Stationery A-Z: Anniversary Cards

Paper is the official gift of a first wedding anniversary, but we think it’s the perfect gift for however many years (or months for that matter) you’ve been together for. Good relationships require consistent attention, excellent communication, and strong motivation – as well as a constant reminding of the love the brought you together in the first place. Whether your relationship is built on romance, humor or sincerity, there’s sure to be something in round-up below that’s perfect for whichever anniversary you are celebrating. XOXO! –Shauna

Anniversary CardsFrom top right:

1. Keep in simple with this brush painted lettering from Chicago based stationer Evermore Paper Co.

2. Foodie couple? This pastel cake design from Hart Paper Co. is reminiscent of a Wayne Thiebaud painting. Yum!

3. Ha! Whether your friends refer to you as the Bickersons or you hold the record for longest period between fights, being able to laugh it off is a sure sign of a marriage that’s meant to last. From Farewell Paperie.

4. Let’s be honest – monogamy has the possibility of getting a little stale. Spice things up with this um, rather direct message from Frog & Toad Press.

5. Yes, two CAN! Strength comes in numbers as proven by this elegantly painted greeting from Sagebrushed.

6. Post-it messages have gotten a bad wrap (thanks for nothing SATC!), but this simple message from Gold Teeth Brooklyn is about to change that.

7. Celebrating a friend or family members anniversary? Send this colorful Mr. Boddington’s Studio design to the most adventurous couple you know.

8. This die cut Egg Press design is guaranteed to make your main squeeze smile.

9. In a world as big and diverse as ours, isn’t it a miracle you found each other? This sweet greeting comes courtesy of Idlewild Press.

10. This McBittersons design really takes that ‘til death do us part bit to the next level.