2012 Monthly and Weekly Planner from Laurel Denise

It always happens right around this time of year – requests start pouring in for fabulous planners and organizers.  As it turns out, it’s hard to find a planner that is both functional and pretty!  For the last few years, my favorite planner has been this amazing monthly and weekly planner from Laurel Denise, and I’m thrilled to share the 2012 edition with all of you today!

Laurel’s 2012 planner comes in a variety of colors, all spiral bound and with tons of space to write out to do lists and goals for each month.  You can view monthly and weekly pages at the same time, and at 7″ x 8.5″ the planner is easy to carry around in a purse or tote bag.  You can read all about the design right here!

For something a bit extra, Laurel is generously offering Oh So Beautiful Paper readers a special large format to do list that you can use in concert with the 2012 planner.  You can download the PDF right here!  Thanks Laurel!

Photo Credits: Marcy May Photography

  1. I have been dying to get my hands on this planner since I saw it here on OSBP in one of the posts on the NSS. I’m such an organization geek, this is getting put at the top of my Christmas wish list right now!

  2. I bought this planner and it really is quite beautiful. However, I couldn’t use it because my writing is pretty large and the spaces are pretty small. I would recommend this to folks who have teeny tiny writing.

  3. This, too, has been a wonderful presence on my desk for the last 2 years and I, too, am gitty for 2012 to start so I can use my green planner from LD. She is a rockstar. This is by far the best planner for me, esp since I have 2 businesses happening and 3 children. It’s petite, but still manages to keep my days in order and uses the space efficiently. I’m always a happy girl w pretty things that are well designed. Always happy to support Laurel Denise, too. What a gal!

  4. I’ve had this planner for 2 years and LOVE it. Can’t wait for the next. I’m starting to have a collection of my day to day, year after year.

  5. I just received my Laurel Denise planner this week. Though I LOVE the whole organizational aspect of it, I must agree with Kat above; the spaces to write are SO, SO SMALL. And let me say, I have probably the tiniest printing you’re ever going to run across. I’m using a fine mechanical pencil for my entries and – as an example – I can only fit four lines in each “To Do Today” space, and the maximum characters that fit on each line (in my printing) are 18 characters. Again, I write very, very small. I guess my solution would be to offer the planner in two sizes. One in an 8 1/2 x 11 format and one in the size already offered. That way, if there are people who require bigger spaces and more lines, this would accommodate them.

    Overall, though, the design is great. I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to use this in conjunction with my Google Calendar that I’ve been using for the past 3 years. I prefer To Do Lists in print, rather than on my computer, so most likely, that’s what I’m going to use this for. Major activities and events will still go on my Google Calendar, where I can use the reminder function that I so heavily rely on.

    I’d like to hear if anyone else agrees with me on the size issue. And if the size of the spaces work for you, let us know how you make it work.


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