Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations

When your sister is expecting – and happens to love sharks – ocean inspired baby shower invitations are a perfect way to welcome the little bundle of joy! Jessica from Jamber Creative drew inspiration from under the sea to design these bold and whimsical blue and green invitations, complete with adorable seaweed graphics. This combination of whimsical graphics and bold patterns is so festive!

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

From Jessica: I created this ocean inspired baby shower invitation suite for my sister, Rachel. She has always been fascinated with sharks, so when she found out she was having a little boy, she knew she wanted his nursery to have touches of sea life, especially her favorite toothy fish. She also wanted to incorporate bold colors and graphic patterns in shades of blue and green so that the nursery didn’t necessarily have a “theme” but instead just felt like a fun and vibrant collection of cozy, kid-friendly elements.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

When creating her invitations, I went straight to her nursery for inspiration. We all agreed it was our favorite room in her home, and I wanted to bring this feeling to her invitations. I wanted to give a nod to the marine life of the nursery without being too overt or literal. Instead of using actual sharks, I created an underwater graphic with coral and seaweed, along with some fish and whimsical bubbles. I used this same element on her enclosure card and created a pattern with the fish and bubbles for the envelope liners. For an accent, I printed the back of each piece with various patterns that were actually present in the nursery. Crib sheets, rug and curtains provided inspiration for fun, unexpected pops of pattern when guests flipped over each card.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

The entire suite was tied together with hemp cord and a bright green tag to announce the baby’s gender. For guest favors, I created and printed coasters using the “Oh Boy” text and a few fish, tying them together with striped jute cord. Guests loved the little reminder for when Baby Clow (August) would make his debut!

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

The invitations were digitally printed on 120lb smooth white paper, and the coasters were printed on this same paper, duplexed.

Ocean Inspired Baby Shower Invitations by Jamber Creative

Thanks Jessica!

Design & Printing: Jamber Creative

Photo Credits: Jessica Williams

Best of 2016: My Favorites

Today I’m wrapping up my Best of 2016 recap with a few of my personal favorite posts from the year! 2016 was definitely a rollercoaster of a year, and sometimes it has been tough to find the bright and happy moments with so much turbulence around the world. But when I look back at our posts from the year, each one below fills me with happiness and gratitude. I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to another year (and welcome a new one!). I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and a wonderful New Year!

Best of 2016: Rainbow Watercolor Hologram Foil Party Invitations by Ashley Buzzy for Paper Party 2016

Rainbow watercolor and hologram foil party invitations for Paper Party 2016. Designed by Ashley Buzzy and printed by Bella Figura. The invitations that started my love affair with hologram foil!

Best of 2016: Paper Party 2016 Art Print

I’m still completely obsessed with the limited edition art print that we made for Paper Party 2016! Designed by Ashley Buzzy, and printed by Mama’s Sauce on Legion Paper lavender Color Plan paper. Hologram foil for life!

Best of 2016: Dip Dyed Letterpress Printed Baby Announcements by Swell Press Paper

I loved these two-color dip dye baby announcements by Swell Press Paper – with mint green edge painting!

Best of 2016: Behind the Stationery with Hammerpress

Our Behind the Stationery column continued to be one of my personal favorites – this installment with Hammerpress was a particular highlight from 2016!

Best of 2016: Brick + Mortar / Daydream Prints

Over in our Brick + Mortar column, Emily talked about why stationery matters in these challenging times. So much yes. Greeting card by Daydream Prints.

Best of 2016: How to Style Stationery for Photography by Coral Pheasant

How to Style Stationery for Photography – I learned a ton of new tips and tricks in this guest post by Nichole of Coral Pheasant

Best of 2016: Eleven Independent Etsy Wholesale Boutiques

I got to share eleven of my favorite independent stationery and gift boutiques across the country in partnership with Etsy Wholesale!

Best of 2016: Our Bathroom Renovation

On the personal side, I got to share our bathroom renovation! This was our first major home renovation, and we did our best to create a bathroom that both honors the age of our home and maximizes storage for a family of four.

