Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Earlier this week, I took a quick trip up to New York to attend an event organized by Etsy Wholesale called Open Call. Thirty artists and designers came to pitch their goods to a panel of retailers including buyers from Nordstrom, The Land of Nod, and our very own Emily from Clementine! It was so wonderful to see Emily and meet many of the artists at Open Call – I can’t stop thinking about the experience! I’m sure the Etsy folks will do a recap on their blog soon, but for now you can explore the hashtag on Instagram for images from the day! But in the meantime…

To Infinity and Beyoncé Print / Lionheart Prints via Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo by Lionheart Prints (um – put this print in your shop soon, mmmkay?) via Instagram

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Check back a bit later for this week’s cocktail recipe! Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

Urbanic Faves| Boardwalk Bike Ride


Let’s milk every last drop of summer, shall we?!
Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted on Nole’s blog and it’s great to be back. I’m bringing you some inspiration from one of my favorite recreational and nostalgic summer activities …. boardwalk bike rides!  Growing up on the East Coast I took many a’ rides down the Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk.  Now, years later I somehow ended up in Venice, CA where the boardwalk is quite different but the thrill of the ride remains the same.  Today I rounded up some favorite things from around Urbanic that capture the essence of that boardwalk bike ride feeling.  (insert a teensy bit of ocean wind)

xo, Audrey


Urbancic Faves: Boardwalk Bike Ride Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Garance Doré

2. Salty Road

3. Lark Press

4. Flakes Paperie

5. Alee and Press

6. Bike Bells

7. Quill and Fox

8. Printable Quirks

9 Studio Oh

10. Wayne Pate

11. Thimble Press

12. Aquiesse

Urbanic Faves | California Dreaming

Good day sunshines!  When I was debating what to put up for my monthly guest post here on Oh So Beautiful Paper, I decided to pick something very close to home (okay well technically my present home) – Los Angeles!  As some of you might already know, I’m originally from the East Coast.  Believe me when I tell you that it definitely took a while to adapt to the lifestyle here on the West.  I’m proud to say that these days my affection for both sides of the country is equal and my heart has become bi-coastal. There really is so much to love here in L.A.  The colors, the optimism, the sunsets, and we cannot forget about the tacos!

Here’s a little collection of some things from around Urbanic and beyond that celebrate this golden city.

xo – Audrey


Urbanic Gift Guide: California Dreaming1.  Maptote

2. The Social Type

3. Sisters of Los Angeles

4. Sophie and Lili

5. The Social Type

6. Ashkahn

7. Cardtorial

8. Dear Hancock

9. Sophie and Lili

10. Pences

11. Cha Cha Covers

12. Fugu Fugu Press

13. Rifle Paper Co.

14. Parrot Design Studio

Best of 2014: My Favorites!

I love doing these “best of” round up posts because they help me see just how much we really packed into a single year. When you’re publishing new content on a daily basis (10-15 times per week!) and you’re constantly focusing on what’s next, it can be easy to lose sight of the posts that made an impact in the previous months or weeks. So here are a few of my personal favorite posts – from guest posts to Emily’s Brick + Mortar column and a few others along the way.

Envelope Address and Hand Lettering Tutorial by Ladyfingers Letterpress for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Envelope Address and Hand Lettering Tutorial from Ladyfingers Letterpress

A Peek Into the Process of Swiss Cottage Designs

Caroline’s Strawberry First Birthday Party

A Day in the Life with Erin Austen Abbott of Amelia

Brick & Mortar: Raising Your Baby and Your Business

10 Tips on Opening a Retail Shop from Urbanic

Where to Find Vintage Stamps for Wedding Invitations

Paper Party 2014!

DC Guide: The National Postal Museum

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you all so much for the toddler sleep tips last week – we’re making incremental progress with Sophie’s bedtime routine, but these days I still feel like I spend about half my day putting either a toddler or a newborn down to sleep. Gah! This weekend I’m looking forward to celebrating a very special first birthday and working on a brand new project that I’m excited to share here in a couple of weeks! But in the meantime…


Beautiful ceramic crystals by Redraven Studios

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