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Hey everyone! So glad to be back. I can’t believe it’s been a month already since our last post! Around here at Urbanic Paper Boutique we all work pretty hard each day (as I’m sure the majority of you do). Let’s face it, we all need a high five every now and then to keep the momentum up on projects and our spirits high in the midst of a busy work day. Nothing says team camaraderie like an arms up, solid hand slap. We use them for small things …. Look! I just found the earring that a customer lost in the shop last week – HIGH FIVE!  and for bigger deals … I just entered, received, and tagged 500 rolls of washi tape in 10 minutes – HIGH FIVE! 

Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite things from around the shop and beyond in recognition of this celebratory hand gesture. How many people can you think of right now that could use a dose of encouragement? xo – Audrey

A High Five | Urbanic Paper Boutique

1. Candyspotting laser cut card; 2. Meri Meri gold foil tattoos; 3. Sapling Press card; 4. Quiet Whimsy card; 5. Dude and Chic card ; 6. Smock letterpress card; 7. Knock Knock sticky notes; 8. Emily McDowell card; 9. Smarty Pants Paper Co. card; 10. Maid Servant Of wall print; 11.Paul Hess print; 12. Knock Knock notepad, 13. Iron Curtain Press card

 {images via their respective sources}

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