesn’t hurt either). From Hello!Lucky.

7. Technically merchandised as a congratulations card, this Emily McDowell design (for Paperless Post) works just as well as a birthday greeting (after all, aren’t you also congratulating someone on getting through yet another year?).

8. Are you as obsessed with watching synchronized swimming at the Olympics as I am? Is it true they put Vaseline in their hair? How many washings does it take to come out? Important life questions. From Rifle Paper Co.

9. Badminton + golf + tennis + croquet = Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

10. Lawn games are considered sports, right? From One Canoe Two for Postable.