Stationery A-Z: Boob Cards

Be it the women’s movement, the uptick in lady social clubs, or just a general sense of growing female empowerment, but we’ve been seeing a whole lot of a certain, ahem, anatomical item (or items) showing up in greeting cards recently. There seem to be boob cards for pretty much any occasion! These particular ‘designs’ are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and categories and can be used for everything from a thank you note, to a good luck card, to a quick pep talk for someone battling cancer. Send one to your mom, your mentor or even your bosom buddy. Whatever the inspiration, we’re two lady lumps up for this new trend. (I know, I know.) – Shauna

Trendspotting: Boob Cards!

From top right:

1. You are the best! Send this delicately painted Boss Dotty card to your bestest buddy.

2. They come in all shapes and sizes, so why not in holographic foil as well? From Gravel and Gold.

3. Tits are, in fact, pretty dope. Send this Dahlia Press card to anyone who needs a little flattering at this moment.

4. Cheerleading encouragement or sexy compliment? Either work with this Anne & Kate design.

5. You (and your tits) are downright perfect and I’m so glad that Jordan Sondler for The Found agrees.

6. We love a good pun here at OSBP and this Lark + Raven design is no exception.

7. Literally so many uses for this Egg Press greeting – an empathetic note for someone battling breast cancer, an encouraging message for a new mom, or a cheeky congratulatory sentiment for a recent plastic surgery recipient. The list goes on!

8. This Gold Teeth Brooklyn note comes in not one, but three shades of female anatomy.

9. We all could use a little encouragement every now and then…often in the form of lingerie. Also from Boss Dotty (check our post on her debut at the National Stationery Show here).

10. A timeless tradition, now forever immortalized in this clever design from Lovebird Paper Co.

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