Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards, Part 1

Happy Monday everyone! I know it feels like we juuuust came out of the holiday season – but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I’ve held rather cynical views towards Valentine’s Day in the past, but when it comes down to it I’ll always take an opportunity to tell someone how much I care about them. So whether you’re looking for your best friend, your spouse, or even your sweet little nieces and nephews, here are a few cards to help send your love.

2015 Valentine's Day Card Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Sycamore Street Press

2. Steel Petal Press

3. Hartland Brooklyn

4. Idlewild Co

5. Sycamore Street Press

6. Three Potato Four

2015 Valentine's Day Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

7. Worthwhile Paper

8. Moglea

9. Antiquaria

10. Emily McDowell

11. Sugar Paper

12. Hello!Lucky

p.s. More Valentine’s Day + love cards in the Market List right here! And last year’s Valentine’s Day card round ups here (still some of my favorites in those round ups)!