Pretty Paper in the Office: Tape Dispensers

Tape: it’s something I always seem to need and never seem to have around.  Rolls of scotch and washi tape disappear in drawers, and I’m the silly girl who needs to cut tape with scissors.  I think it’s time to remedy this problem.  I’ve seen cute tape dispensers around the blog-block before, but none of them have really caught my eye.  I was finding that they can be a fairly stylized product.  So I went digging for simple dispensers that will fit into your work space no matter your style, with plenty of materials and colours to choose from!  – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office tape dispenser round up


No. 1 Magenta tape dispenser by Poppin; No. 2 Acrylic tape dispenser from The Container Store; No. 3 Stikit tape dispenser from Amazon; No. 4 MT tape dispenser from Cute Tape; No. 5 Porcelain tape dispenser from Sorting with Style; No. 6 Bamboo desk tape dispenser from Sorting with Style

{images via their respective sources}

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