Quick Pick: Katie Leamon KIN Collection

I’m loving the newest collection from Katie Leamon, a collaboration with her brother (and fine artist) Tom Leamon appropriately titled the KIN collection. The KIN collection features some beautiful and bold gift wrap patterns, cards, and notebooks with a fusion of Tom’s signature brush strokes and poetry combined with Katie’s trademark typography and soft color palette. Oh, and plenty of rainbow hologram gold foil, which makes my hologram-loving heart very happy. Take a look!

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

Katie Leamon KIN Collection

More from the KIN collection from Katie and Tom Leamon right here!

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements

We’ve featured the work of designer Lauren Chism many times on Oh So Beautiful Paper – and I’m a huge fan of her classic, less-is-more aesthetic. So it’s an absolute honor to share the GORGEOUS classic blush and rose gold foil baby announcements that she made for her own daughter, Graycen Mae. Lauren really honed in on her true design style to create an incredibly elegant and understated announcement, printed in rose gold foil on absolutely dreamy pale pink paper. Just so, so pretty.

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

From Lauren: In true ‘shoemaker’s child’ fashion, these birth announcements almost didn’t happen. Motherhood rocked my world and it took me a long time to be able to sit down and design again. But alas, I finished them, and I am so glad that I did. It makes me smile every time I look at them… and then I tear up a bit when I realize how much she has changed and grown!

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

When I found out I was having a girl, my friend and fellow-stationer, Kimberly FitzSimons, texted me ‘bring on the Arturo pink!’. Yes, yes, yes! Turns out, that was the easy part. With my Arturo Rosa paper and envelopes ordered, I hit a roadblock and really struggled with where to go from there. These had to be my best birth announcements ever, right?! There is nothing like self-inflicted pressure! After putting things off for so long, I forced myself to remember my true design style. Not the most creative, out of box design, but a beautiful, classic, ‘less is more’ aesthetic… and from there, it finally came together.

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

I love photo birth announcements, but I also love a classic non-photo design too, so I met in the middle and created a two-sided announcement, with the photo on one side and the announcement on the other. The announcement was foil printed on the palest pink card stock in beautiful rose gold, which turned out to be the sweetest, most feminine color combo. It was duplexed with my favorite newborn photo, which was printed on double thick card stock. This created a TRIPLE thick announcement, which was so luxurious, and maybe a little over the top, but who cares, it’s my job!

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

The final look was simple and classic… just. my. style. I could not love them more. I can’t believe that I am not too far away from designing her first birthday invitations and that also makes me shed a tear or two. Life is happening so much faster now, so I love that I have this keepsake to remember this precious time.

Classic Blush and Rose Gold Foil Baby Announcements by Lauren Chism Fine Papers

Thanks Lauren!

Design: Lauren Chism Fine Papers

Foil Printing: Elefant Press

Paper: Arturo Rosa

Newborn Photography: Caroline Jurgensen Photography

Photo Credits: Lauren Chism

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie

I got to see some of the latest stationery goodies from the ladies of Farewell Paperie back at NYNOW a few weeks ago. I shared a couple of favorites on Instagram, and I wanted to share a few more here! The “Momming” and Ikea cards below are my two personal favorites – I want to give them to pretty much everyone I know. I’m also loving the glitter foil gift bags and booze bags and the new mini cards for a fun gift tag alternative!

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Momming Isn't Easy Card

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Glitter Foil Booze Bag

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Ikea Card

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Love You, Mean It Mini Card

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Cocktail Party Coasters

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Glitter Foil Gift Bag

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Holiday Card

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Matchboxes

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Miss You Card

Quick Pick: Farewell Paperie / Yas, Yas, Yas! Mini Card

Lots more over at Farewell Paperie!

Stationery A-Z: Back to School Supplies!

Happy Monday everyone! DC public schools start back up this week, so I thought I’d start the week off with a round up of some of my favorite back to school supplies! We’re talking notepads, notebooks, pens and pencils, rulers – even an awesome pencil cup that I want on MY desk. My own daughter is starting her second year of preschool (DC starts at age 3), but sadly there aren’t a lot of fun school supplies involved at the preK stage. So this round up is geared more towards middle school through college and grad school – and plenty of it doubles as office stationery for those of you who are (thankfully) all done with school. I hope you find it useful!

Stationery A-Z: Back to School Supplies / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. There are so many great notepad options, it’s really impossible to go wrong! This one is from The Good Twin – I love the color palette!

2. Compliment pencils in all the best colors from Ban.do

3. If you need to take notes (or sketch!) during class, you might as well do it in a pretty notebook! I like this pink, kraft, and gold notebook from Katie Leamon

4. These gold foil notebooks from Smitten on Paper are super cute, and small enough to carry around easily!

5. IRIDESCENT LEATHER PENCIL CASE. ‘Nuff said, right? By Tracey Tanner Studio!

6. Pens! I love the colors of these pens from Ban.do and these tropical leaf pens from Idlewild Co.

7. Colorful highlighters (and markers!) from Poppin

8. Pep talk pencils from Richie Designs

9. Rulers! I love the colorful rulers from Poppin and these brass rulers

10. Sugar Paper has an amazing assortment of notebooks – I’m loving this chambray fabric cover notebook, and you can even add a gold foil monogram!

11. Use this gold foil pocket notebook from Antiquaria to keep track of goals and ideas for the school year

12. Endless notepad options from Rifle Paper Co.

13. So many beautiful hand painted spiral bound notebooks from Moglea – perfect for making lists and taking notes

14. Perhaps the cutest eraser ever, by Sugar Paper for Target!

15. These brass number clips work great as bookmarks for textbooks – or even for marking important pages in notebooks and folders

16. This cute zippered pouch from Maika is perfect for carrying pens, pencils, binder clips, and erasers!

17. Loving the mint interior of this hexagon pencil cup from CB2

18. Cute sticky note blocks from Idlewild Co.Moglea also has some really pretty options

19. Copper binder clips for keeping important documents together! 

20. Gorgeous floral pencils from Rifle Paper Co.

Stationery A-Z: Cactus-Themed Paper Goods

Hey guys! Ashley from Fine Day Press here. Ever since relocating from Brooklyn to the warmer, dryer climate of Austin two years ago, I’ve been pretty much obsessed with all things cacti and succulent related! We’ve been slowly growing our collection of prickly potted friends around the house and in our backyard, and I’ve added a few to our stationery collection too. I’m not the only one – check out all these super cute cactus-themed paper goods:

Cactus-Themed Paper Goods Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Banquet Workshop greeting card
2. Revel & Co. wrapping paper
3. Little Low birthday card
4. Fine Day Press art print
5. Meri Meri puffy cactus stickers via LEIF
6. August & Oak note set
7. Hello!Lucky letterpress card
8. Idlewild Co. gift tags