Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day cards for friends

If you missed our first two Valentine’s Day greeting card round-ups, be sure to check out our traditional and romantic selections. It’s common to celebrate romantic love with a spouse or life partner but less so to celebrate the love between friends… so let’s change that! A good friend can be the best support system, the most fun, and a real joy to spend time with. Why not let them know how much you really do care about them? If a sentimental expression of affection isn’t your thing, what about a shared message of joint distaste for the holiday? There’s plenty of love to go around for both Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day (if that’s more your speed). Here are a few favorite Valentine’s Day cards for friends!

osbp-friendship-valentines-roundup2017From top right:

1. Remember on Parks and Rec (RIP) when Leslie Knope describes her Galentine’s Day breakfast tradition as “Lilith Fair minus the angst and plus frittatas”? Yeah, this Lark + Raven card is kinda like that.

2. This People I’ve Loved design seems especially relevant in our current political climate. Let’s celebrate love people!

3. Valentine’s Day IS cheesy. Let’s just call a spade a spade, shall we? From Hello!Lucky.

4. Celebrate all your wonderful friends on this Valentine’s day with 9th Letterpress’s gold foil message and abstract design.

5. What better way to let your BFF know how much you love her than with sparkles?! From Farewell Paperie.

6. Have a “Romy and Michele” day by sharing this sentiment of friendship from Chalkscribe.

7. Valentine’s day isn’t for all people (or all cats), so share your distaste with this illustration by Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards.

8. So many pop culture references in here! Tell your person how important they are to you with this design from UK-based I Am Nat.

9. We tend to feature Emily McDowell a lot here, but her copywriting is a) phenomenal, and b) couldn’t be more on point. Also, kittens.

10. Let’s say Valentine’s Day really isn’t your thing. But drinking is. Phoenix Paper Co has got you covered.

11. Why fight it? Make them laugh with this red foil die cut shark card from The Social Type.

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Betsy Dunlap

I’ll be honest: the last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me. It feels strange and trivial to share pretty pictures during such a time of upheaval. I know this site is a respite from our difficult political climate for many of you, and I’ll do my best to share things that help lift our spirits and bring a bright spot to some very dark days. But I also want you to know that I’m very much affected by these current events, and if you’re struggling these days, you’re not alone. I spent more than six years working on Somalia at the U.S. Department of State, working closely with people from Somalia, including refugees – and I have very strong feelings regarding this Executive Order. I shared a few ways to help on Instagram yesterday, and I’ll continue to share more in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, I wanted to help spread some love by sharing these beautiful custom calligraphy Valentine’s from Betsy Dunlap in her shop Litterae.

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Litterae / Betsy Dunlap

I’ve been a fan of Betsy’s unique modern calligraphy style since I first started blogging in 2008 (!!), and I seriously cannot imagine anything more romantic than sending your love a beautiful hand calligraphed Valentine! These unique custom valentines will feature Betsy’s lettering in your choice of Sunset Gold metallic ink or jet black Sumi ink on cream Italian paper and Dutch felt paper. The folded cards include a monogram or word of choice surrounded by a calligraphed circle on the outside, and a maximum 30-word message on the inside. Each envelope will feature marbled envelope liners and vintage postage stamps – and of course hand written mailing and return addresses penned by Betsy. Valentines will ship out on February 7th, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Litterae / Betsy Dunlap

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Litterae / Betsy Dunlap

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Litterae / Betsy Dunlap

Custom Calligraphy Valentines from Litterae / Betsy Dunlap

You can order your custom calligraphy valentines from Betsy’s Litterae shop right here!

Photo Credits: Betsy Dunlap

Seasonal Stationery: Romantic Valentine’s Day Cards

Last week’s Valentine’s Day card round up focused on universal designs that worked for anyone and everyone on your list. But what about that really special love (or loves, no judgment here) that you want to convey romantic (or otherwise) affection for? Look no further! From the sweet to the saucy, these romantic Valentine’s Day cards send messages ranging from true love to pure lust. Pick one, two – or even a few to organize a Valentine’s Day card scavenger hunt at home. Here are a variety of options to make sure this February 14th is a resounding success!

