Hello Brick & Mortar: Daydreams + Unprompted Requests, Part 2

Customers often visit Clementine and tell me what I should sell. Their ideas are well intended but often there’s a good reason that I don’t take the suggestion. As small business owners, we know our business best. We know our capacities and our style. We know what we like and where we want to invest. I, for example, don’t want to sell soap dispensers or small ceramic cat sculptures (actual suggestions). But sometimes someone makes a perfect suggestion and I dive in to explore its potential. I offer the daydreams with the chance they might click as something you want to invest in and because I would sell each of them. (None of you should make soap dispensers.) ~ Emily of Clementine

Brick + Mortar by Emily Blistein of Clementine for Oh So Beautiful Paper / Illustration by Emily McDowell

Illustration by Emily McDowell for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Part 1 of this post was my daydream pairings between a few favorite stationery and non-paper lines. This half looks at products you already make and imagines them as a new product. It is born mostly from instagram perusing and your introduction mailers.  Thank you for sharing your work through the mail and on social media. It’s why I complain about never getting anything done, but it’s also my favorite part of the day.

Ok, on to PART 2. You’d make a great…

  • Birdwalk Press sent their beautiful holiday card – a snap from their wedding with gold foil embossed with the words THIS MUST BE THE PLACE. I pulled it out of the envelope and immediately said: I want this to be a print. Just the words (they’re a beautiful couple, but for marketability…). It would make a great card and an even better print (8″x10″ or larger). My imagination already has it framed over my bed.

Birdwalk Press Holiday Card

Birdwalk Press holiday mailer, photo by Lockie Photography

  • The Library Press. You know when an adult tells a kid “you’re so cute, I could eat you up,” and the kid looks back at the adult like they’re crazy? Well, picture the same exchange, but I’m the grown up and The Library Press’s tiny series of chairs is the kid. I mean, what don’t I want these little chairs on: cards, prints, wallpaper, stamps, some kind of custom candy? Yes, I could just eat them up.

The Library Press Perpetual Calendar

The Library Press, perpetual calendar

  • Shanna Murray’s illustrated decals. Shanna has hinted that her decals may be cards in the future. I’m happy to offer a little nudge. Recently she sent me a ‘You Are So Beautiful Decal’ affixed to a card. I happened to feature it in a store display and it gets more than a few requests (cough sneeze, hint nudge)…

Shanna Murray You Are So Beautiful Decal

Shanna Murray’s You Are So Beautiful Decal

  • Nottene. I met Kimberly briefly at a recent Renegade Craft Fair and was pretty smitten with her booth. Her illustrations translate beautifully between mediums: wrapping paper, textiles, print. I would love to see her design a wallpaper collection, but I’d settle first for having some of her recent playing card illustrations turned into greeting cards. Take the Queen, is it not the perfect Mother’s Day card?

Nottene Queen of Hearts Playing Card

Nottene Queen of Hearts

  • Leah Duncan, color trends: Leah Duncan is another whose work translates seamlessly from print to fabric to endless products, so what’s left for her to do? I’d settle for a bi-annual color chart where she tells me what colors to paint my house, or dress in, or simply sends a mailer of color chips to use as bookmarks.


Leah Duncan ~ Desert Flowers

  • Sad Shop. Everybody loves an 8 x 10 print, but Katie’s cards, with their bold, clean, perfect sentiments should be bigger. I’d vote for 16 x 20+.  And, I know I’m already asking for something, but I’d love to have them letterpress printed too. Even though the space over my bed is getting crowded, I’d make room, because I like these cards, and naps.


Sad Shop Let’s Make A Blanket Fort

  • Wild Ink Press. Last year, I encouraged Happy Cactus Designs to make mini-Valentines (and she did, and they’re fantastic!). This year, I saw Wild Ink Press’s mini classroom notes and thought: ug, these are so good, make them full size cards! There are so few cards for young kids, especially boys (not that diggers and trucks are only for boys…) to give or receive. Each of Rebekah’s designs below would make a perfect birthday or hello card. I wheelie like them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.35.10 PM

Wild Ink Press Classroom Valentines

  • 200 Lemons. Megan spends a bit of time each week at Clementine, arranging fresh and paper flowers and generally saving me from the chaos of my desk. Lately, watercolor pet portraits have appeared in her feed. I would love to see this series of sweet faces become card sets: dogs, sea creatures, wildlife, flora, fauna. But to be completely honest, my endgame is a storybook with her watercolors illustrating some lucky adventurer and their trusted animal friend. I think this guy agrees:

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.11.02 PM

200 Lemons French Bulldog

Since social media is such a big part of where these daydreams arise, I linked to the artists above with their social handles and internet sites. Go follow them and tell me who your current favorites are below!

Yours in daydreams and adventures ~ xo Emily

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