Zoë’s Hand Lettered First Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! I couldn’t resist starting the week with these bright and happy first birthday party invitations from Viv Jordan of The Eclectic Press. Viv knew she wanted something on the non-traditional side, incorporating her own hand lettering throughout the invitation along with illustrations of birthday candles and doughnuts. So fun!


From Viv: I wasn’t able to create an announcement for my sweet daughter’s birth last year, so I wanted to pour my energy and creativity into making something fun and unique for her first birthday. While drawing out some sketches, I knew I wanted to create something a little less conventional, so I decided to hand letter and illustrate the design for Zoë’s first birthday invitation and coordinating pieces.


I incorporated birthday candles in the design and I also included doughnuts because my husband and I are obsessed with doughnuts and wanted that to be our daughter’s first bite of sugar instead of a smash cake.


Other coordinating pieces included an 11×17″ welcome sign, some small place cards used for signage and food labels, three sticker designs for kiddos and parents to wear and a party favor bookmark with a much loved quote about reading.








Thanks Viv!

Photo Credits: Invitation photos by Heather Hawkins / Party Photos by Lemons and Tea Photography

Bug Birthday Party | Urbanic

Hi there, Oh So Beautiful Paper readers! Audrey here again, and this time I’m giving you a peek into some of my family life at home when I’m not working at Urbanic. When my eldest son Javin came to me and said that he wanted a ‘bug party’ for his 6th birthday, I admittedly wasn’t too excited about this. I imagined that it was going to be tough to find a way to keep this party from becoming overly cutesy or un-attractively creepy. I spent some time searching for design inspiration and came up with a plan to make it work with a little bit of crafting and some food fun.

Bug Theme Kids Birthday Party by Urbanic via Oh So Beautiful Paper

For decor, I mounted plastic insect ‘specimens’ to hexagon colored card stocks and strung a bitten leaf  birthday banner which we had punched lots of holes in! All of the foods were healthy small bites inspired by insects. We had ‘lady bug bites’, ‘caterpillar kabobs’, ‘ants on a log’, and then sang Happy Birthday with a ‘dirt cake’ made up of chocolate mousse, whipped cream and cookie crumbs. The kids each had their own adorable serving crowned with a gummy worm! Bug Theme Kids Birthday Party by Urbanic via Oh So Beautiful Paper

The activities we hosted for the children consisted of a bug bounce and a bee toss. We also made kids sized play stations that involved little games and challenges with plastic bugs.

Bug Theme Kids Birthday Party by Urbanic via Oh So Beautiful Paper

For favors, we punched holes in the lids of mason jars and turned them into lady bug habitats. The kids got to take them home and release into their yards. We added a little legend to each jar about how special lady bugs are and they ways they can benefit a garden. They whole thing was so fun … except getting those lady bugs into the mason jars!


- Audrey

PS Here’s where I found everything: ladybugs , dirtcake, cute signage spaceships & laserbeams invitation downloadplastic bugs, mason jars + magnifying glasses



Theo’s Foodie 2nd Birthday Party Invitations

I’ve asked some of my favorite creative mamas to help out while I’m away with our new baby. Today, one of my favorite stationers – and mama of two boys! – Lisa from Good on Paper is sharing the adorable foodie invitations that she created for her son Theo’s 2nd birthday party! –Nole

Hi there!  Today I’d like to share the invitations I designed for my son Theo’s 2nd birthday party. Each year, for both of my boys, I choose a party theme based on what he is really into at the moment. One year the party had a “round” theme, another year it was a “smile” theme, and earlier this year, my son Lucas had a “superhero” theme for his 4th birthday. This year, I was a little unsure of what kind of party to throw for Theo, but I wanted it to be simple and low key. He generally likes whatever his big brother likes, but no interests or obsessions stood out in particular this year. I realized later that the big difference between Lucas and Theo is that Theo loves to eat. So why not a food-themed party? – Lisa from Good on Paper


The invitations I designed were inspired by his eight favorite foods, which include: blueberries, peanut butter, pretzels, and bok choy. I photographed each of the foods, and laid them out against a white background so they stood out. Under each photo, I inserted the name of the food, followed by Theo’s own pronunciation. The invitations were flat-printed on heavy, bright white cotton stock, and mailed in a kraft envelope with a custom liner (Theo’s yogurt-covered face). Finally, the envelopes were sealed with a black and white wraparound address label.



