2014 Gift Guide: For An Energetic Toddler

When it comes to gift guides, I like to stick to what I know. Last year, we shared some ideas for a not-yet-walking almost toddler, but this year we have a full blown toddler (almost preschooler!) on our hands! So in case you’re looking for a gift for the energetic toddler in your life, here are a few ideas!

Holiday Gift Guide: For an Energetic Toddler

1. Sophie loves anything that moves and the faster the better. My First Scooter is at the top of our list!

2. Sophie always wants to help with any project that requires a screwdriver or hammer. I think this Wood Toolbox would be a big hit! Land of Nod also has a really wonderful selection of colorful wood toys that are as beautiful to look at as they are fun to play with. I’m also a big fan of this rainbow Cascading Marble Drop and this Rainbow Stacker!

3. Magna Tiles (Solid Colors Set) â€“ Sophie plays with Magna Tiles at daycare and loooooves them!

4. + 5. Strathmore Watercolor Paper and Washable Watercolors â€“ Painting and drawing are probably two of Sophie’s favorite activities. I buy big pads of thick watercolor paper and let Sophie create her masterpieces using washable acrylic and watercolor paints (or markers and crayons depending on her mood).

6. Toy Camera

7. Reading is still pretty high on our list of favorite activities – and you can never have too many books! A few favorites: Do Not Open This Book by Adam Lerhaupt, Sleepyheads by Sandra Howatt, and Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

8. Pretend & Play Doctor Set â€“ Yay for pretend play!

p.s. I also really love Joni’s gift guide inspired by her 4 year-old daughter. I have a feeling this is the direction we’ll be heading over the next couple of years!

Check back tomorrow for some gift ideas for your favorite cocktail enthusiast!

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