Seasonal Stationery: Classroom Valentines

Well, it was just a matter of time – but as the parent of a toddler in daycare I now find myself in need of classroom valentines! Luckily, for those of us that don’t want to rely on drugstore options, Minted has a great line of personalized photo and non-photo classroom valentines (including some with metallic foil!), there are a bunch of great printable options on Etsy, and some of my favorite stationers have even begun releasing their designs in mini versions! Since I was on the hunt myself, I figured I’d share some of my favorites here with you – and there are a few more options right here!

2015 Classroom Valentines Round Up Curated by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Minted Layered Heart Classroom Valentine

2. Happy Cactus Fruity Mini Valentines

3. Minted Sweetest Doodle Classroom Valentine

4. Pera Press Personalized Dessert Valentines

5. Minted Donuts About You Classroom Valentine

6. Pera Press Personalized Monster Valentines

2015 Classroom Valentines Round Up Curated by Oh So Beautiful Paper

7. Ling’s Design Studio

8. Minted Sweet Heart Classroom Valentine (in mint + rose gold foil!)

9. Printable Wisdom Printable Animal Classroom Valentines

10. Prints for Events Printable Woodland Critter Valentines

11. Minted Love Makes the World Go Round Classroom Valentine

12. Minted Tons of Love Classroom Valentine

  1. So many cute ones – it’s hard to decide! As a parent of a preschooler as well, I definitely appreciate the non-mass-market options. The Pera Press ones may be my favorite…

  2. I love the donut ones. I just got awesome optical illusion valentines and ones that turn into finger puppets, from Etsy (not printable…I don’t have the patience for that)! Can’t wait for my kiddo to give them out. I give valentines to my coworkers too 🙂

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