Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements

We always adore when Designer Rolodex members send over the stationery they created for their own special occasions – it feels like a family affair! Sarah from Banter & Charm recently welcomed her second child, a darling baby boy named Alexander, and we’re thrilled to share his adorable birth announcements here today! Sarah kept things clean and modern, pairing his birth details with modern illustrations printed in gold foil. So sweet!

Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements by Banter and Charm

From Sarah: As a designer, creating something for yourself can be one of the hardest things to do. I am my own worst client. I wait until the last minute, change my mind constantly, have a terrible time making a final decision, and usually give up. That is exactly what happened with my first child. When Abby was born, I had aspirations of designing an amazing announcement just for her. However, the first few months of her life flew by in a blur, and while I created several designs, none of them were exactly what I wanted. So, in the end, I gave up on a custom announcement for my daughter.

Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements by Banter and Charm

When I found out I was expecting my second child, I promised I wouldn’t let that happen again! I went back to the announcements I originally created for my daughter, and as soon as I saw this design, I knew it would be perfect for Alexander. The illustrations were simple and sweet, and paired with a modern type they made the perfect accompaniment to Alex’s photo.

Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements by Banter and Charm

I went back and forth on colors, but eventually decided to go with my favorite neutrals: gray and gold. With this birth announcement, I had the chance to use a printing combination I had wanted to try for a long time: flat printing paired with foil printing. Alex’s photo and all his statistics were printed first, then the tiny icons and frame were added in gold foil. The little gold clock is my favorite!

Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements by Banter and Charm

Of course, I couldn’t pick just one photo to share, so I added a collage of photos to the back of the announcement.

Modern Gold Foil Birth Announcements by Banter and Charm

I am so glad I was able to give this sweet design a purpose as Alex’s birth announcement. I can’t imagine anything more fitting for a second child’s birth announcement than a hand-me-down from his older sibling.

Thanks so much Sarah – and congrats!

Design: Banter & Charm

Newborn photography: Simply Gorgeous Photography

Banter & Charm is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Banter & Charm

OSBP at Home: Kitchen Inspiration

Oh man, you guys. I think I’ve been bitten by the renovation bug! Ever since we renovated our bathroom a year ago, I’ve been itching to finally do something with our kitchen. And since we’re in the kitchen every. single. day I think about renovating ALL the time. As I mentioned here, the kitchen layout is super awkward, with high gloss cabinets and frosted glass fronts (not to mention the corrugated cardboard “metallic” backsplash) that feel out of place with the overall aesthetic of our home. We’re still in the inspiration-gathering phase, and today I thought I’d share some of my favorite kitchen inspiration images with you today!

Kitchen Inspiration: Qanuk Interiors Kitchen via House & Home / Photo Credit: Donna Griffith Photography

Design: Qanūk Interiors / Photo Credit: Donna Griffith for House & Home Kitchens & Baths Fall 2013

We knew we wanted to renovate the kitchen from the day we moved in four years ago, but we wanted to live with our kitchen for a while to figure out the best layout for our needs. And I’ve honestly been stumped for most of the last four years! The kitchen is one of the largest rooms in our home, but the layout is so bad that we constantly feel pressed for prep space and accessible storage. (If you’re curious, I did a rough (and definitely not to scale) layout of our current kitchen layout that you can see here.) The cabinets and appliances are on opposite walls, with eight or so feet of empty space in the middle (where our dining table now sits), so we can’t easily go back and forth between counters and the stove or sink while we’re cooking. But I just couldn’t figure out where or how to move things around – until I saw the image above from House & Home Kitchens and Baths!

Kitchen Inspiration: Crystal Anne Interiors via Instagram

Design and Photo Credit: Crystal Ann Interiors

We’re now pretty settled on moving everything over to one side of the kitchen in a slight “c” shape, with either a built-in dining nook on the other side of the kitchen or floor-to-ceiling cabinets with an island in the middle. (You can see my rough layout here.) The layout would start with a refrigerator enclosed in cabinets at one end, then wrap around the wall towards a short peninsula at the other end. The wall between the kitchen and living room isn’t load bearing, so we’d open up that wall to create the peninsula and make the entire floor plan feel much more open. We would have lower cabinets for closed storage on the bottom, and a mix of upper cabinets and open shelving above. This would hopefully solve all the wasted space in our kitchen without compromising on storage.

