Shea’s Veuve Clicquot-Inspired 30th Birthday Party Invitations

These 30th birthday party invitations are so much fun!  Amy from the Brisbane, Australia-based St. Gertrude Design and Letterpress created the design around the client’s love for champagne – what better way to celebrate a thirtieth birthday?  The invitations combine letterpress and giclée printing, elegant flourishes, and a bright and happy color palette.

From AmyMy lovely client Shea is a self-confessed champagne fiend.  Her friends know her as quite the champagne connoisseur, so we worked with the theme to create a Veuve Clicquot-inspired invitation that set the tone for a sophisticated 30th birthday party.  The invitations were letterpress printed in two colours onto Pearl White Crane Lettra, then coloured in the very distinctive Veuve palette using a giclee printer.

The first little hint the recipient got was this happy, happy, happy burst of Veuve yellow peeking out from pearl white cotton envelopes.  In place of the grand widow’s red signature, a phrase was scribbled: “Trente est le vingt nouveaux” (“Thirty is the new Twenty”).  Those who spoke French laughed.  Those who didn’t Googled it.  Then laughed.

Thanks Amy!

Photo Credits: Structured Pieces

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