Pretty Paper in the Office: Time to Get Organized!

With each new year comes a blank slate and the oh so familiar resolution to keep organized.  It’s all well and good at first, but it can be easy to lose your way with so may projects, papers, and bills to keep track of.  So it’s only fitting that the first Pretty Paper in the Office post of the year be a roundup of office organization arsenal.  From correspondence to finances, everyday tasks to New Year’s resolutions, I’ve got you covered!

Office Stationery - Organization

No. 1 File folder set by Lotta Jansdotter; No. 2 Desktop details calendar by Our Paper Shop; No. 3 2012 Bills calendar by REDSTARink; No. 4 Tally notebooks by Set Editions; No. 5 36 month goal tracker by Michelle Smith

Office Stationery - Organization letter ledger

I came across lots of different organizers in my search for this post.  But one of my favourites has to be The Letter Ledger by Paper & Type.  Nothing thrills me more than writing letters.  But when it comes to keeping track of whether or not I replied to my penpal or mailed that Thank You card to my aunt, I’m a scatterbrain.  This nifty ledger will put an end to that and my scavenger hunt for stamps in my drawers.

{images via their respective sources}

p.s. Ed Note: If you’re still on the hunt for a planner to help keep you organized in 2012, check out a few planner ideas right here and my personal favorite, the Laurel Denise planner here

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