Business Card Inspiration #18

It has been a little while since I rounded up some pretty business cards! Here are a few recent favorites!

Business Card Inspiration / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Illustrator Meera Lee Patel‘s colorful painterly business cards (via Instagram)

2. Beautiful watercolor and letterpress business cards with gold edge painting by Holly Hollon for Joanne Lue Events (via Instagram)

3. GORGEOUS green and gold foil business cards by Christine Wisnieski for floral studio Molly Taylor & Co. (via Instagram)

4. Gold foil and offset printed business cards for Candlefish / Design by Fuzzco and gold foil by Mama’s Sauce (via Instagram)

5. Hand lettered letterpress printed business cards / Printed by Czar Press for Odd Daughter Paper Co. (via Instagram)

p.s. If you’d like to submit your own business cards for a future post just tag your photos with #osbpbusinesscardlove on Instagram!

  1. I love this business card inspiration! Although I’ve just designed a set of new ones for myself, I can’t help always rethinking my design. Why is it so much harder to design something for yourself than it is for a client?

  2. Did you see the business card shared by a stationer today or yesterday on Instagram, where she had something along the lines of, “Sorry if I’ve already said something stupid, let’s just talk about paper.”? I just spent ages trying to track it down, because apparently I don’t “like” things I really, really like on Instagram.

    p.s. Thanks for these business card round ups. I love drooling over business cards!

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