If you made it this far, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Oh So Beautiful Paper this year. I love my job and the fact that I get to do it every single day, I love this blog and the amazing stationery community, and I love all of you for coming here to read our posts! The last couple of years have been incredibly challenging as I’ve tried to learn how to balance motherhood with entrepreneurship and try to figure out how to grow a business in an ever-changing environment. Your comments here and on social media are always a highlight on even the most difficult days. So thank you for supporting, commenting, sharing, and coming back. I may pop in with a couple of quick posts next week, but otherwise we’ll be back in 10 days. See you in 2017, my friends. xoxo

2016 Gift Guide: For Stationery and Design Enthusiasts

So you aren’t an artist or a designer, but you really love stationery and great design. You’re just like me! And today we’re wrapping up our weeklong gift guide series with a final gift guide with you in mind! Hopefully this will help any of you out there who still might be searching for the perfect gift for a special someone!

2016 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Stationery and Design Enthusiasts

1. These wood cheese picks from Belle & Union are the perfect way to dress up your cheese plate! And they’re SO cute!

2. These foil stamped journals from Wild Ink Press would make the cutest stocking stuffers

3. Loving the colors in this ceramic bead necklace from Emily Green

4. I’m totally obsessed with these magnetic weekly agendas from Our Heiday – they’re perfect for busy families that need to coordinate appointments and schedules!

5. This gold brushstroke ceramic tray is just so lovely.

6. Just doesn’t get better than these chambray covered journals from Sugar Paper with a gold foil monogram option

7. Anyone else as obsessed with scissors as I am? Loving these new black scissors from Angela Liguori!

8. YES. Print by illustrator Samantha Hahn.

9. Beautiful indigo-dipped wall hanging from WKNDLA

10. I mean, it’s a unicorn keychain with iridescent lavender glitter. What else do I need to say??

11. A good reminder (that you can carry around with you!) by People I’ve Loved

12. The prettiest napkins in the most beautiful windowpane linen from The Everyday Co.

13. Mugs from Sapling Press = no brainer

14. Zodiac matchboxes by The Social Type printed in gold hologram foil!

15. The Daydreamer from Thimblepress is a journal with a place to track ideas, notes, to-do lists, inspiration, and other random things – perfect for anyone who uses an online calendar but still wants a place to write things down and brainstorm.

16. Gold foil and emerald green in a comfy sweatshirt? Yes, please! (from Ban.do)

2016 Gift Guide: For Designers, Artists, and Calligraphers

Today we’re sharing some gift ideas for designers, artists, and calligraphers! I started doing this guide a couple of years ago, after a very sweet husband sent an email asking for gift ideas for his wife. This year, Ashley Buzzy, Li Wardian, Emily from Hartland Brooklyn, and Katie from Odd Daughter Paper all sent over some fabulous ideas!

2016 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Designers, Artists, and Calligraphers

1. I’m obsessed with these shimmery iridescent calligraphy inks! They come in every color of the rainbow, but I’m loving iridescent coral, silver, and green.

2. This leather artist kit from Signora e Mare boasts six pockets to hold tools and instruments, while the convenient inkwell and carrier allow for those on-the-go projects and easy travel. Each kit is secured tight with a hand stitched strap.

3. The cutest hologram pencil case for corralling all those essential pens, pencils, and small tools.

4. Tom’s Studio makes the most unbelievably gorgeous copper calligraphy pen holders

5. Rich and radiant liquid watercolors for everything from brush lettering to watercolor illustration. The colors are available both individually and in three separate sets – Set #2 has beautiful earthy colors like indian red, sepia, and yellow ochre.

6. + 7. Handmade paper is an absolute treat for a calligrapher – and there are so many options these days! Arpa Handmade Paper (available in gorgeous shades of pale pink and lavender and envelopes with gorgeous deckled flap edges!), Share Studios (pictured in no. 6 above), Fabulous Fancy Pants, Signora e Mare, and Silk & Willow, just to name a few.

8. Blocks of watercolor paper will always be a welcome gift to any watercolor artist. Calligrapher and watercolor artist Li Ward recommends blocks of Fabriano and Arches cold press watercolor paper.

9. Pretty pink and navy blue pens for lovely stocking stuffers

10. These Ikea storage boxes are perfect for keeping track of small tubes of paint, brushes, and other small art supplies, according to Ashley Buzzy. Ashley uses her boxes to store paint tubes, brushes, washi tape, calligraphy pens, ink pots, and more.

