Calligraphy Inspiration: Emilie Friday

When first I began looking into the art of calligraphy, you can imagine all the sorts of goodies I found.  Calligrapher Emilie Friday definitely comes to mind when I think of not only the art, but also the practice of calligraphy.  Emilie offers gorgeous envelope addressing, invitation design, address stamps and even calligraphy starter kits for those of you looking to try your own hand.  Perusing her website, shop and Flickr photostream, you’ll find elegant examples of her work, glimpses at her practice pieces, and the details that make her calligraphy so special.  – Julie

Emilie Friday Holly Golightly address

Emilie Friday calligraphy gold detail

Details of a wedding scroll to be signed by guests.  Note the delicate lines, fine touches and her beautiful watercolor illustrations.  Imagine how lovely a wedding certificate would look with these kinds of romantic flourishes!

Emilie Friday ornamentation and style

Emilie Friday card and addressed package

Emilie’s work can be very whimsical for a perfect touch to brighten up everyday correspondence.  She also does amazing intricate work, with use of some of the loveliest calligraphy swashes I’ve seen.

Emilie Friday calligraphy detail swashes

Emilie Friday full text metallic ink detail

Details like these really let you appreciate the work that goes into calligraphy.  Thanks Emilie!

Photo credits: Emilie Friday

  1. I have been meaning to order from Emilie forever, I LOVE LOVE her stamps. Thanks for reminding me Nole! Can’t wait to order for my sister and mom for Christmas!!

  2. I was so excited to see Emilie’s work here. I first fell in love with her through flickr photos of her adorable felted dolls and animals (worth checking out – so detailed). THEN I found her calligraphy. She’s a rare talent in her line of work, and so accessible through her etsy shop.

  3. Emilie does have some truly gorgeous work, but I do want to share that I have a terrible experience working with her. I purchased a custom stamp from her 2 years ago and she made an error on the zip code making the stamp unuseable. When I contacted her about this she refused to correct the error and said it was my fault. She sent me multiple very long emails saying I was trying to cheat her and steal her art etc. This couldn’t have been further from the truth, I was simply a disapointed customer trying to work with a small business owner to remedy the situation.

    Since she was unwilling to remedy the situation initially, I left feedback stating this claim on Etsy so future customers would know of my less-than-positive experience with her. I think it’s important for future buyers to have access to honest buyer feedback.

    Emilie was upset to have negative feedback and contacted me to propose a new resolution. She offered to replace the stamp if I removed my comment and paid for shipping the replacement stamp. I agreed to remove my comment since her replacement of the stamp was a fair remedy. I promptly removed my comment and submitted payment for the additional shipping, but she never sent me the new stamp and never responded to the multiple follow up emails. In short it was a very disapointing experience and one I would hate for others to go through.

  4. I having been eyeing one of her return address stamps for a while. Now if I could only live in the same place for more than a year…

  5. Unfortunately I also made a rather bad experience with Emilie. I ordered a stamp last December. After 4 weeks (I thought she should be pretty busy around Christmas time) I asked her via e-mail about my order. But even after a second and a third email I never heard back of her. Since this took longer than 4 weeks I also couldn’t refund the money via PayPal.

    Especially in a time where everyone is able to share his experience in the web I think it’s a short-sighted way of doing business …

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