Stationery A-Z: Notebooks

I don’t know about you, but I always like to have at least one small notebook with me at all times – just in case an idea strikes or I need to jot down a quick measurement.  Of course, it’s always more fun to keep notes in something pretty, so I’ve rounded up a few favorite notebooks and journals to share with you today.

No. 1 Moontree Letterpress and Studio Carta; No. 2 Girls Can Tell; No. 3 Cleanwash Letterpress; No. 4 Igloo Letterpress; No. 5 Smock

{images via their respective sources}

*Smock is a sponsor of Oh So Beautiful Paper

  1. Great to see Columbus represented here! Igloo Letterpress is one of my favorite things here.

    Right now I’m using some of Rifle’s botanical notebooks. I love them!

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