Inspired By: Enamel Pins

Normally when I write these posts, I’m focusing on a particular design theme or color palette. But after seeing so many enamel pins EVERYWHERE over the last few months, including at the National Stationery Show from some of my favorite stationers, I couldn’t resist doing a little round up of some of my favorite enamel pins! I’d wear all of these myself, but it would also be fun to pick a few of these pins up as gifts for friends!

Trendspotting: Enamel Pin Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. probably has the single best collection of enamel pins, including this exclusive I Am Very Busy collaboration with Valley Cruise Press

2. How can I resist an iridescent glitter unicorn from Little Arrow? Answer: I CAN’T.

3. + 4. The Good Twin has so many great pins from their pin + postcard collections! These are two of my favorites, but I also love the pug and cat pins, the city pin + post series, and the new zodiac pin and post series!

5. Emily McDowell just released a collection of enamel pins at the National Stationery Show – and I can totally get behind this particular pin

6. Watermelon enamel pins are always a good idea, from Georgia Perry

7. A fun heart-shaped lollipop pin from Tuesday Bassen

8. This little Good Egg pin from ilootpaperie just makes me smile

9. Totally obsessed with the darling little animal pins from Tiny Deer Studio, especially this little swan

10. For all the cat ladies out there from Leah Goren

11. Tropical vibes in this monstera pin from Oelwein (I also like this version from We Are Out of Office

12. Cotton candy! And lots of other fun food theme enamel pins from Felt Good Co.

13. Well, of course I couldn’t resist this sweet postage stamp-inspired pin from AdamJK

14. The power of positive thinking with Valley Cruise Press

15. Love this collection of whimsical enamel pins from Hello!Lucky

16. Fingers crossed from People I’ve Loved

17. You just can’t go wrong with a rainbow enamel pin, also from Georgia Perry

What do you all think about the enamel pin trend?? Are you into it, or not so crazy about it?

2015 Gift Guide: My Favorite Things

This week we’ve covered gift ideas for preschoolers, cocktail enthusiasts, artists and calligraphers, and stationery enthusiasts – and today I thought I’d wrap up our week of gift guides with a few of my favorite products that just didn’t quite fit into any of the other gift guides. It’s basically my own personal wish list, and I hope it helps any of you still trying to find that one perfect gift!

2015 Gift Guide: Favorite Things / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Suite One Studio makes my absolute favorite ceramic dishes. I covet her larger entertaining pieces, but these gorgeous ring dishes are perfect for holding treasured accessories – or even to hold stamps and paperclips on a desk. I want one in every single color!

2. I’m obsessed with the gorgeous Mrs. Box velvet ring boxes. This pink velvet version is so dreamy, and the gray velvet is just completely classic.

3. Beautiful cuffs in modern geometric shapes – and the proceeds help support humanitarian response efforts around the world.

4. These brass planters are the perfect desktop size and would be lovely in an office!

5 + 6. I have a major weakness for leather clutches. I love the scalloped edge on the Tilly baguette from Matine and the deep navy blue suede from Baggu.

7. The rose gold watch of my dreams.

8. This pie plate from AHeirloom is just the cutest – and features pretty lettering from Molly Jacques!

9. My daily motto in sweatshirt form. The thermal travel mug also makes a great gift!

10. Pink linen napkins – perfect for anyone who likes to entertain! I’m also crazy about this well-wrinkled linen tablecloth.

11 + 12. I’ve amassed quite a collection of vases, but I’m always on the hunt for pretty new shapes and patterns. This striped vase from Jill Rosenwald comes in a literal rainbow of colors and is perfect for small, delicate floral arrangements, and I’ve been eyeing this brass hexagon vase for taller floral arrangements.

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you’ll help support Oh So Beautiful Paper while also purchasing some wonderful gifts. I only recommend products that I truly love and trust that you’ll love, too. My full disclosure policy can be found here.

2015 Gift Guide: For Stationery Enthusiasts

You didn’t think I could resist the opportunity, did you?? I mean, this entire blog is basically one big gift guide for anyone who loves stationery, but there are a few things that make especially great gifts for the holidays. So here are a few gift ideas for stationery enthusiasts!

2015 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Stationery Enthusiasts / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. This Letterclub message board from Three Potato Four is basically the coolest thing ever. Use it in the office, to display party menus, or even just to display a favorite quote at home!

2 + 3. Stationery subscriptions are a fantastic gift for the paper obsessed. We put a full list of stationery subscriptions together over in the Market List, from this fun collaborative subscription from Ali Makes Things to the curated print and paper samples from Parse and Parcel.

4 + 5. Art is a wonderful gift any time of year. I’m obviously partial to my limited edition floral and calligraphy print collaboration with Mon Voir, and I’m also totally in love with the gorgeous new prints from Snow & Graham.

6. Keep track of correspondence with the Letter Ledger.

7. Because your favorite photos deserve to be printed.

8. The cutest business card holder stand from Kate Spade.

9. Paper people are all list makers, right? Help them stay organized with weekly desk jotters, like this jungle-inspired version from Idlewild Co.

10. I’m obsessed with the wall charms from The Great Lakes Goods. This arrow charm is one of my favorites.

11. Moglea makes the prettiest notebooks and jotters – with hand painted details and gold foil!

12. Take the guesswork out of envelope addresses with the Lettermate

13. The pin + post series from The Good Twin is so fun  – card and gift in one! Choose from thematic sets, the Zodiac series, or City sets – and she just released a new set of city pins that includes my home town of DC!

