Food Birthday Cards

Cake, candles, presents…all time-honored birthday traditions. Another often includes a dinner out with friends, a breakfast with family or a home cooked meal made by a loved one. Food has long played a role in many a celebration – and birthdays are no exception! Whether it’s hot dogs and hamburgers, ramen two ways, or sushi and sparkling wine, your special birthday cuisine is totally unique to you. Why should your birthday greeting be any different? Soups on with these twelve food birthday cards! –Shauna

Food Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. Oodles of (long life) noodles seem a more than appropriate choice for any birthday celebration. From Anne and Kate.

2. One banana, two banana, three banana, birthday banana! Loving this cheeky party fruit illustrated by Justyna Stasik for Paperole.

3. Continuing on the theme of anthropomorphic food is this wide-eyed wonder from Lucky Horse Press.

4. Ahh, freedom fries. The perfect meal for birthdays (also: Wednesdays). From Violet Clair.

5. This Egg Press noodle card comes with both a birthday message and free advice (but sadly, no actual noodles).

6. I sleep soundly knowing that these fruity partygoers surely must be smiling on the inside. Illustrated by Jon Klassen for Red Cap Cards

7. It’s a taco HOLDING TACOS. There’s no such thing as too meta in my book. From Shorthand/Iron Curtin Press.

8. My Darlin’ wishes you sunny days and perfectly runny eggs.

9. Send this card from The Good Twin to the hottest birthday recipient you know. Extra points if you can add additional puns to your message.

10. You aren’t getting any younger, so might as well embrace all that ages well. From Hello!Lucky.

11. Really appreciating the food and drink pairings as specified by Party Sally. Also, that sashimi looks delicious!

12. Birthdays do only come once a year, so if there was ever a day to order everything on the menu, this certainly is it. Another gem from Lucky Horse Press.