This year’s thank you cards were postcards. Designed with a full bleed photo of Theo along with his “signature,” these postcards came out super cute while saving money on stamps and envelopes.



Photo Credits: Good on Paper

Hello!Lucky: Imogen’s Pink and Gold Birthday Party

Eunice’s daughter Imogen circled the sun for the first time in style. The theme was pink and gold – inspired by our DIY crowns! The pipe cleaner crowns were fun, easy, cheap, and a huge hit! They were also a party favor so anyone interested could wear their crown home. – Eunice and Sabrina of Hello!Lucky



DIY crowns were made from tinsel stems and jewels from General Bead. Party décor included pink candy striped straws, star cups and napkins, gold foil balloons, and gold star confetti.




The cupcakes and cake were from Sift. The cake was chocolate with salted caramel in between the layers – we sprinkled edible gold stars over it for a little something extra! The menu also included a cheese plate, PB&J sandwiches, homemade gingerbread stars, fruit, and grapefruit mimosas.








Caroline’s Strawberry First Birthday Party!

I’ve asked some of my favorite creative mamas to help out while I’m away with our new baby. Today, one of my oldest blog friends – Kathryn from Snippet & Ink – is sharing the amazing photos and incredible details from her daughter’s strawberry-inspired first birthday party! –Nole

I’m just so excited for Nole right now! Babies are the best! While Nole takes some time with her new little one, I thought it might be fun to share some pics from my daughter’s first birthday party. Starting with the invitations, of course… – Kathryn of Snippet & Ink


Strawberries are pretty much my daughter’s favorite thing in life, so we made that the main motif for her birthday party. Courtney at Swiss Cottage Designs took our strawberry inspiration and created these darling invitations for us.




I don’t get crafty nearly as often as I’d like, but ever since I got my hands on Paper to Petal, I couldn’t wait to make some paper flowers. Party hats seemed like the perfect place to put them!




Each month of Caroline’s first year, we took a photo of her in a white camisole next to a chalkboard that said “1 month old,” “2 months old,” etc. I didn’t really want to do a big display with them, but I did think it would be fun to share them in some way at the party. I decided to make them into an album that guests could write in, and we had it on a table with a sign that read: “Please leave a note for Caroline, sharing advice, words of wisdom, or a wish or hope for her future.” (MyPublisher had a deal for new customers, so I used that for the album and ended up only have to pay for shipping.)

For seating we used tables borrowed from my mom and neighbors and covered them with checked linens from La Tavola. For centerpieces, we clustered terra cotta pots of white impatiens, bacopa, and strawberries – we weren’t sure there would actually be berries on them by the time of the party, so it was a fun surprise when there were!



In keeping with the berry theme, I packaged the party favors in little wood berry baskets from Garnish. They included bubbles (wrapped in tissue paper), sidewalk chalk, a strawberry lollipop, and freeze-dried strawberries. We didn’t plan activities for the kids, and instead just let them run around with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.

Strawberry First Birthday


We served mini sandwiches and pasta salad for lunch, and with the help of my mom and sisters, we did a dessert table: chocolate chip cookies, malted chocolate pots de creme, berry shortcakes, lemon raspberry cupcakes, caramel corn, and a sponge cake with strawberries and mascarpone whipped cream frosting. Not surprisingly, Caroline was way more interested in the berries than in the cake.



Since I look at pretty parties all day long as part of my job, it was really fun to get to actually throw one, but it was also exhausting – there’s no way I could have pulled it off without lots of help from our families. In the end it was a really special day, which had little to do with all the details I planned, and had everything to do with the wonderful people who helped us celebrate our Caroline!


Photos: Leah McCormick
Invitations: Swiss Cottage Designs
Linens: La Tavola