Zoë’s Hand Lettered First Birthday Party Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! I couldn’t resist starting the week with these bright and happy first birthday party invitations from Viv Jordan of The Eclectic Press. Viv knew she wanted something on the non-traditional side, incorporating her own hand lettering throughout the invitation along with illustrations of birthday candles and doughnuts. So fun!


From Viv: I wasn’t able to create an announcement for my sweet daughter’s birth last year, so I wanted to pour my energy and creativity into making something fun and unique for her first birthday. While drawing out some sketches, I knew I wanted to create something a little less conventional, so I decided to hand letter and illustrate the design for Zoë’s first birthday invitation and coordinating pieces.


I incorporated birthday candles in the design and I also included doughnuts because my husband and I are obsessed with doughnuts and wanted that to be our daughter’s first bite of sugar instead of a smash cake.


Other coordinating pieces included an 11×17″ welcome sign, some small place cards used for signage and food labels, three sticker designs for kiddos and parents to wear and a party favor bookmark with a much loved quote about reading.








Thanks Viv!

Photo Credits: Invitation photos by Heather Hawkins / Party Photos by Lemons and Tea Photography

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