Pretty Paper in the Office: Hand Drawn

Being a fan of hand lettering, it should come as no surprise that any hand drawn element would catch my eye.  The perfectly imperfect touch adds just the right amount of charm and whimsy to any blank canvas, or in this case, any blank sheet of paper.  Inspired by drawings, doodles, and brushstrokes, I’ve put together a round up that will soften the straight and narrow lines of office stationery.

Hand drawn inspired office stationery roundup
No. 1 Sailboats notepad by Linda & Harriett; No. 2 Address book with handmade cover by My Name Is Rabbit; No. 3 Letterpress sticker set by 1 canoe 2; No. 4 Herringbone jotter by Wit & Whistle; No. 5 Monogrammed letterpress stationery set by Book Meat

Hand drawn office stationery detail

Last, but certainly not least, is This Year’s Flowers (a stationery set) by Paper & Type.  I was sold upon seeing the romantic floral illustrations on the back of each sheet.  Paper & Type recommends that letters be four pages in length so that, once put together, you will have also mailed a piece of art!

{images via their respective sources}

  1. wow- this is lovely!i especially love number 2. i can see i will be distracting myself from work a lot on here! such a nice blog.

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