Pretty Paper in the Office: Sketchbooks

Depending on the task, a blank sketchbook could actually add work. Grids, guides, and other helpful organizational tools are definitely your friend if you’re sketching out ideas for a new website, drawing up plans for your next build, or planning the opening scene of a video. There are sketchbooks to aid you with most any job these days, with interior pages designed to help rather than hinder creativity. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Sketchbook Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Behance

2. Best Made Co.

3. Friends of Type

4. Laurence King

5. App Sketchbook

6. Princeton Architectural Press

Pretty Paper in the Office: Toolboxes

Your office can be pretty much anywhere nowadays. Depending on what you do, you may need a entirely different set of tools to get to work – or to stay organized. Today I’m rounding up a tried and true workspace companion: the toolbox. It’s difficult to resist simple yet stylish storage that allows you to take your workspace with you wherever you go! – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Toolbox Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Vitra

2. Trusco

3. Aaron Poritz

4. Sung Wook Park for Umbra

5. Trusco

6. Kaufmann Mercantile

Pretty Paper in the Office: Carts

Whether they’re meant for the kitchen or the bar, rolling carts are quickly becoming an office staple. Everything you could need, no matter the task or the work space, can travel with you. And if they tuck away under a desk or table, that’s even better! With such a range of carts available, for any and all spaces and in all styles and colours, you’ll roll up on the perfect piece in no time.  – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office - Carts - Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Williams Sonoma

2. World Market

3. Target

4. World Market

5. Amazon

6. Bed Bath & Beyond

Pretty Paper in the Office: Erasers

Sure, erasers only come in handy every now and then for the average person. But for those of us who use one regularly, or want to be sure to have one on hand, there may be more options out there than you think. Like most office supplies these days, erasers come in many styles so that whether sitting pretty —and at times inconspicuously — on your desk, or as part of your toolkits, there’s something for everyone. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Eraser Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Kate Spade

2. Sideshow Press

3. Iwako

4. Kate Spade

5. Poppin

6. Paper Mate