2015 Gift Guide: For Designers, Calligraphers, and Artists

I’m back with another gift guide, this time with gift ideas for designers, calligraphers, and artists! I started doing this guide a couple of years ago, after a very sweet husband sent an email asking for gift ideas for his wife. This year I turned to a few friends for input, including Katie from The Good Twin, Jenna from Mon Voir, Bailey from Antiquaria Design, Rose from The Great Lakes Goods, and Katie from Idlewild Co. I absolutely love their gift suggestions!

2015 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Artists, Calligraphers, and Designers / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Colorful baskets to organize the studio. The pom pom baskets from Eliza Gran are my all-time favorites!

2. A pretty sketchbook or a cute notebook is always an excellent gift idea for artists and calligraphers.

3. Calligraphy Starter Kits. There are so many great kits on the market right now – and you can find a full list of the available options here! This starter kit from Maybelle Imasa also comes with a beautiful botanical tote bag, and this booklet from Mon Voir is a great overall introduction to calligraphy.

4 + 5. Calligraphy tools and supplies. This FineTec gold palette is a wonderful gift for established calligraphers, or even serious amateur calligraphers – and it includes rose gold! This Slider Writer is the perfect tool for creating even lines on dark surfaces, and a light box is a must for writing on light surfaces. Or consider gifting a set of Copperplate practice pads, along with this nib sampler set.

6. Beautiful porcelain palette bowls for mixing paint and ink colors.

7. A powerful lightweight light box perfect for illustrators. Also, it’s definitely pricey, but a Wacom Cintiq would be an amazing gift for any illustrator.

8. A Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolor set for painters and illustrators.

9 + 10. Pens and Pencils! Artists never have enough pens and pencils. Both the functional variety – like graphite drawing pencilsMicron pens, and colorful thin line gel pens – and the cute variety. I love the new Rifle Paper Co. pencil sets and these pencils from Betsywhite Stationery for some inspiration around the office, and this pencil set includes fun design puns and inside jokes for the design community. These water brush pens can be used with watercolor and gouache paints (so handy!), and Katie from The Good Twin recommended this Tombow dual brush pen set as a must have for any artist.

11. A lightweight tabletop easel for sketching and painting on the go.

12. The Interaction of Color by Josef Albers. A classic must-read for any artist.

13 + 14. Brass desk accessories to help corral paperwork and display favorite projects or keepsakes, including brass clips from HAY via Nannie Inez and Yield Design Co.’s geo brass stand set.

15. The custom calligraphy pens from Ashley Bush and Yoke Pen Co. are GORGEOUS and would make the most wonderful gift! Bailey from Antiquaria Design also recommended this leather desk blotter.

A couple additional ideas:

Consider gifting workshops and classes, like the Modern Calligraphy Summit, Melissa Esplin’s online calligraphy class, Molly Jacques Workshop, Mon Voir’s online watercolor class, or any other calligraphy, printing, or other artist classes and workshops in your local area.

Magazine subscriptions make wonderful gifts! I love to gift artist and entrepreneur friends with subscriptions to trade magazines in their area of interest – like Stationery Trends, which is an absolute must for anyone in the stationery industry. Rose from The Great Lakes Goods recommended a few magazines for general inspiration, including Gather Journal, The Plant, and The Desert Oracle.

2015 Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Today’s gift guide is one of our favorites to pull together: it’s all about gift ideas for the cocktail enthusiast! Turns out that it’s pretty easy to find great gifts for folks who like to make cocktails. There are always new cocktail recipe books to read, new bar tools to use, and even new garnishes and ingredients to try out. Or, if all of that fails, just pick up some pretty glassware or a bottle of your very favorite spirit. You really can’t go wrong, but here are a few ideas to help get you started!

Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Enthusiast / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. There are some really amazing cocktail books these days, some of which we wrote about here! The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual features cocktail recipes from one of the most critically acclaimed bars in the world: The Dead Rabbit in Lower Manhattan.

2. If you live with a cocktail enthusiast, you know they have a tendency to take over the refrigerator with all their syrups, mixers, cordials, and other concoctions. If we had the space I’d love to get Andrew a second full size fridge all of his own, but for now a Smeg mini fridge should do the trick.

3. I’m absolutely over the moon for these geometric brass drink stirrers from AHeirloom! These are particularly great for tall ice-filled drinks during the summer months.

4. Make classic drinks even more beautiful with crystal clear ice cubes from the Neat Ice Kit. Cocktails are only as strong as their weakest ingredient, and these kits help separate the impurities that make regular ice cubes cloudy!

5. Gorgeous glassware. We almost always use vintage glassware for our own cocktails, since modern glassware tends to be oversized and just not all that pretty. But vintage glassware can be hard to come by in larger quantities, Crate & Barrel and CB2 actually have some really great glassware options.

6. Step up your garnish game with these Bourbon cherries!

7 + 8. Booze is always a welcome gift for any cocktail enthusiast! We’re big fans of the Single Barrel Gin from Stonecutter Spirits, and this Spirits Advent Calendar from Heritage Distilling is a fun gift idea. And if you’re gifting a full size bottle of your favorite spirit, grab one of these marbled gift bags instead of trying to figure out how to gift wrap a bottle.

9. These solid brass coasters are elegant and streamlined – an instant classic.

10. Mixers come in handy when you want to make a great cocktail but don’t have the energy to do all the prep work. Just make sure the ingredients are super fresh and full of interesting flavor combinations. These mixers from Cocktail Crate are some of our favorites!

One more idea: cocktail classes! We mentioned this idea in our first cocktail enthusiast gift guide a couple of years ago, and it’s just as good an idea today! We’ve enjoyed taking some of Derek Brown’s cocktail classes here in DC, but check around to see what might be available in your area!

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you’ll help support Oh So Beautiful Paper while also purchasing some wonderful gifts. I only recommend products that I truly love and trust that you’ll love, too. My full disclosure policy can be found here.