2018 Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts

For today’s final gift guide installment, we’re focusing on handmade gifts from small business makers. Supporting small businesses has been important to me since day one of this blog, and while I might turn to big box stores for things like vacuum cleaners and kid toys I always feel like the most special gifts come from artists producing beautiful handmade products. We’ve got plenty of ceramics, some hand painted leather goods, woven art, and some of my favorite jewelry. So many great options!

2018 Gift Guide: Handmade Gifts

1. I let out an audible gasp when I first saw these necklaces from Rare Bird Designs. So beautiful!

2. I could easily spend all of my money in Lillian Faraj’s gorgeous shop. I have one of these hand painted leather clutches (and it has already become one of my favorite possessions), but I desperately want one of the marbled circle purses. Aaaah!

3. I stumbled upon a pair of gorgeous Alchemilla Jewelry earrings at a cool store here in DC, and now I’m obsessed! Each earring is individually beaded completely by hand. It’s honestly wearable art and I love it. 

p.s. I’m definitely feeling jewelry vibes this year. Check out more of my favorites from Four Eyes ceramics and Tidy Clutterings. I want all of them!

4. Did you know that each and every product at Moglea is individually hand painted? Yep. From notebook covers to greeting cards, they’re all painted by hand – making this jotter notebook a truly special holiday gift. I’m loving the colors on this one!

5. I’m absolutely smitten with the fiber artwork from Mandi Smethells. The rainbows are just so cute and clever! I can’t wait to save up and purchase my own piece some day!

6. Completely obsessed with these tassel earrings from Wkndla

7. These ceramic desert bells by West Perro are just so cool – like sculptural, interactive art. 

8. If you know someone who drinks coffee every day, I can guarantee they’d love to receive a handmade pour-over coffee set. I’m completely obsessed with this coffee set from Jars of Dust, and this speckled set from The Lulu Bird is also lots of fun! 

9. I love these hand painted ceramic rainbows – wouldn’t it be so perfect in a nursery? Comes in a range of colors, each with adorable tassels at the bottom!

10. These color-blocked macramé plant hangers are so cool for any friends or family with a green thumb.

p.s. Love macramé but not plant inclined? Check out the gorgeous macramé wall hangings from Noma Macramé!

11. This inspirational quote card set from In the Daylight is the perfect gift for someone working hard to make their side hustle into a full-time gig. The set includes twelve inspirational hand lettered quotes to help brighten any day.