11. This beautiful Japanese watercolor set comes with 36 color pans, including bright neons and shimmery metallics!

12. Every studio or home office needs a pretty candle. I’m a big fan of these Clementine + Clove candles from Sydney Hale Co., while calligrapher Li Ward recommends this Smoke on the Water candle for lettering sessions. Li says it smells romantic and mysterious like a haunted house!

13. A couple essential paper tools: a deckle edge ruler and transfer tape gun (with plenty of refills)

14. This paper & book press is definitely a high end item, but Ashley Buzzy says it’s the single most useful tool in her studio. From Ashley: With the textural type of projects that calligraphers are being asked to do more and more, it’s amazing for flattening out watercolor-washed paper and flattening folded place cards. When I gold leafed a large order of invitations I pressed them afterward in a stack to make sure the leaf was securely adhered. If I do brush lettering on a sheet and it warps the paper, I just press it for a couple of days to flatten it out. Sometimes I’ll press lined envelopes for a couple of hours to flatten them out, etc. It’s just so so so helpful!

p.s. If you’re handy, you could probably DIY your own paper & book press at home. I found a few options here!

15. These simple and modern notebooks by Iron Curtain Press are perfect for sketching, writing down ideas, and so much more.

16. This Italian wood desk set is a beautiful gift for calligraphers and brush lettering artists! I also love these wood block pen holders for designers, illustrators, and hand lettering artists.

A couple additional ideas:

Online workshops and classes make a wonderful gift for both aspiring and established artists. There are classes to fit pretty much any and every need and interest, from Stationery Biz 100 to Tradeshow Bootcamp webinars for stationers interested in developing wholesale collections, to calligraphy and watercolor classes on Skillshare, Brit + Co., Creativebug, and of course the Modern Calligraphy Summit!

For artists that enjoy working with music playing in the background, consider a Spotify or music streaming subscription.

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you’ll help support Oh So Beautiful Paper while also purchasing some wonderful gifts. I only recommend products that I truly love and trust that you’ll love, too. My full disclosure policy can be found here.

2016 Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Today’s gift guide is all about gift ideas for the cocktail enthusiast! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite bar tools, syrups, glassware, and cocktail books for your favorite imbiber – there are plenty of options to go around! We even included a couple of favorite spirits, including a limited edition spirit that I would love to find under my own tree this year. Here are a few ideas to help get you started!

2016 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Enthusiast

1. Dress up your bar cart with one of these gorgeous shakers – a gold French-style shaker or this blue enamel shaker and jigger set!

2. Don’t forget to make drinking water available during cocktail parties! I’m loving this gold banded carafe (and it’s currently on sale!)

3. Basically the most beautiful bottle opener I’ve ever seen, by Sarah Cecilia via LEIF.

4. + 5. When in doubt, give booze! This limited edition Lost Spirits Polynesian Rum is at the top of my wish list and this Roundstone Rye whiskey from Catoctin Creek is a local favorite.

6. Of course, vintage barware and glassware always makes a lovely gift.

7. This copper and brass pitcher and cocktail spoon set is so beautiful.

8. Three of our favorite syrups from BG Reynolds (especially for Tiki cocktails) – and available as a gift set here!

9. These swing bottles are our favorite way to store home made syrups – and the larger size is great for serving big batch cocktails at parties or infusing liquors at home. We also suggest a sturdy funnel set and a simple embossing label maker to help identify random bottles in the back of the fridge.

10. Three cocktail books currently at the top of our wish list: Amaro, Smuggler’s Cove, and Regarding Cocktails

11. Speaking of infusions, this iSi Gourmet Whip is great for making quick infusions at home – here’s the tutorial!

12. + 13. Loving the brass inlay pattern in these wood coasters and the modern design of these black and gold coasters

14. A Lewis ice bag and mallet is a MUST for any self-respecting cocktail enthusiast, especially when it comes to ice-filled summer drinks. These tools allow you to control the size and coarseness of your crushed ice, and the cotton bag soaks up extra moisture so the crushed ice doesn’t immediately stick together and form a single large block of ice.

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on these links, you’ll help support Oh So Beautiful Paper while also purchasing some wonderful gifts. I only recommend products that I truly love and trust that you’ll love, too. My full disclosure policy can be found here.