Urbanic Faves| Boardwalk Bike Ride


Let’s milk every last drop of summer, shall we?!
Hello friends! It’s been a while since I posted on Nole’s blog and it’s great to be back. I’m bringing you some inspiration from one of my favorite recreational and nostalgic summer activities …. boardwalk bike rides!  Growing up on the East Coast I took many a’ rides down the Ocean City New Jersey Boardwalk.  Now, years later I somehow ended up in Venice, CA where the boardwalk is quite different but the thrill of the ride remains the same.  Today I rounded up some favorite things from around Urbanic that capture the essence of that boardwalk bike ride feeling.  (insert a teensy bit of ocean wind)

xo, Audrey


Urbancic Faves: Boardwalk Bike Ride Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Garance Doré

2. Salty Road

3. Lark Press

4. Flakes Paperie

5. Alee and Press

6. Bike Bells

7. Quill and Fox

8. Printable Quirks

9 Studio Oh

10. Wayne Pate

11. Thimble Press

12. Aquiesse

  1. I ride my bike all over Boston (a lovely city, for sure), but now I’m wishing my bike rides looked more like this roundup! One day I’ll get out to California and ride up and down the boardwalks 🙂


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