Kitchen Inspiration: Melissa Lee Kitchen via Design Sponge / Photo Credit: Ty Cole Photography

Design: Melissa Lee / Photo Credit: Ty Cole Photography via Design Sponge

In terms of color and style, our kitchen sits in the middle of our home (a 1920s rowhouse) and doesn’t get much natural light, so my dream of a bright white kitchen probably won’t work. I’m loving the combination of navy lower cabinets, white walls, marble tile, and wood in the kitchen above.

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Kitchen via Remodelista

Design and Photo Credit: Jersey Ice Cream Co. via Remodelista

Butcher block counters with marble tile is also an excellent combination. And like everyone else in the world, we’re in love with the plaster walls that Jersey Ice Cream Co. did for Beth Kirby’s kitchen below. Although if I wasn’t worried about selling the house down the road I’d totally go with the pink plaster version instead.

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Kitchen for Local Milk via Remodelista

Design: Jersey Ice Cream Co. / Photo Credit: Beth Kirby via Remodelista

Sarah Sherman Samuel Cabin Kitchen

Design and Photo Credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Wit + Delight Kitchen / Photo Credit: Canary Grey for Domino

Design: Wit + Delight / Photo Credit: Canary Grey for Domino

I’ve got the color combination for the cabinets, countertops, and walls, but what to do about the floor? I love the cement tile that Kate used in her kitchen, but I worry that it’s too modern for our 1920s home. But maybe not? I don’t think we’ll be able to match the wide plank wood flooring from the rest of the house, so I’m definitely leaning towards some type of tile. Old school hexagon tile? I love the way the tile meets the wood floors in the kitchen below!

Royal Roulotte Kitchen via My Domaine

Design: Royal Roulotte via My Domaine

Alright everyone, throw it at me! We’ve only been through a bathroom renovation before, which I’m sure is a piece of cake compared to a kitchen renovation. What do I need to know? Any advice for renovating a kitchen with two small kids at home? I’m all ears!

Copper and Burgundy Star-Inspired Baby Shower Invitations

Happy Monday everyone! Before we jump into today’s post, just a quick announcement for those of you looking forward to the upcoming Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 – there’s a FREE video series from some of the instructors going on now through February 8! You’ll meet all seven instructors, including Katherine of Script Merchant, Lauren of A Fabulous Fete, Jenna of Mon Voir, and Karla of Written Word Calligraphy. They’ll share their preferred tools for traditional calligraphy, modern calligraphy, and brush lettering, along with their inspiring stories about how they got started, and changed their lives, with calligraphy. Find all the details here – you won’t want to miss it!

Okay, onto today’s gorgeous baby shower invitations! Fresh, delicate, and adorable; these refined copper star inspired baby shower invitations are nothing short of darling! Alana of Bourne Paper Co. is expecting a baby girl later this year and had the amazing joy of designing her own baby shower invitations. The twinkly star motif that she wove through the invitation design and elegant copper and burgundy color palette are perfect for a mid-winter baby shower.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

From Alana: As a designer, personal celebrations are special not only because they’re milestones but because they’re the perfect excuse to create pretty paper! I’m expecting my first child (a baby girl) this spring. When my family offered to host a baby shower, I was immediately given full reign over the invitations. I knew I wanted something that was seasonal and modern, but not overly feminine. Since my shower took place during the winter, I decided on a color palette of copper and burgundy.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

My invitation design was centered around a delicate star motif paired with modern typography. The invitations were printed using copper foil on a pure white card stock. I opted for a 200lb. card stock to give the invitation a more substantial feel. Having used a lot of matte gold, silver and rose gold in my recent greeting card collection it was fun to create a project that used bright copper – it has such a vibrant shine to it.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

I paired the invitations with a rich burgundy envelope which also featured the copper foil star motif. I distributed the stars throughout both the envelope front and flap, something I hoped would make them stand out when they arrived in my guests’ mailboxes. Elegant copper calligraphy from Nancy Hopkins Lettering  completed the invitations. I thought her beautifully flourished calligraphy was the perfect compliment to the simple, clean type used on the invitation. Not to mention, she was able to create a perfect color match with the copper foil.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

In addition to the invitations, I created matching thank you cards. I opted for flat notecards which used the same copper star motif and burgundy envelopes as the invitations. Overall, I was pleased with how beautifully the delicate stars seemed to shine in copper foil and hope to turn this motif into a new greeting card collection in the future.

Refined Copper and Burgundy Star Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Bourne Paper Co.

Thanks Alana!

Design: Bourne Paper Co.

Calligraphy: Nancy Hopkins Lettering

Bourne Paper Co. is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Bourne Paper Co.

