Pretty Paper in the Office: Address Books

There are some things that are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. I know this because I was looking long and hard for an address book for quite some time. I realized it was a good idea to have a hardcopy of my contacts when I couldn’t recite phone numbers of even my closest friends. Luckily, there are still a few fun, quirky, and even classically stylish address books out there. Better snatch one up while you still can! – Julie
Pretty Address Book Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper1. Little Black Book from Graphic Image

2. The Mini Black Book from russell+hazel

3. Vintage (!!) address book charm from Etsy

4. Paperthinks recycled leather address book from Amazon

5. Letterpress Address Card Set from See Jane Work

6. Semikolon business card file from Amazon

p.s. [Ed Note: Moleskine also makes a clean and modern address book – you can find them on Amazon here!]

Quick Pick: Sugar Paper for J.Crew

Just a bit of Friday morning wedding stationery eye candy from the new Sugar Paper collection for J.Crew – including bridal party cards, a guestbook, note card sets, and a wedding planning binder!









You can find the full collection here!

Quick Pick: Plant Planet

I love all of these large scale food and botanical screen prints by Claire Nereim of Plant Planet – especially the dark and moody botanical prints!








So gorgeous – right? You can see more of Claire’s work in her shop right here!

Calligraphy Inspiration: Graceline Illustration + Calligraphy

My favorite resource for calligraphers is Instagram. There are so many amazingly talented people out there sharing what they do with the world on a daily basis. And if you aren’t following Jenny Sanders of Graceline, you’ve been missing out! Jenny is located in Portland and hosts calligraphy workshops for everyone who wants to try their hand at the written form of art. Taking a look at her website and Instagram feed, it’s easy to see she’s more than qualified for the job! – Julie
Graceline Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Graceline Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Graceline Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Graceline Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Graceline Calligraphy via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo credits: 1, 2 Brushfire Photography; 3 left Apry Lann, right: Anthem Photography; 4 Caroline Frost Photography;  5 Anglea Shae Photography