Pretty Paper in the Office: Mouse Pads

Maybe it’s from all my trackpad use, but when I sit down at the computer and my mouse doesn’t function smoothly, I find it a bit disruptive.  Which is why I still use a mouse pad. (The bit of padding for my wrist is a plus, too!)  Though it can be tricky to find one with a little personality for your workspace.  So I’ve put together a round up of some of best mouse pads out there that are both functional and fun. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office: Mouse Pads

No. 1 Leather mouse pad by Draught Dry Goods; No. 2 A4 mouse pad by Kitmen Keung; No. 3 Leather and gold mouse pad by Freshly Picked; No. 4 Bulletin mouse pad from Anthropologie; No. 5 Blue chevron mouse pad by In His Name; No. 6 Beetle paper mouse pad from Anthropologie

{images via their respective sources}

  1. So lovely! I’ve been wanting that gold-nude one from Freshly Picked for awhile–might have to pull the trigger this time around!

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