The Everyday Mother

As any mother knows, those first few weeks and months can be a total blur of feedings, diaper changes, and very, very, very little sleep. When my first daughter, Sophie, was born four and a half years ago, I remember feeling totally overwhelmed by all the questions from nurses and doctors. How many times did she eat last night? How much did we think she ate? How many diapers did we change? Sophie was born three weeks early and didn’t have all of the extra baby fat of a full term baby, which made it even more important to track her details and make sure she was eating enough. But the only tools that we had to keep track of her details were phone apps and an ugly workbook provided by our hospital. Today I’m super excited to introduce you to a brand new notebook designed to help moms and dads keep track of all the baby essentials – The Everyday Mother!

The Everyday Mother: a beautiful notebook for keeping track of newborn feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns

The Everyday Mother is actually a side project from one of our beloved Designer Rolodex members, Jackie Mangiolino of Sincerely, Jackie. While pregnant with her son Richard, Jackie developed HELLP Syndrome, an extremely rare, potentially fatal pregnancy complication that can only be cured by delivery. Jackie welcomed her beautiful baby boy in May 2016 – 14 weeks early. The Mangiolino family spent 99 days in the NICU, and during that time Jackie came up with the idea for The Everyday Mother.

The Everyday Mother: a beautiful notebook for keeping track of newborn feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns

During Richard’s stay in the NICU, Jackie had to keep meticulous notes on her pumping, so she decided to create a template for herself that she could also share with other NICU mothers. After Richard left the NICU, Jackie had to track even more baby details, so she expanded the original template to make it into a beautiful, spiral bound notebook that ALL families could use. And not only is The Everyday Mother more beautiful than an app on your phone, but it can be used by anyone helping with the baby during those early months – grandparents, nannies and sitters, friends, etc. There’s even a space at the bottom of each page for notes, so The Everyday Mother can double as a quasi-baby book for those bleary first few months.

The Everyday Mother: a beautiful notebook for keeping track of newborn feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns

The Everyday Mother is a spiral bound notebook designed for tracking daily essentials: feeding (breast, pumping, bottle, or all three), diaper changes, and sleep patterns. It even has reminders for mom so they remember to take a shower and drink plenty of water! The hard cover features gold foil printing and gold corner protectors, so it’s durable enough to be tossed in a diaper bag regularly. And the petite size – 8.5″ x 5.5″ and about .75″ thick – means it won’t take up a lot of precious diaper bag space. The Everyday Mother includes 180 template pages, covering the first six months of life (or about until when solids are introduced), along with an emergency contacts page and Jackie’s favorite lactation cookie recipe.

The Everyday Mother: a beautiful notebook for keeping track of newborn feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns

Check out The Everyday Mother right here!

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations

When your sister is expecting – and happens to love sharks – ocean inspired baby shower invitations are a perfect way to welcome the little bundle of joy! Jessica from Jamber Creative drew inspiration from under the sea to design these bold and whimsical blue and green invitations, complete with adorable seaweed graphics. This combination of whimsical graphics and bold patterns is so festive!

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

From Jessica: I created this ocean inspired baby shower invitation suite for my sister, Rachel. She has always been fascinated with sharks, so when she found out she was having a little boy, she knew she wanted his nursery to have touches of sea life, especially her favorite toothy fish. She also wanted to incorporate bold colors and graphic patterns in shades of blue and green so that the nursery didn’t necessarily have a “theme” but instead just felt like a fun and vibrant collection of cozy, kid-friendly elements.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

When creating her invitations, I went straight to her nursery for inspiration. We all agreed it was our favorite room in her home, and I wanted to bring this feeling to her invitations. I wanted to give a nod to the marine life of the nursery without being too overt or literal. Instead of using actual sharks, I created an underwater graphic with coral and seaweed, along with some fish and whimsical bubbles. I used this same element on her enclosure card and created a pattern with the fish and bubbles for the envelope liners. For an accent, I printed the back of each piece with various patterns that were actually present in the nursery. Crib sheets, rug and curtains provided inspiration for fun, unexpected pops of pattern when guests flipped over each card.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

The entire suite was tied together with hemp cord and a bright green tag to announce the baby’s gender. For guest favors, I created and printed coasters using the “Oh Boy” text and a few fish, tying them together with striped jute cord. Guests loved the little reminder for when Baby Clow (August) would make his debut!

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

The invitations were digitally printed on 120lb smooth white paper, and the coasters were printed on this same paper, duplexed.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

Thanks Jessica!

Design & Printing: Jamber Creative

Photo Credits: Jessica Williams