Romantic Valentine's Day Cards

From the top right:

1. If you’re lucky enough to have found your true love, shout it from the rooftops with this card from Heart Swell Co.

2. Who wants to spend Valentine’s Day at a crowded restaurant? This Sugar Paper design with sweet pink stripes is straight to the point.

3. You + me = love from Ashkahn

4. A sweet and simple message in gorgeous script lettering (and neon pink envelopes!) from Anne Robin Calligraphy

5. Whether you’re browsing Tinder on the daily or in a full-on relationship, this card from Emily McDowell is just the right amount of brazen humor.

6. I mean, who wouldn’t love to receive this card from Ink Meets Paper?? So sweet!

7. Loving the gorgeous vintage-inspired gold foil patterns and innovative die cut shape of this Valentine’s Day card from Rifle Paper Co.

8. Dear Bespoke Letterpress: please make a print of this downright gorgeous gold foil, script, and watercolor masterpiece. Framer!

9. You really can’t go wrong with a bunny covered in kisses for Valentine’s Day. Such a sweet illustration in this Dear Hancock love bunny card.

10. The candy made us do it! A fun ode to the conversation heart in this card from Ghost Academy.

11. There’s really nothing more romantic than pink hearts and glittery gold foil. According to Hartland Brooklyn, that is.

12. Definitely no hidden innuendoes here! Simple, saucy and straight to business (illustrated by Barbara Dziadosz for Red Cap Cards).


Next time: No beau this Valentine’s Day? No problem! We’ll be sharing a few friendship-based Valentine’s Day cards for your BFFs in our next installment.

Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards

Love is in the air! At least, it is at all the shops in my neighborhood. Valentine’s Day greeting cards are always a stationers favorite (the seemingly endless puns!), so the bevy of designs can be overwhelming. For those in a committed relationship, the options are truly endless, but what about all the other people you want to express affection to? While many Valentines Day greeting cards focus on romantic love, there are plenty of people in our lives we love in other ways – your mom, your besties, your work wife. We know it can be easy to dismiss Valentine’s Day, but honestly, the whole world could really use more love these days. In this initial Valentine’s Day card round up, we’re focusing on more universal messaging without any romantic notions (but stay tuned for next weeks round up if you are looking for saucier options). Enjoy!

Seasonal Stationery: Valentine's Day CardsFrom top right:

1. A sweet floral wreath in a rustic watercolor style from Little Truths Studio.

2. Share Valentine’s Day greetings with red foil and soft pink paper from Rifle Paper Co.

3. Send a rainbow of affection with this Valentine’s Day card from One Canoe Two.

4. This double heart note from Meeschmosh conveys the perfect dose of platonic affection.

5. It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without at least one food-related pun. The berry nice design (see what we did there?) comes courtesy of Mr. Boddington’s Studio.

6. This doily inspired greeting card is available as an online design (as well as paper). Designed by Hannah Berman for Paperless Post.

7. Keep it short, sweet and to the point with this simple message and hand-lettered text from And Here We Are.

8. Loving this red and pink block print inspired design from the good folks at Kansas City-based Hammerpress.

9. This card definitely leans more to the romantic side, but still feels appropriate to send to your best friend The red, white and pink roses are so sweet! From Clap Clap Design.

10. This floral die cut comes courtesy of Amy Heitman.

11. Really enjoying the combination of brush lettering with a soft palate from Evermore Paper Co.

Next week: Romantic Valentine’s Day designs for your (romantic) love!

Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day, Part 4

Yay February! I’ll honestly take almost anything over January, even if it is a rather odd short month with an occasional extra day. The days are getting longer and there’s a promise of spring – even if we still have plenty of snow on the ground. And whether you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day (or both!), there’s definitely love in the air these days! Luckily we’ve got just enough time to squeeze in one final Valentine’s Day card round up. And in case you missed them, you can find my previous round ups right here – and even more in the Market List right here!

Valentine's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Quill & Fox

2. Evermore Paper Co.

3. Richie Design

4. Wild Ink Press

5. Fat Bunny Press

6. Thimblepress

7. Little Low

8. Tack and Ward

9. Belle & Union

10. Meeschmosh

p.s. More Valentine’s Day card round ups right here!