Stationery A–Z: Weekly Planner Notepads

As much as I love using a yearly planner, I really need room to spread out and plan my weekly schedule. So to help manage that weekly schedule and make sure nothing falls through the cracks, I rely on weekly planner notepads. I love revealing a clean sheet at the end of the week, not to mention the flexibility of just ripping off the current sheet and starting fresh if my week takes a random turn. I use my weekly notepads to keep track of everything from everyday errands and school events to business appointments and household tasks. So today I’m sharing a dozen of my favorite weekly planner notepads with you!

Weekly Planner Notepads Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Love the floral illustrations on this version from Shannon Kirsten

2. …and the jungle vibes version from Idlewild Co.

3. The slim profile of this weekly notepad from One Canoe Two is perfect for keeping on your desk

4. This weekly planner from Poketo is a cross between a notepad and a sticky note – it’s one of my personal favorites!

5. Okay, so technically not a notepad, but this weekly jotter from Moglea was just too pretty to pass up. There are three different cover options with gold foil and hand painted elements!

6. This weekly notepad from Rifle Paper Co. looks like my actual desk

7. This gorgeous weekly notepad from Smitten on Paper is printed in rose gold foil!

8. Nothing like bright color and a happy pattern from Thimblepress to keep you motivated for the week

9. A modern geometric weekly planner notepad from Ferme à Papier

10. I love that this weekly notepad from the Sugar Paper for Target collection has a space on each page for general thoughts and brainstorming for the week.

11. Technically this notepad from In the Daylight is a daily planner, but you could write things down (and cross them off) as you go and just keep a running list for the week!

12. This shoulda, woulda, coulda notepad planner from Farewell Paperie makes me laugh – it speaks directly to the procrastinator inside me!

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Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day, Part 4

Yay February! I’ll honestly take almost anything over January, even if it is a rather odd short month with an occasional extra day. The days are getting longer and there’s a promise of spring – even if we still have plenty of snow on the ground. And whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day (or both!), there’s definitely love in the air these days! Luckily we’ve got just enough time to squeeze in one final Valentine’s Day card round up. And in case you missed them, you can find my previous round ups right here – and even more in the Market List right here!

Valentine's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Quill & Fox

2. Evermore Paper Co.

3. Richie Design

4. Wild Ink Press

5. Fat Bunny Press

6. Thimblepress

7. Little Low

8. Tack and Ward

9. Belle & Union

10. Meeschmosh

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Quick Pick: Ashkahn

I just adore Ashkahn‘s cards. I seriously wanted to include every single one of his designs in this quick pick round up! The cards manage to be sweet and irreverent at the same time without going overboard in either direction, and even when the cards are irreverent they come from a place of love and totally make me smile. I love the minimalist designs – usually hand lettering or a simple line illustration – paired with a whimsical neon pink envelope. Ashkahn incorporates a lot of metallic foil into his collection, including gold foil and iridescent silver foil, while other cards are letterpress printed in crisp black ink on white cotton paper. So so good!

Quick Pick: Ashkahn / Oh So Beautiful Paper

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Seasonal Stationery: 2016 Calendars, Part 4

I just couldn’t resist one last 2016 calendar round up! In case you missed them, you can find my earlier 2016 calendar round up installments right here, including food-inspired calendars, painterly artistic calendars, and illustrated calendars. This round up includes a little bit of everything, from a gorgeous color blocked monthly calendar to a copper foil moon phase wall calendar to a pretty painted floral calendar. So hard to choose just one!

2016 Calendar Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. The future is bright in this limited edition letterpress printed calendar from People I’ve Loved

2. How cool is this color blocked cut out calendar from Plane Paper?! So bright and colorful!

3. Loving this Find Your Wild calendar collaboration between Lisa of Good on Paper and Jennifer Young Studio! The calendar features Jennifer’s images paired with Lisa’s lettering and copper foil text.

4. A beautiful floral calendar from Shannon Kirsten

5. Love all the patterns in this monthly desk calendar from Ferme à Papier

6. A gorgeous tea towel calendar from Linea Carta that you can continue to use year after year!

7. This Metamorphosis calendar is so pretty

8. This moon phase wall calendar from Little Lark is printed in beautiful copper foil!

p.s. More calendar round ups right here, and you can find even more calendars in the Market List here!

Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards, Part 3

Happy Monday everyone! We’re still VERY much snowed in after getting almost two feet of snow over the weekend, and I’m already starting to get a bit stir crazy after so many days inside (and the kiddos out of school!). So today I thought I’d start the week off with a big dose of happy in the form of Valentine’s Day cards! This round up is full of some gorgeous copper and gold foil, hand lettering and hand painted elements, and food and gems – even enameled pins! And in case you missed them, you can find my previous round ups right here!

Valentine's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. A gorgeous card from In The Daylight with coper foil on black paper

2. This card from Near Modern Disaster is perfect for the occasion

3. Send this XO pin and post card from The Good Twin to your bestie – the enameled pins make a sweet gift!

4. I love the subtle desert vibes and matte gold foil in this card from Antiquaria

5. Obsessed with this gold foil gem card from BerinMade London

6. Truth from The Paper Cub

7. For all the donut lovers out there from Hello Small World

8. Sweet and beautiful simplicity in this card from E.Frances Paper with hand painted watercolor details and copper foil text

9. This card from Farewell Paperie tells it like it is!

10. Such a sweet card from People I’ve Loved

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