2013 Gift Guide: For An Almost-Toddler

Today we’re wrapping up our gift guides with a final post of ideas for a favorite little munchkin! Sophie is in an in-between stage: not really a baby, but not yet walking or doing more complex activities. She’s past a lot of the gift ideas for young babies, but not quite ready for some of the more intricate toys or physical games for toddlers. So today I thought I’d share a few things on my list for Sophie in case you’re also searching for ideas for an almost-toddler baby!


1. How We Montessori Garden Set; 2. Shearling Booties; 3. Moccasins (for older kids); 4. Kitchen Set; 5. Pajamas; 6. Magna Doodle; 7. Rainbow Block Set; 8. Meowsic Keyboard; 9. Toy Piano


10. Magenta Play Chair; 11. Ikea Play Table; 12. Pehr Canvas Bucket; 13. Bean Bag; 14 + 15. Wooden Toys; 16. Elephant Wall Easel

1 + 7 I love all the practical tools and fun toys from How We Montessori! This garden set will be perfect for Sophie when we’re spending time out in the garden again this spring, and this colorful block set would keep her happily busy for a long time.

2 + 3 + 5 If you’re thinking about giving clothes, consider shoes or even PJs. Hanna Andersson pajamas are our favorites so far, and these shearling booties would be great for keeping tiny feet warm during the winter.

6 Sophie isn’t quite ready for crayons and markers, but she played with her cousins’ Magna Doodle over Thanksgiving and LOVED it!

8 + 9 Sophie loves anything musical. I love this tiny piano for something that doesn’t require batteries or this keyboard (also discovered through Sophie’s cousins, and yes it looks just as crazy in person!) for something a bit more portable.

12 These canvas buckets from Pehr are the perfect size for corralling toys and loose objects in the nursery!

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  1. Love these ideas! I have a 1 year old and I’ve been struggling figuring out what to get her for Christmas. Thanks for the insight! Super cute!

    • Hi Lauren! I’m so glad this round up was helpful for you! If you need a couple more ideas, we got this little car for Sophie for her first birthday and she LOVES it. We take her for walks around our neighborhood in it and she has a total blast. It also makes a wonderful gift from grandparents and other relatives. 🙂

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